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  1. Good Morning, Everyone… 🔩 APPLIANCE RELIANCE 🔩

    🎶 There ain’t much around this house that I can’t FIX..no there ain’t much that I can’t figure out…I can do electrical, plumbing, mechanical Honey…All my friends call me MR FIXIT…🎶 “Mr. Fixit” – Mike Donnell 2020 https://tinyurl.com/464udm6h

    🔩 To those of us who own a home, repairs we know too well,
    You turn around, you FLAIL your arms…and something’s gone to hell…
    Repairmen come, repairmen go, their MANNER much the same,
    Except when we get one like this…where “easy” is his claim…
    It’s not that we are NEEDY, but to actually save a buck,
    You can’t believe it’s happening…this sudden stroke of luck…
    This man, a giant now becomes, tall like a POPLAR tree,
    Although you can’t help wonder…just $10? Can it be?
    It seems to be incredulous…but right there on the bill…
    A number that won’t break the bank…it reads “FEE-NOMINAL” 🔩

    While we’re not seeing any new words today, FLAIL did spark some interest amongst the Early Birds this morning. We haven’t seen it in almost three years, and the consensus was that it’s not the most common of words. And while the rest of the puzzle went well, the solve included, they enjoyed saying that it may be a bit of a PHENOMENON that they were flailing on flail. And keep in mind here, Folks, that I’m just reporting the Early Bird news..I’m not making it! If I could FIX them, trust me, I would!

    So, today we find ourselves in what may be an all too familiar scene. Well, almost. Having the need for a Repairman, our characters today are finding themselves the victims of sticker shock. Only it’s in reverse! Because as we see our kindly Repairman leaving, he’s handed our couple a bill that has them saying…”LOW and UNFOLD, it’s nowhere near as bad as we’d FIGUREd”. The reason? Our Repairman is glad to announce, it was “an easy fix”…and he’s definitely not throwing a monkey wrench into the works! Sure, a FEE is due, but it’s a NOMINAL one compared to what our couple had anticipated…It’s “FEE-NOMINAL”! …And that you can take to the bank!

    And while we’ve no clue as to just what our Repairman came to fix, I can’t help but wonder what they actually paid him. There are two items seen listed on the bill, but they’re both zeroed out. And that $10. does look pretty clearly written. But was the fee a mistake? Is the repairman just bad at math? And what’s up with that suspicious-looking cat seen glaring up at our Repairman like a cat that ate the binary? We just don’t know. And while our wife is claiming that $10 is not enough, our husband is looking to get him out of the door as quickly as possible…so I hope they hammered out the details…and I’m FIGURE-ing they tipped him well. At least I hope so…because if he did come to fix the hot water heater? Well we all know that’s often a tankless profession to begin with…

    So, There you have it, Folks, Done…Have a good one. Be well, stay safe…and if anyone has this repairman’s number, please leave it in the comments…🔩🙋🏻‍♀️

  2. Oddly MANNER gave me the hardest time. The solution was also elusive 4 me. So much for easy weekdays….
    Getting warm in Socal tomorrow. High 80s tomorrow then 90s for next 2 days.
    Play well friends!!!!

  3. Had a difficult time with POPLAR….and jumble answer eluded me entirely. Thought it might be along the lines of LO or MIN…but no use. Regardless, a clever jumble today. And for you west coast weather reporters…central Texas up to 95 to day, too !!

  4. The repairman would be “Poplar” for us Needy folks who Flail about in a chaotic Manner as we watch our homes fall apart. I’d pay a “Fee-Nominal” amount for his services. “If I had a hammer,” I’d be dangerous. Good luck to most of you and very good luck to the unhandy among us.

  5. Like Terry, I had trouble with Poplar, needing to jumble the anagram 21 times. I saw Fee, which helped me get the answer.
    OO, my husband has repair skills similar to yours. I don’t recall ever seeing him with a hammer. But we are good at adapting.
    Got a laugh from “sticker shock in reverse” and your last line, Angela.

    • Hi Caroline. Thank you. Kudos on the solve. 👏🏻👏🏻! 🔩🙋🏻‍♀️

  6. Good morning. Had a devil 👿 of a time getting Poplar and bombed on the cartoon answer. Hats off to those who solved them both. Loved you song choice Angela and the video. First time hearing it. If the girl was anything like Eve, now you know why Adam took a bite of the apple. Apples 🍎 lemons 🍋 it’s all the same. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

    • Good Morning, Paul. Tk you. And, as always, you give me a smile. Apples…lemons..they can all be Fruit of the Doom, huh? 😉 And wishing for you to be well and safe too…🔩🙋🏻‍♀️

  7. Cartoon answer in quotes got me as usual,though the anagrams were a quick solve.Rainy Wednesday here in Illinois.

  8. 🐶 He thought it was PHENOMENAL that the MANNER in which they trained his dog not only kept him from acting NEEDY, but now he no longer would FLAIL around the POPLAR tree looking for a spot to settle..🐶

    🌿 His Grandma had a POPLAR tree, a time-warp in itself,
    With NEEDY-looking branches…some bent to look like a shelf…
    She loved the tree so dearly tho..a MANNER very quaint,
    But as for him? An eyesore….it was all just one big ain’t…
    He’d watch it FLAIL when the wind blew, and hoped it wouldn’t fall…
    But it still stands in Grandma’s yard…to him PHENOMENAL! 🌿

  9. Had a tough time with today’s puzzle. Poplar took me longer to solve than it should have and I just coulcn’t come up with the cartoon answer. Oh well, as Scarlett O’Hara said: “Tomorrow is another day”. Have a good Wednesday all.

  10. Hi all – Interesting that the double letter trick worked on NEEDY and MANNER but failed on POPLAR and FLAIL. And speaking of “flail”, that exactly what I did on that word and POPLAR which both took me quite a while. Likewise with the answer – I was just about to give up when I saw “nominal” in the letters for some reason.

    I think the plumber’s name is Buck, because we just “saw Buck” give the couple a bill for $10.

    Your song reminded me of this, Angela:
    🎵”Hey girls, gather round
    Because here’s what I’m puttin’ down
    Oh, baby, I’m your handyman”🎵
    The comments in the YouTube video say that Jimmy Jones’ day job was a hot dog cart in Times Square, and he wouldn’t give it up to tour until “Handyman” became a hit.

    Good wishes to everyone.

  11. Forget it! Just got fed up and said forget it! Got the words! Poplar was a twist, but I got it! Started off wrong, when I Read the cartoon first, and was very perplexed with the lady saying the bill was not enough! I Was thinking.. “Shut Up, Girlfriend! He said it was an easy fix!” Brings to my mind how we recently had the furnace guy here, twice and charging us! Finally called a more reputable company, that got the problem solved in a couple of snaps of the fingers! With more charges, of course, but it’s fixed now! Never did I say to any of them, “Oh this can’t be correct, please charge us more ……this can’t be enough….”Furnace People!” Are ya kidding me? What’s wrong with that woman?? Yeah, I know….this is my take on this….. so don’t take me seriously, when I post sarcastically! I don’t know when I would have EVER solved the answer to the cartoon! I was all caught up in my own world of electrical, plumber, mania! Today, I’ve Spouted off before I have read any other posts on here! I did cursor up briefly and saw Angie saying something about flailing arms and somethings gone to Hell! I’ll look at the posts tomorrow! It all struck too close to home today! 🤦🏻‍♀️ Sorry Anj! I know you use this Icon to signify you! But it also looks a little bit like me too! Tuesday was easy….who cares now! 😆😆😆 I’ll stop my roll! And apologize for venting on getting my nerve struck on this Wednesday! Have a joyful day and don’t forget to laugh, everyone! I’m laughing all the way to my reduced bank account! Thanks Furnace People!

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