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  1. Good Morning, Everyone…I hope this finds you well…

    🎶 The long and winding ROAD that leads to your door….Will never disappear….I’ve seen that ROAD before….It always leads me here…Lead me to you door…🎶 “The Long and Winding Road” – The Beatles 1970 https://tinyurl.com/ddj4n2mh

    🐻 They took a TROLL out in the woods…Oh sorry, stroll I meant,
    And came upon a Grizzly Bear, and off the path they went…
    It definitely unnerved them, an IGUANA’d do the same,
    And now they realize there’s no way to get back as they came
    With thoughts of being mauled by it, an EATERY in the woods
    Is what could happen…so they’re left with woulda, shoulda, could…
    They need to change direction, put the right back on the BENCH
    And veer the other way, they think…through teeth they now have clenched
    The looks of the big grizzly has them full of dread and fright…
    So left to their devices…no way they’ll BEAR TO THE RIGHT! 🐻

    BEAR TO RIGHT…Right to bear. I have to be honest, at first, with just the question, I wasn’t quite sure in which DIRECTION this play on words might be going. But once I got a look at the cartoon, it BEARed the meaning immediately…So, Exit stage left… https://tinyurl.com/57og78u5 I mean RIGHT…

    We have one repeat anagram this morning, LROTL…but it hasn’t been seen for quite some time. Searching the Archives, I found it on 04/19/13, and 01/03/14. That’s way back down the road. And while none of our words are new, the three new anagrams are good ones…especially TYAREE. The Early Birds tossed around Treaty, but made PEACE with it being wrong, and Artery, but realized that choice was all in VEIN. So I think it may be our stumper today. Let’s be on the lookout…

    So…It looks like our suddenly unhappy campers this morning may be none other than our illustrious logophile, David L. Hoyt, and his lovely wife, Claire. True lovers of nature, they can always be found hiking here and there…but whether or not art’s imitating life today…well I’m not sure if that’s RIGHT…But what we are seeing in our cartoon, are our two Jumble characters coming to that proverbial fork in the road. Wanting to go right in order to get back to camp, but spotting a Bear…they realize that things have definitely taken a TURN, and they need to get their BEARings…And despite the longer trek they may have to endure, they decide that they BEARly have much of a choice. There’s just no way they can BEAR TO THE RIGHT, https://tinyurl.com/yexj273p without taking a chance of being dead MEET…And the big hint today? It’s David referring to the Bear as a GRIZZLY…A Bear, by any other name, is still a Bear…and FUR be it from us not to see that!

    So, There you have it Folks, Done! Except for a FUR tree PAWSably about to fall, there’s not much else to report today. Have a good one…Be well, stay safe, and in the words of the immortal Yogi BEARa… “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.” 🐻🙋🏻‍♀️

  2. This reminds me of a road sign that says how to navigate around a traffic island. It said ISLAND BEAR RIGHT. I didn’t want to go that way! I didn’t want a confrontation with an island bear. If one uses aircraft lingo, they didn’t want to HEAD TO the RIGHT. Heading is what direction you are going on, and bearing is the direction in which your destination is. The bear in the cartoon looked like it had no fur, at least on its head. Are furless bears common? They would have to breed, or specifically, how many bears would a bare bear bear if a bare bear could bear bears?

    • Good Morning, Jim…FUR be it from me to question what DIRECTION you’re taking this, but FUR your information, BEARS BAREly have all that much FUR on their heads…Hence the saying…”How much FUR is a BEAR good FUR, if the FUR was what they’re BAREd FUR”…RIGHT? 🤷🏻‍♀️ But I have to say that I can BEAR with your alliteration this time around…instead of just thinking that you should TAKE A HIKE! 😉🐻🙋🏻‍♀️

    • “Island Bear Right” – good one, Jim B. I like the signs that say “Slow Children at Play”.

      • I like the one that says…”Beware…Wild Animals-Children”..Is it warning the kids…or criticizing parenting? Or both? 😂🤷🏻‍♀️

  3. ⚾️ Relegated back to the BENCH, after bobbling one too many balls, he resented the TROLL in the EATERY that showed up on the Jumbotron berating him with the sign reading..”IGUANA hold your hand”…and disgusted tried to BEAR TO THE RIGHT to put the offensive image out of view…⚾️

    🐊 She thought for sure it was a TROLL, who wrote on the website,
    That he had seen a huge IGUANA causing quite a fright
    Knowing that they’re diurnal, and known to be quite smart,
    She wasn’t sure the truth he told…at least not every part
    He claimed that at an EATERY, it climbed up on a BENCH,
    But saying it was 9 PM? Well hardly, and so hence…
    She dubbed him quite dishonest…Iguanas seen at night?
    No, then they would be hiding…that’s the truth BEAR TO THE RIGHT! 🐊

  4. ❤️ Today, the first Friday in February, is NATIONAL WEAR RED DAY…With February being American Heart Month, everyone across the country is asked to don the color red, in order to bring greater attention to heart disease as a leading cause of death in our country…and to raise and spread awareness in hopes of eradicating it and stroke, especially in millions of women all over the nation. So put on your reddest RED – whether it be a pair of socks, a sweatshirt, lipstick, a pair of pants, earrings, or your favorite hat or gloves…And help paint the town red.❤️

  5. Hi all – Fun puzzle today. BENCH took a couple of tries before I tried CH as a suffix instead of a prefix. My first thoughts were GUITAR and AGAIN, and then saw that it had to be IGUANA (again). Then saw RARITY and ARTERY until the letters forced EATERY, a word I don’t hear very often.
    Thought BEAR THE RISK, but the letter layout and the fork in the road showed the “right” answer.

    Good wishes to everyone.

    You took Yogi’s quote right out of my keyboard, Angela! 😂

    “The sign was not a TROLL; you really could step up to the BENCH at the beachfront EATERY in Puerto Vallarta and order a delicious IGUANA taco.”

    • LOL! Gotta love Yogi, RIGHT? Have a good one, Steve. Be well and stay safe out there…🐻🙋🏻‍♀️

  6. I struggled with “eatery” for some reason. Kept thinking artery or treaty. Once I got past that stumbling block, I could barely contain my delight at solving the cartoon answer. I don’t think I knew that the first Friday in February is National Wear Red Day but I’ll be sure to observe the tradition. Happy Friday to all!

    • Treaty and Artery…Just like the guys this morning! How’s that for Serendipity! The National Red Day? You know Betty…I thought I mentioned it every year, but I found that I only did so in 2018. I’ve been celebrating it for years, and I’ll make you laugh. I dressed my little niece this morning, the 3-yr old. I asked her if she knew why I chose her Red Heart shirt to wear, matching mine. Without missing a BEAT, she said “Of course, I do…(of course! 😉SMH)!…It’s so that no one gets a broken heart”! Baboom! LOL! As if, RIGHT? From the mouths of Babes! So…get out those Red shoes of yours, Woman…and join me in hoping that “no one gets a broken heart” today! Enjoy the day, Betty…Be well and stay safe out there…❤️🙋🏻‍♀️

  7. Hi Everyone –
    I also struggled with Eatery, thinking Treaty and Artery like the early birds and Rarity like Steve. Once I had the answer, I was able to get this anagram. I read Yogi Berra sued the Yogi Bear creators for defamation but dropped the suit.

    • Hi Caroline…Too much of a coincidence, RIGHT? LOL! My friend Lou, the head Early Bird, just said…”Well now my face isn’t so RED”…(He’s definitely covering the bases)! 😉And I think you’ll enjoy this article on our beloved Yogi. “Take it with a GRIN of salt”! I live for lines like this😂! Have a good one, Caroline…Be well and stay safe out there… 🐻⚾️🙋🏻‍♀️

      • Interesting link, Angela. So I guess there’s some dispute over whether a suit was actually filed. It’s nice to see Yogi’s wonderful quotes cited a few times in recent days.

        • Yes, it is. And who knows what’s true and what’s not anymore…It’s like the old saying goes…”One lies and the other one swears”!…Or “Take it with a grin of salt”! God, how I love that line! 😂 And unfortunately we don’t have Yogi here with us any longer to give up the real skinny. And yes, as far as his malaprops go? I could listen to them all day. And I’m convinced that Yogi wasn’t as far off the mark as he pretended to be. The man just might have been wittier than the best of us! ⚾️🙋🏻‍♀️

  8. Good morning. Like Betty I too struggled with Eatery. Once I finally got the other words out of my head the rest was easy. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

    • It’s looking like a landslide! 😂 Hoping you’re staying well and safe too, Paul…Enjoy your day! 🐻🙋🏻‍♀️

  9. I first saw NUIAAG as Guiana. After I realized it was a country, it quickly lead to IGUANA (just move the I).

    • Well, pardon your French! 😉 Clever use of the vowel switch, Dennis…but keep in mind, David would never use a proper name…nor a foreign word…From what he’s told US, he’s strictly “truth, justice…and the American way”😂 Hope your day’s going well, Dennis, and that you’re staying safe! 🐻🙋🏻‍♀️

  10. I was lucky with the jumble words and I quickly saw BEAR … the rest was easy. I’ll never forget my encounter with a bear up in Canada’s wilderness. Myself and 2 other students working through summer were driving when we came upon a deserted summer camp. I wanted a photo of the lovely log cabin. I sat on the bench on the veranda when suddenly the others pointed to my left and yelled “bear!”.
    The first thing we realized is that we were all 3 in the Jeep, staring at the bear slowly strolling on the veranda, as if he had not seen us! There was no photo taken of me on the bench!!!

    • After seeing David use the word Grizzly, instead of Bear, you know he was laying tracks for us! And I’m trying to come up with a good pun to fit your story…so bear with me here! But I think all I’ve bearly got is Yikes! 😱 Talk about close encounters! Well at least it wasn’t a PHOTO FINISH! Have a good one, Christian…Be well and stay safe out there…🐻🙋🏻‍♀️

  11. I was able to solve the J by reading the dialog and studying the cartoon. Good thing because both NUIAAG and TYAREE eluded me….. The fork in the road helped a lot! Pretty fun for a Friday Jumble. Sunny and beautiful in the land of LaLa and a great game possible on Sunday. I lean toward the Chiefs, what about youse guys???

    • Hey Mig…Oddly enough it’s 50° here, which is good considering we’ve got mountains of snow just waiting to be melted. But it may be the calm before the storm, since there’s now talk of another storm coming Sunday. And speaking of Sunday? As you know, the odds makers are leaning towards the Chiefs too…so who knows. But you know what usually happens when you bet against Brady…😉 something always gets ugly! 😂 But with these 2 QB’s, it definitely should be interesting…And yes, it was a clever, fun puzzle today. Have a good night, Mig. Be well and stay safe…🐻🙋🏻‍♀️

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