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  1. Happy Monday everyone! It was another easy start to the week. All of our clue words were familiar favorites, and even the final solution was a blast from the past. EMBARK was the only word that I didn’t sea straight away. It wasn’t too difficult to solve though. As soon as I found “bark” the rest of the solution fell neatly into place. Monday solves definitely are confidence boosters.

    Ollie the octopus sure gives new meaning to the term news anchor! I thought it was rather clever how Jeff had him sitting at a treasure chest in lieu of a traditional desk. It even had the station call letters (WNEMO) on it. Hey, have you ever wondered why they use a “W,” or sometimes “K” to identify news and radio stations? Back in 1912 telegrams were all the rage, and each country needed a code so the telegram could be sent more efficiently. America was given W, K, N and A while Canada got C and Mexico got X. N and A were reserved for our military while W and N were designated for commercial use. In 1928, the FCC decided to use those telegram code letters to identify tv and radio stations. Stations east of the Mississippi were required to start their call names with W while stations to the West used K. So with that little tidbit of information, I think it’s safe to assume that Ollie is broadcasting in territorial waters somewhere in the Atlantic.

    The news report indicates that an arrest had been made in an investigation the station conducted. On the hull of a sunken ship is a television screen where we see the resulting action taking place. The field reporter is an anglerfish and she’s speaking into a microphone that she’s holding with her fin. The reason I say she/her is because female anglerfish are the only ones that have an esca (hanging lightbulb) protruding from their heads. The police, who in this case are eels, can be seen leading the suspect away in fin-cuffs. Although the crime supposedly committed by the shark wasn’t revealed, it must have been pretty severe with all the precautions they’re taking. My favorite detail was almost microscopic. Jeff left us a small crustacean, probably a krill or shrimp, hanging out on the right edge of the treasure chest!

    The final solve was an anagram consisting of seven letters. Two of them were vowels and five were consonants. I happened upon DEPTH after noticing the D at the beginning of the layout and the “PHT” clumped together in the middle. The punny payoff didn’t really do much for me. I think DEEP TROUBLE would have been a great alternative, or maybe they could’ve worked SCARED TO “DEPTH” in there somehow. Will we see “DOCK-IT” when the shark is arraigned in court? Have a magnificent Monday everyone, and keep UGLINJMB!

    • I agree, Mike. For the eels to be called in, the crime was most likely MORAY felony than a misdemeanor…And I couldn’t help but notice the anchorman’s Ivy LEAGUE look with that tie…and it’s Windsor KNOT! It was KRAKEN me up! 🦑🙋🏻‍♀️

  2. Puzzle answer surprised me and delivered with a flash of light before doing anagrams. First word DICEY I wondered about, but it did contain letters need for IN-DEPTH so I continued. I tried solving the last word starting with a consonant….to no avail. Lucky I had the correct puzzle answer letters and had an E left over. EMBARK then came easily. Twas a good Monday puzzle day.

  3. If you Embark on a Trendy game of Jumble there’s nothing Dicey about the Monday puzzles so put that dictionary back in your Pouch. Not wishing to go In-Depth today, I will simply say, “I love Mondays!” Have fun but not too much fun. Oh, who am I kidding? Ain’t no such thing as too much fun.

  4. DICEY = Last used on 03/29/16 as CYDIE
    POUCH = Last used on 11/25/19 as CUPHO
    TRENDY = Last used on 09/02/20 as NETYDR
    EMBARK = Last used on 05/23/20 as KRBEMA
    IN-DEPTH = Last used on 01/17/18 as PNIETDH

    CUPOH = Used on 03/11/17
    DERTNY = Used on 03/01/15

  5. Good morning. No problem with the words or cartoon answer. Thank goodness for Monday’s to right the ship. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

  6. Good Morning, Everyone. I hope this finds you well…🙋🏻‍♀️

    👝 They agreed that the TRENDY new POUCH for holding supplies was a little too DICEY, and decided to EMBARK on an IN-DEPTH campaign to have them recalled…👝

    👗 The dress considered TRENDY, came fitted with a POUCH,
    And every time they tried it on, it caused them to yell “Ouch”…
    Something was definitely DICEY, these designers need EMBARK,
    On new means to gauge comfort, since this dress has missed the mark
    There has to be a way to keep models from losing breath…
    Back to the drawing board with this…and definitely get IN-DEPTH 👗

  7. Embark looked like “bemark” at first,but then embark occurred to me.Having solved the anagrams and having all the letters ,with the cartoon solution starting with “on” I was stumped by the 2 letter word,as I didn’t think “on” would be followed by “in”.Depth was obvious for the 5 letter word,so “in depth” completed the more tricky than usual Monday puzzle.A rainy day and week on tap for Illinois today and this week.

  8. Really cute Monday puzzle this morning. Anagrams and cartoon answer came easily and I loved the detail in the drawing. Happy Monday to all!

  9. Hi all – I was stuck on the last word for quite awhile until I tried the vowels first; first “A”, then “E” and saw EMBARK. Didn’t know the answer until I wrote the letters, then saw it right away.

    Looks like the lagoon’s police force is bringing in a loan shark.

    There’s one exception to the W’s and K’s for broadcast stations – KDKA in Pittsburgh which was allowed to keep their non-standard call letters. The only non-W or K stations I’ve heard about are CKLW from Windsor Ontario just outside Detroit whose signal I could get at night while going to school in southern Rhode Island, and XERB (BABY!), location of Wolfman Jack’s transmission tower.

    One of those anglerfish washed up in Newport Beach a couple of days ago and one of the stories I found (in The Guardian) shows there’s a connection with the Jumble – one of them appeared in Finding Nemo (probably broadcast on WNEMO’s late night horror shows. Is the host paid in Sand Dollars?)

    Good wishes to everyone.

    “His decision to EMBARK on an IN-DEPTH quest to update his fashion sense turned DICEY when his friends at the bar got a load of the TRENDY POUCH he was carrying instead of a wallet.”

    • Steve…The anglerfish you’re speaking of from “Finding Nemo” is a minor character, and not a very nice one. In fact, when the movie ends, if you watch the credits, (which when you’re watching with kids, is unfortunately de rigueur, 🤦🏻‍♀️ ad nauseam), Blenny eats him. And the kids cheer, every time…As if watching it for the first time. AS IF!!! 🤦🏻‍♀️ I lost count years ago! 😂

        • Filter? Ha! We should live so long! 😂 But they do look for, and believe in, good overcoming evil…And God knows I’m glad they do…there’s plenty of time before the hard cold reality sets in…🤷🏻‍♀️

    • I found it! One BIG bite! 😂 🙋🏻‍♀️https://tinyurl.com/73sks9bj

  10. Everything went well today! I enjoyed everyone’s postings. My excitement was seeing the Octopus! 🐙 as they are my absolute favorite sea creature! 🥰 I have such an affinity for them and would love to do an encounter some day. I think they used to offer one at the Georgia Aquarium, but with all of these recent events, probably don’t anymore! And they shouldn’t! Can’t believe with all of their intelligence and amazing ability to transform, and I’ve heard, perhaps change their DNA, that they only live up to 5 years. Not Fair! And please, for me, don’t share if anyone has ever tried a bite on their plate. 😰😉 I’m still trying to reconcile myself to the postings about how smart and loving pigs are! 🐷, and have seriously curbed my intake of that over the years! 😄 Have a Most Wonderful Monday! ☺️

      • Nope! But took a peek at the url you posted! ! Gonna read right now! Thanks Steve!!!!

        • Great article! Again, Steve, thanks so much for the heads up on the movie! I checked out the “Big River in South America”, where most of us Buy from, 😉 and I don’t see that it is available on DVD. But I have it written down now, and will keep an eye out for it! Have a great day! 🤗

          • Glad you liked it!
            Fun fact – The Beatles’ second movie “Help!” was originally supposed to be titled “Eight Arms To Hold You”. 😂

  11. May 17th. I put bemark instead of embark. Was an issue for me to solve. But finally managed. Bemark is a word.

    • It’s just not a common word, Step. David only uses words that are in the Merriam Webster dictionary and BEMARK isn’t listed. Great job on solving it though! 🙂🏆

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