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  1. Good Morning, Everyone..🐲 SAY IT AIN’T ZHOU? 🐲

    🎶 It’s time we stop…Hey, what’s that sound?…Everybody look what’s going down…🎶 “For What it’s Worth” – Buffalo Springfield 1966 https://tinyurl.com/y6c8ou7h

    🐲 I’m wondering who this guy is…her husband, I’m not sure…
    Whoever though she values his opinion on her score…
    But is it such a score at all, or just a FLIGHT of fancy?
    The WISEST move to buy this thing? Somehow I doubt it, Nancy
    I’m not into Garage Sales, I just don’t HOBNOB that way,
    But I think that it would MATTER…in Garage Sales average day…
    Do things like this get offered? Will her spending cause a strain?
    (You know I’m wording it as such so that I could rhyme SPRAIN)!
    I just think they saw her coming, and perhaps a neck did SWERVE,
    ‘Cause I don’t think Ming objet d’art would be easily observed…
    But then again, what do I know…still tell me, why on earth?
    Would she lay out that money…sans a clue FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH? 🐲

    Before we start, here’s the thing…I really don’t know Ming, nor..it’s WORTH. Just want to get that out there…you know, not be eVASEive…

    So, our words. In keeping with our theme…they’re all old. But, except for SARIPN, https://tinyurl.com/y5c6unhb, our anagrams are new…And it was WISEST that had a few of the Early Birds resorting to paper and pen. But the solve? No problem…They all BOUGHT into it immediately…

    Ok…Where are we today? It’s hard to tell. Are we seeing a married couple? Is that Nancy’s husband, Joe, whose opinion she’s seeking? I don’t know. I would think we’re in Nancy’s home, since there’s no wrappings in sight, and the purple doily on the table suggests that the MING we’re talking about was displayed there…But one MING has nothing to do with the other, so let’s not try to guess. Our main concern is getting to our solution. And the hints are running amok…”I paid $150”, “good deal”, “I’m not an expert”…”value is higher”…”go to an appraiser”….Joe gave his opinion…FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH! https://tinyurl.com/y2ucocow …A double-whammy solution! And definitely WORTH David’s time and effort…

    Our cartoon? The first thing that grabbed my attention was the amount of dialogue. We hardly see so many words put into the panel. But whether they’re David’s or Jeff’s, we have to give a nod to all the clues that they afforded us. And secondly, Nancy and Joe look familiar…As for the good BYE? I can’t believe I did this, but I went looking at some Ming Dynasty pieces, and I came across this…https://tinyurl.com/y6g677ty ?..Is it a POORcelain replica? We may never know. And YUAN-a know something? I have my doubts…So I’m just going to wrap this up, because after all, THAI MING is everything…

    Have a good day, Everyone. Be well, stay safe…and I’ll leave you with someMING to think about…None of us should think of ourselves as better than others…I know I’d hate to be HIT with this PUNCH line… During the Ming Dynasty, there were two brothers, Princes, Hu and Yu, both prepared to take over the throne. And even though Hu was older, he became ill…Hu died and made Yu King…🎤…And yes, I’ll let myself out…🐲🙋🏻‍♀️

  2. ✈️ With his hand wrapped, because of the SPRAIN in his wrist, it probably wasn’t the WISEST decision to SWERVE as he did while trying to join in with the FLIGHT of the model airplanes…but FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH, it did MATTER that he HOBNOB with the group.✈️

    🏌🏻‍♂️He wasn’t one to HOBNOB with people who didn’t MATTER,
    He felt it WISEST to be with who’d make his wallet fatter…
    The SPRAIN though now was causing him much pain when he would SWERVE,
    His golf swing suffered badly, since his ball would tend to curve
    He watched it as it took to FLIGHT, landing in brambled earth…
    And his big ego, it took a hit…he knew FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH 🏌🏻‍♂️

  3. Loved your song choice, Angela, and the faux and attic jokes in the voting box. Trying For as the first word was the key for me. Wisest didn’t trouble me much because I’ve started looking for words with Est endings, which seem to be appearing more. Wishing all a great day.

  4. Easy solve for a Sunday offering. Paused a moment at wisest (Thanks for the est tip, Caroline) but other than that is was straight forward. Happy Sunday to all!

    • Good Morning, Betty. Yes, it is an easy Sunday solve. And Happy Sunday to you too. Be well and stay safe. 🐲🙋🏻‍♀️

  5. Hi all – HOBNOB took a few looks until it naturally fell apart into two pieces.
    Then WISEST also took a couple until I just happened to see the EST and tried it as a suffix.
    My first thought for the answer was “Not that he’d know”, but then the word “Value” in the dialog made me think of WORTH, then IT’S and the rest.

    Good wishes to everyone.

    Two of my favorite appraisals on Antiques Roadshow:
    A woman brought in a piece of carved ivory, but the appraiser pointed out that ivory has a grain and doesn’t have a seam. “Oh no, it’s plastic, isn’t it?” “Yes.” (It was an amazingly well carved piece of plastic, but still.)
    Then a guy brought in some jade pieces he’d been collecting for a long time, and they were appraised at about a million dollars.

    Who’s ZHOU-min’ ZHOU, Angela? I never heard of that dynasty. I have heard the song, of course – impossible not to think of it when you read the answer.
    Nice joke too (“Hu died..”) Sounds to me like something you’d hear in Brooklyn a lot, right?

    “In the MATTER of FLIGHT, some advice FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH is that if you HOBNOB with test pilots, it’s WISEST to strap in securely so as not to SPRAIN anything when they SWERVE quickly.”

    Some Bo Diddly:
    🎵”I walk forty-seven miles of barb wire; Use a cobra snake for a necktie
    Got a brand-new house on the roadside made out of rattlesnake hide
    Got a little bitty chimney built up on top made out of a {HUNAN} skull
    Come on baby, take a walk with me Eileen, tell me
    HU DU YU love?🎵

    • LOL! No, you’re reading it wrong. Zhou is pronounced as Joe. So, that was my lead in…”Say it Ain’t Zhou”! “Say it Ain’t So”? …😉 And there surely was a Zhou Dynasty…I looked it up! 😉But, Brooklyn? TBT? The Hu and Yu? I remember hearing that from my Mother was I was a little kid…Have a good one, Steve. Be well and stay safe…🐲🙋🏻‍♀️

  6. Sunday Jumble is always the easiest for me, for what it’s worth…. This cartoon was funny to me because that’s a high price for something in a garage sale and what’s the chance the guy would know it came from a dynasty, much less the Ming???? The anagrams weren’t too hard, although WTESSI gave me the most pause.
    When I was in high school I was invited to a performance of Buffalo Springfield and it was the bomb! Good choice as usual, Angel-A….
    Cya tomorrow in a brand new week!
    PS : Game 7 tonight in the Dodger series, c’mon BLUE!

    • These damn fingernails…Ok, starting over…I’m with you, Mig. I always liked the Sunday Jumbles the best. More to work with…And as far as todays goes…, it’s very clever…albeit definitely funny…but then again, as I mentioned…I don’t know much of anyMING about garage sales!…But I’m pretty sure they saw her coming! 😉Thanks for the Shout Out. Any music aficionado would realize that the song was the obvious choice…Angel-A? Sometimes! 😉 And those Dodgers of yours? They’re definitely in it to win it…I wish you luck…But the bottom line, as far as these playoffs go? I’m just glad Altuve was sent packing. I hate the little Devil! Have a good one, Mig. Be well and stay safe out there. 🐲🙋🏻‍♀️

  7. Good evening. Was out early this morning and started this awhile ago after getting back. I had slight pauses on some of the words but took the most time finally solving the cartoon answer. Thought it was clever. At first I had the second word as That but soon learned it was What to have a complete correct finish. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

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