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  1. Happy Wednesday everyone! I wonder if these folks are visiting a Mexican buffet in honor of Cinco de Mayo? Most buffets that I’ve visited always seem to offer at least a couple of Mexican dishes like rice and tacos. While on vacation we visited a Brazilian steakhouse that featured a salad bar buffet and all-you-can-eat grilled meats. The staff did a tremendous job of keeping the salad bar neat and tidy and it felt good to finally be able to serve myself. They even pumped hand sanitizer on your hands before you approached the buffet so you didn’t have to touch the dispenser. Sanitary and classy!

    It looks like David served up a new clue word with AFFIX! The X and double FF’s made it pretty easy to figure out though. DRIVEL was my pick for today’s hardest anagram. It looked like DELIVER at first, but it didn’t take long to find DRIVEL with the “D” being in the right spot.

    Jumble Jeff always draws THE BEST food cartoons! I particularly enjoy the ones that have a menu so you can read all of the different food options. The food in today’s panel wasn’t all that easy for me to identify for some reason. I did spot a few rib bones on Dad’s plate, and a slice of pie on mom’s. Junior looks to have a piece of meat on his plate even though he said he just finished dessert. My favorite detail was the napkin tucked into dad’s shirt. It must be a cartoon thing because you rarely see that nowadays.

    The final solve was an anagram consisting of 10 letters. Three of them were vowels and seven were consonants. There was no way David was hiding all those L’s! My only decision was figuring out if the first word was FUEL or FULL. The rest of the solve was a piece of cake. Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone, and keep Jumbling!

      • Thank you, Kim. We sure did! We were ~60 miles away and it took a good 15 seconds after liftoff before the Merlin engines lit up the night sky. I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it!!!

        I really enjoyed reading your comments during vacation and was happy to see that you’ve continued to post. It’s wonderful having you here! 🙂

        • Fantastic! I’m glad you folks were able to witness it live! Thank you for being so kind. It’s nice to chat with everyone on here! ☺️

    • Hi Mike. Again, good to have you back! I’m seeing things differently in the cartoon. With the way the knife’s lying across the Mom’s plate at the right side, and the inner rim of the plate at left, it gives the illusion of a wedge of pie, but I think there’s just a tiny morsel of something or another on the plate. What it is? Food for thought! 😉 And as for the son, it looks like the object on his plate is his balled up napkin. Notice it’s not visible on the table, whereas it is with both his parents…🤷🏻‍♀️

    • Welcome back, Mike! Hope you enjoyed your vacation (sounds like you did!), and hope you’re happy to be back home, even though it seems like it’s much colder and wetter than you’ve become accustomed to!

  2. PLUME = Last used on 02/01/20 as LUMPE
    DRIVEL = Last used on 08/18/20 as VLRIDE
    GULLET = Last used on 11/01/07 as TUGELL

    GLUTLE = Used on 03/08/09, 03/09/05, 11/18/01, 11/30/97, 11/28/92, 12/15/89, 06/08/85

  3. I waited for the plume of white smoke to rise over the Vatican when the last Pope was selected. I was excited and posted a lot of drivel. My gullet enjoyed the Papal buffet. I affixed a ton of food to my mouth and soon felt Full Filled.
    See ya all tomorrow!

  4. Good Morning, Everyone….A BUFFET?…NOWADAY?…NO WAY! 🙋🏻‍♀️

    🥙 When offered all that you can eat…it’s wise to set a pace,
    ‘Cause nothing’s worse than getting sick if you just stuff your face…
    If you adhere to DRIVEL, thinking “get your money’s worth”,
    The pounds AFFIX that needn’t have…and then you’re stuck with girth…
    There is no PLUME awarded should you stuff your GULLET so,
    That you can hardly take a breath, when you’re ready to go
    Be like the three we see here, knowing that it’s time to chill…
    Gastritis ain’t no picnic… best to be simply “FULL-FILLED” 🥙


    I was thinking that today’s theme of overeating is somewhat apropos, considering it’s CINCO DE MAYO…a day dedicated to some pretty heavy partying. But let’s TACO ‘bout how you might be feeling mañana…JUAN you’re sick to your stomach, and possibly hung over to boot…That CINCO feeling where you NACHO messed up, but it’s too late… MAYO, MAYO, my! Let’s face it Folks, TEQUILA your health like that just isn’t worth it…So, SHELL-ebrate, sure…but if your friends try to get you to overindulge today?…Just say, “NOPAL…AVOCADO all I need”. Here’s 🍹to a good one… Be well, stay safe…and I wish you all a wonderful Cinco de Mayo! 💃🏻🌮🙋🏻‍♀️

  6. Pretty fun jumble today….took a quick look at puzzle picture and quickly decided the FULL had to be a part of it. Good guess, huh ?? Duh. Words came easily although AFFIX didn’t jump out at me. Y’all enjoy Hump Day.

    • I always enjoy being able to guess the final answer before starting the puzzle, Terry. I’m glad those pesky quotation marks get in your way. Well done! 🙂🏆

  7. My talk yesterday of a woeful Wednesday turned out to be Drivel and so humble pie goes down my Gullet as I Affix my approval with a Plume of white smoke signifying I am “Full-Filled” by today’s puzzle. The CInco de Mayo celebration in O-Town is moved back to June this year. Better safe than sorry and I hope you all stay safe!

    • There’s lots of talk of PLUMES of smoke in the comments today, OO. It’s raining here in New England so there’s definitely no fire danger. I’m glad today’s answer was as “plains” as day for you! On to tomorrow. 🙂

  8. Good morning. A Monday jumble on hump day. My thinking cap was affixed and breezed right through both parts. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

  9. 🙇🏻‍♂️ The only way he’d get the order FULFILLED was to cut through all the DRIVEL that they felt the need to AFFIX to the instruction sheet, and it stuck in his GULLET that he had to deal with all this minutiae while his co-worker pranced around like a peacock with a new PLUME…🙇🏻‍♂️

    🤷🏻‍♂️ The assignment in anatomy was the study of the GULLET,
    But he sat staring at the guy who walked in with the mullet…
    The Professor’s words like DRIVEL, but he heard him say AFFIX
    The stomach to some plastic part…now it was all a mix…
    If only he’d not been a fool…not stared around the room,
    Just looking at the mullet guy, whose hair had a red PLUME…
    ‘Cause now he didn’t have a clue…and God…if he gets grilled?
    He’ll flunk for sure, and there’s no way his credits get FULFILLED! 🤷🏻‍♂️

  10. I know it is not a big deal… but I was just wondering how people vote. I actually had to write down GULLET two different ways, before I got the word. So I did hit the button for “took me no time at all”, because I zipped through it really quickly. Now if I’m re-writing a word 12 times, like I have done on occasion, I’m voting for that word as a stumbler! Was just wondering. I know it’s probably to each their own! Have a Wonderful Wednesday!

    • Good morning Kim! The poll allows each user to select up to three answers. I don’t “advertise” that fact because I really want people to choose just one. But I do realize there are those days where someone could get stumped by a couple of them. Happy voting! 🙂

  11. Buffets are long gone.The Golden Corral Buffet was one of my family’s favorites,having eaten in them from Ohio to NY state to Illinois.Another victim of the pandemic.As far as the Jumble,another quick and easy solve for the anagrams and cartoon solution ,though affix and drivel did take a second thought.Definitely an easy week ,at least so far.

    • I visited a Golden Corral once. Loved the shrimp! Many years ago my parents treated me to a dinner at a Ponderosa restaurant for my birthday. It was a buffet, but I don’t recall what their specialty was because I was very young. Maybe 10 or 12 at the time.

      • To everyone’s delight, we still have a Golden Corral Buffet in Columbia, SC. It is doing well & maintains a steady crowd. The Ponderosa was a steak & seafood
        restaurant that no longer exists in the USA.

  12. Hi Everyone – My first thought was Plume might be pumel (pummel). I checked the spelling so it didn’t slow me much.
    Kimberly, I think you’re right that we all have our own guidelines for voting. Like you, I only vote for a word if it gives me significant trouble. In the past, if I found two words equally hard, I wouldn’t vote. But not long ago, I learned that you can vote more than once, which I occasionally do. If I don’t find the answer really easy or any of the words or answer difficult, I don’t vote.

    • Thanks so much for your input, Caroline!! And I too, thought plume might be “pumel” at first glance! Have a good day!

  13. It’s been a super easy week so far Jumble wise. Regarding the voting, I didn’t realize that you could vote more than once so like Caroline and Kimberly I usually only vote if a word gives me significant trouble. Welcome back, Mike. I’m surprised that you were able to eat at a buffet. I don’t think they’ll be opening anything like that here soon but we’ll see. Happy Cinco de Mayo all!!

    • Thanks Betty. I guess they’re proving that it can be done safely! I’m young and fully vaxed so I didn’t hesitate in the least. They also had a checklist of items that you could pick and they would make your salad for you if you didn’t feel comfortable going up.

  14. Hi all – Even with the double letter trick, I almost had to back into GULLET – just saw it at the last minute. Thought about “something-HANDED” or “FOUR-something” for the answer, but there were only three people, and a look at the letters showed FULL and the rest.

    Good wishes to everyone.

    I got a laugh from NOPALes in your writeup, Angela. Seems like there’s a pun lurking somewhere in the speciality coctail “Tequila Mockingbird”, but I can’t find it.

    • Steve…TEQUILA MOCKINGBIRD? TRY a few of these on for LIES…

      ° The worm in the bottle didn’t even FINCH before he died
      ° TEQUILA MOCKINGBIRD just for a drink seems like a CHEEP trick
      ° MOCKINGBIRDS are hardly the SALT of the earth…they’re very aggressive…unless you come across a LEMON
      ° TEQUILA MOCKINGBIRD might be a LIME in some states…but TRY winning that CASE in COURT
      ° That guy and his friend? Together TEQUILA MOCKINGBIRD…If I was there, ATTICUS him out right on the spot…
      ° BOO hoo…the worm died…SUCK it up…😉🙋🏻‍♀️

  15. Welcome back, Mike. I missed your analysis.

    The last few days have been breezes. I thought it unusual today that all four words are rare, except for specific things (plume of smoke, affix a stamp, that talk was drivel, chicken gullet).

    • Excellent observation, Dennis. And many thanks for your kind words. You sure are on top of things today! 🙂🏆

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