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  1. Happy Wednesday everyone! There wasn’t anything tricky when it came to today’s clue words. All of the solutions were repeats, but all of the anagrams from which they came were new. CANDID was the only one that I didn’t see straight away. The letters looked familiar, but I just couldn’t come up with the word. It all flowed quite nicely as soon as I started playing around with DID. No double-letter trick required.

    Today’s cartoon wasn’t as cheery as they so often are. We happen upon a couple of gentlemen closing up their plumbing fixture shop and the dialogue seems to indicate that it just may be for the last time. The big-box store MEGA MART can be seen in the background, and I couldn’t help but notice that there are customers both entering and exiting the building. Their shop looks like a ghost town and probably hasn’t seen a customer in days. If you look closely at the faucets on display, you can see a spider has spun a web on one of the untouched fixtures. Some of the other details of note were the CLOSED sign which reads “Sorry we’re CLOSED,” a small mail slot at the bottom of the door, and my favorite one which was a sad face in the drain of the sink!

    The final solve was an anagram consisting of 12-letters. Four of them were vowels and eight were consonants. Even though TO was given to us, I think the disproportionate amount of vowels to consonants made this solve especially trying. The fact that REVENUE was mentioned in the cartoon sentence brought DOWN to mind, and TRICKLE came after a few seconds of examining the remainder. On a final note, I also noted the word LOWE spelled out in the final anagram and couldn’t help but wonder if David did so on purpose. It’s probably just a coincidence, but I thought I’d mention it anyway. Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone, and just keep UMNJILGB!

  2. IGLOO = Last used on 07/14/20 as LIOGO
    WRECK = Last used on 02/05/18 as CREWK
    CRAFTY = Last used on 12/16/19 as FRATCY
    CANDID = Last used on 03/30/20 as DADCIN


  3. I was totally extinguished by the solution but at least I gott all the anagrams.
    I kept staring at the solution letters and absolutely nothing happened in my brain.
    I am sure Mike can explain my failure…..

    • I hope I’ve provided at least a few tidbits for thought, Mig. The clues may have been subtle, but they were there. On to tomorrow!

  4. Good Morning, Everyone. I hope this finds you well…🙋🏻‍♀️

    🚰 The Mega Stores did much to WRECK what Mom and Pop had started,
    Cold as an IGLOO profits turned, and waters faced uncharted…
    They tried ways to be CRAFTY, little giveaways and such,
    But let’s be CANDID competition didn’t leave them much
    As time went by the cobwebs formed, where once was brass and nickel…
    The time has come to close their doors…profit’s DOWN TO A TRICKLE 🚰

  5. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Being a CRAFTY person, she was very CANDID in telling the group that paper mâché would never hold up constructing the IGLOO, and that it would easily become a WRECK, falling DOWN TO A TRICKLE…🤷🏻‍♀️

    💵 We heard it with our politics, would it be help or WRECK
    Whatever we’d been doing…Was it just financial dreck?
    My mind first saw an IGLOO, and pictured melting ice,
    Reduce the tax on wealthy? Proposition at what price?
    The numbers can get CRAFTY, as these things begin to brew,
    And there were those quite CANDID…saying this will never do…
    The theory it goes back and forth…reliable to fickle…
    The economic question? Does it work, DOWN TO A TRICKLE? 💵

  6. Easy solve this morning, though I was caught off guard by the puzzle answer. I initially thought answer involved SINK, SINKING or SUNK, but to no avail. Therefore had to do the anagrams and spied the word DOWN….from there, everything fell in place.

  7. Everything popped out at me very quickly today. I’ll take that as sign that my ancient mind is ready and so to work I go. Rain out here in the Great Plains with sun expected by Friday just in time for golf. Have fun and stay safe.

  8. Good morning. A crafty finish to a successful day. Loved the answer. It wasn’t the easiest but pretty cool right from the beginning. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

  9. Wreck had me thinking “k-wer-c” at first,and then I was thinking the cartoon solution would be something like ,”slowed to a final drop or drip”, but lacking a p ,I had to look elsewhere.Down came to mind for the 4 letter word,quickly followed by the complete solution,w trickle fairly obvious,given the C and K.All in all a tricky puzzle for a Wednesday.

  10. What made it an instant solve for me was Jeff giving us that huge hint…The single drop of water “trickling down” from the faucet at front. The one where the owner with the drained look on his face is lamenting that “business has dried up”. That definitely made it all sink in…🚰🙋🏻‍♀️

  11. Sad puzzle this morning.😥 though I was able to arrive at the answers without difficulty. We still have a number of small businesses in our neighborhood, including, believe it or not, an independent bookstore. We residents patronize them as much as possible otherwise there will be nothing but chain stores.Shop early, shop often!! Have a good Wednesday all.

    • Have you seen the movie “You’ve Got Mail,” Betty? It was all I could think about while doing the solve. Fox Books would be Mega Mart, and the plumbing shop would be The Shop Around The Corner. Good for you for supporting your local businesses!

    • Same here Betty, with Walden Pond Books seeming to be hanging in there in my neighborhood, and the Grand Lake Theater still saying they’ll be reopening in late May.

      • My neighborhood too still has very many small businesses, of all kinds. In fact, there’s even still a hardware store that’s been open for decades, despite there being a Lowe’s and a Home Depot fairly close by, within driving distance. And what’s nice about the small stores is that the owners know you by name, and vice versa. I rarely go to the “big stores”, unless I have to. There’s a lot to be said about the old world neighborhood feel. 🙋🏻‍♀️

      • We used to have a Walden Books here in the Marina many years ago but they’re long gone. How neat that they’re still in Oakland. We have Books Inc. – they actually have two stores in S.F. Many years ago there was an empty store front so the merchants polled the neighbors and we clammored for a bookstore and the rest as they say is history. The Grand Lak Theater is an institution. I think there would be a giant uproar if they closed. We have lost so many of our wonderful old movie houses. There’s still the Castro and they even have an old fashioned organ. We have two small theaters in our neighborhood which were doing well pre pandemic. They’re both owned by the Sam family and haven’t reopened yet. Not sure if they will but hope springs eternal.

        • Something similar happened here in the small group of stores that includes Peet’s – a small Lucky’s grocery store closed and the original plan was to put in a Dollar store. There was such an uproar that eventually we got a Trader Joe’s and a Walgreen’s instead.

    • Solution came quickly however I lost time with CAMDID and believe me or not, IGLOO. I immediately saw the word DOWN leaving the rest to form the word TRICKLE. For some reason I tend to write EL instead of LE in most cases.

      • I have the same problem with LE versus EL and vice-versa. Maybe it comes from playing too much JumbLE! 😂 I’ve never seen a handy trick like “I before E” that would help.

        • Steve…It looks like you’ll need to copy and paste it in order to read it. The links seem to be uncooperative! 😉🙋🏻‍♀️

          • The link opened for me. Very interesting, but just *slightly* more complicated than “I before E”! 😱😂

  12. I first had OLIGO for the first jumble, but it is a specialized name for a short piece of DNA. They are used for the PCR tests for SARS-CoV2. After I realized my mistake and corrected it to IGLOO, everything was easy.

  13. Hi all – CANDID showed up after trying the D’s together at first. Thought the answer might be “Next to nothing”, but the layout showed the correct one.

    Good wishes to everyone.

    “The maker of dioramas thought the IGLOO in his Arctic exhibit was very CRAFTY, but the CANDID museum director had to break the news to him that it was a WRECK.”

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