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  1. Hard times on this solve. Got the anagrams but no chance on the solve.
    Hope you all did better than me!

  2. Good Morning, Everyone. 👗 HANGER MANAGEMENT? 👗

    🎶 Mama said there’ll be days like this, there’ll be days like this Mama said…(Mama said, Mama said) …Mama said there’ll be days like this…There’ll be days like this my Mama said…🎶 “Mama Said” – The Shirelles 1961 https://tinyurl.com/z2amrskd

    👗 To those of us who’ve been there, and can see ourselves right here,
    If there’s one thing can DIVIDE women, it’s definitely what we wear…
    I’m sure these two were COZIER, before the clothes came up,
    But this kid’s taking LEEWAY, and it’s best she just back up…
    So Mom’s trying to INHALE, ‘cause that last nerve just might snap,
    But her daughter’s doing her UTMOST to continue the whole flap
    She really needs to get ONLINE…Oh, in line’s what I meant,
    Because this may not end well…if Mom’s patience’s fully spent
    I wonder who’s victorious…and who’s getting blindsided…
    My money’s on our Mom today…this kid is too “CLOTHES”-MINDED! 👗

    Ok…So, let’s be honest. “Her daughter was”….Were you thinking…”Kind of bratty”, “Pressing her luck”, “Out of control”…All of the above? Yep, me too. And sure, David’s answer might be more FITTING…but still…I think we should get some kind of credit for being honest. Anyway…Despite all my other thoughts, the solve was an easy, breezy one…We “CLOTHES”-MINDED people never SKIRT the isSHOE…

    Our words this morning, bringing nothing new, have all WORN out their welcome, so to speak. And it was just UTMOST that caused a few of the Early Birds to blink…not getting the letters to FIT at first…But they put their MINDS to it, and that quickly CHANGED. So, with that being said, let’s adDRESS our cartoon…

    Trying to get ready to go out to dinner, our Jumble characters today are a frustrated Mother and her stubborn little daughter. Having dressed herself in a rather garish get-up, comPLEAT with a ruffled rhinestoned short sleeved top, a crown to match, an accordion type tutu skirt, and black boots to boot, Mom is heard telling her that there’s no way she’s leaving the house in that outfit. And having chosen two dresses that are much more appropriate, it SEAMS that Mom is in no mood to negotiate with her daughter…She’s beyond the point of sugarCOATing the is-SHOE. Only our little Tailor Miffed doesn’t look like she’s about to be perSUEDEed…Why? Because she thinks she wears the PANTS in the family when it comes to her CLOTHES, and her MIND’s made up. She’s defiantly… “CLOTHES”-MINDED. https://tinyurl.com/4t3zs9ef Hmm…This kid definitely needs to be cut down to SIZE…

    Sew…There you have it Folks, Done. Have a good one. Be well, stay safe and don’t let anyone WEAR you down today…in any kind of FASHION…👗🙋🏻‍♀️


    ° The puzzle of 11/01/09:..He refused to visit the nudist camp because he was…And the solve…CLOTHES MINDED

    ° The puzzle of 09/16/12: When it came to fashion, her daughter was this…And the solve…”CLOTHES” MINDED

  4. 💔 He started to think he was CLOSED MINDED, because after spending hours ONLINE, he felt he wasn’t any COZIER with his long-distance love, and that maybe the DIVIDE was due to him trying to take too much LEEWAY with her time…so with a deep INHALE of breath, and with the UTMOST sincerity, he asked her if she wanted to take a break….💔

    💨 He’d stood ONLINE for hours, it was hard now to INHALE,
    This was the UTMOST test of wills, he’d win or he would fail
    Before he felt much COZIER, but now with no LEEWAY,
    He felt a large growing DIVIDE..it was so cold today
    At least the line was moving…he thought through the wind that blinded
    And wished he wasn’t so stubborn, and acting so CLOSED MINDED…💨

  5. Luckily I found the answer because the words were a struggle. I had to back into Inhale, Leeway and Cozier. It helped that I remembered “Clothes-out” from a pretty recent Jumble.
    Another outstanding Jumble. Your title,”Hanger management,” was so funny and fitting, Angela. 

    • Good Morning, Caroline. Your memory serves you well! 👏🏻👏🏻. The solve of the very recent puzzle of March 6th, https://tinyurl.com/yf6tmcxw was “CLOTHES-OUT” SALE!…And that’s fitting indeed! And thank you re: the “Hanger Management”… Yes, fitting! You certainly don’t SEAM to be struggling to me! I’d say you’re batting 1,000! Wishing you a great day, Caroline. Be well, and stay safe…👗🙋🏻‍♀️

  6. Cozier and leeway gave me pause. Also had to resort to paper and pencil to figure out the cartoon answer but I got it! Figured out “minded” first so “clothes” fell nicely into place after that. Good workout this morning. Happy Sunday to all.

    • Good Morning, Betty. David definitely outdid himself with the anagrams today. They were all so well scrambled….And a Happy Sunday to you too, Betty. Be well and stay safe. 👗🙋🏻‍♀️

  7. Good morning. My choice for hardest word was Cozier. In fact I looked it up after spending so much time with it. The cartoon answer I had clothed mindes, then realized it was clothes minded. Loved you song choice Angela. My day would have been better if I got that last word. Guess mama was right. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

    • LOL! Paul…Mama’s ALWAYS right! 😉 And Kudos on the solve! One word does not a day make!..Glad you liked the music…Enjoy your day, Brooklyn…Be well and keep safe out there…👗🙋🏻‍♀️

  8. I also struggled with Cozier. Then I had to solve puzzle first before coming up with Leeway. Betty mentioned using paper and pencil. My newspaper is marked up on Sundays as I work out the answers. Glad to see Monday coming up! Clear and bright on the Great Plains today. Be safe and healthy.

    • Gloomy and rainy here, but it’s ok…Makes things COZIER! 😉 Have a good one, O…Be well, and stay safe. 👗🙋🏻‍♀️

  9. Cozier got me as did online,then I was thinking dressed as part of the cartoon solution,so was “clothesed” out of the cartoon solution entirely.

    • “Clothesed” out? 😂 Good one! Wishing you a great day, Professor. Be well and stay safe out there…👗🙋🏻‍♀️

  10. Hi all – DIVIDE was the only word I *didn’t* have trouble with today. All the others took at least a few jumbles. Having a “Z” usually makes a word easy, but using the comparative “Cozier” took out the “Y” from COZY and disguised it, making it my hardest word. And “OIE”-vay! I thought it was amusing that two adjacent words with the same vowels OIE both gave me trouble.
    The answer took some staring, but I figured the second word probably ended in “ED”, then I saw MINDED and the CLOTHES reference became obvious.

    I agree Angela – the girl is definitely being TUTU bratty! (And I laughed at “perSUEDEed.” Maybe she was just a little blue today.)

    Good wishes to everyone.

    “There’s a DIVIDE among the states with some being more CLOSED-MINDED than others, but I find it COZIER to live in one that provides the UTMOST LEEWAY in allowing one to choose something to INHALE ONLINE.” (Or not – poetic license used just to create this sentence. Really! 😂)

    • OIE-vay, indeed! 😂 I can Z that you knocked yourself out! 😉 Take a deep breath…INHALE! And I’m still wondering if Mom ended up perSUEDEing this kid…TUTU bratty, 👏🏻👏🏻 for sure. And I’d say that even though your poetic license SKIRTed the isSHOE a little, you definitely got your point across..👏🏻👏🏻.There’s way too much of a great DIVIDE amongst our states these days..and it just doesn’t SUIT our country well. I hope things can CHANGE! Have a good one, Steve. Stay well and safe…👗🇺🇸🙋🏻‍♀️

      • Same to you and yours, Angela. I see that New York is changing its stance on this issue.

        • Tks, Steve. And NY? IMO, we’re slowly going to hell in a hand basket. The pandemic definitely took its toll…😥🤷🏻‍♀️

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