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  1. Good Morning, Everyone. I hope this finds you well…

    🦅 JONATHAN LIVING-SHUN SEAGULL 🦅…Today’s “SOUND” ….. https://tinyurl.com/y4dkkpnv

    🦅 You won’t see them inside a park, or somewhere in a GLADE,
    An EYEFUL near the water you will get though I’m afraid…
    The Seagulls are a crafty lot, with beaks just like a PRONG,
    They’ll grab your bag of CASHEW nuts as you just stroll along…
    And like that Sinking Sailboat always seen in Jeff’s cartoons,
    This quintessential uninvited guest your meal will ruin..
    They’re loud and they’re invasive…watch your sandwich of sausage
    They’ll swoop down and they’ll snatch it, while they’re speaking “FOWL LANGUAGE” 🦅

    The little oddity…The word LOUD being used in both the dialogue and the question. A rarity…And it’s the clues: Obscene = (Foul) FOWL and Loud = LANGUAGE that help this puzzle fly right… https://tinyurl.com/yymlk6v3 Have a good day, Everyone. Be well and stay safe out there.🦅🙋🏻‍♀️

  2. Hi Everyone – I loved the answer, though it wasn’t easy for me. The anagrams weren’t bad because I remembered Cashew and Eyeful. But I couldn’t come up with anything for the answer until I tried making all the 4-letter words I could think of. That led me to fowl. It took some more time to unscramble the remaining letters and get Language.

  3. Good morning. Last week was a great week now this week just the opposite. Took a little time getting all the words especially the two six letter ones. Then I ran a-fowl on the cartoon answer. It was a brilliant answer but I decided to take the short cut and look it up. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

  4. Eyeful also gave me reason to pause looking like fuely at first,but getting that and the other anagrams gave me too many letters for the cartoon solution.

  5. Hi all – Recognized CASHEW from previous uses. After trying LY and Y as a suffix, saw EYE and the rest. I first saw GULL in the answer letters, but then just happened to see LANGUAGE which led to the solution.

    The language isn’t so bad compared to having a gull snatch a sandwich right out of your hand if you’re not careful. Same with the blue jays in Canada, I’ve heard.

    Good wishes to everyone.

  6. 🥜 Discussing whether or not the CASHEW nut could be grown in a GLADE, the conversation veered to Cashew apples and how they were eaten…with the PRONG of a fork or simply by hand…but the discussion turned into a heated argument, and the group got quite the EYEFUL when FOUL LANGUAGE was heard and punches were thrown…🥜

    🗣To watch him eat a CASHEW was an EYEFUL that’s for sure,
    He used the PRONG of a small fork to break it into fours…
    They’d stopped within the grassy GLADE to have a little bite,
    But watching him had proven to be quite the oddest sight…
    Another guy then tried to cut a nut upon its ridge…
    And unsuccessful burst into a litany of FOUL LANGUAGE! 🗣

  7. Cashew & eyeful have tripped me up before but got them this morning. Cartoon answer didn’t come to me right away – had too resort to paper and pencil – language came to me first and then fowl followed nicely behind. It was a good challenge. Happy Wednesday to all.

  8. Maybe some day we’ll have a Jumble answer with EYEFUL Tower as the solution!? EYE for one couldn’t get SCAWEH tho it is my favorite nut, produced as oddly as any legume I know. EYEFUL took a long time. Found ‘obscene’ an odd word choice as well. Definitely a more difficult week than last…

    • Hi Mig…There was a puzzle way back in 2013 that asked “The Tower in Paris was an…” And the solve was EYEFUL. And then there’s this from last year…
      PUZZLE: https://tinyurl.com/y2zwvcjm.
      POST: https://tinyurl.com/yxjhh8ay …I‘ve always loved the EIFFEL TOWER pun….In fact last year? It was the HIGHlight of my day! 😉 But Obscene? Obscene language? Surely you’ve HEARD that phrase used before? 😉 Have a good one, Mig. Be well and stay safe out there…🦅🙋🏻‍♀️

      • Interesting Eiffel Jumble!
        I only mentioned ‘obscene’ because it seems a little strong to describe some seabirds flying around and squawking.

  9. So…Today’s National Dessert Day. I think it’s a Holy Day, I’m not sure…😉
    I love dessert…and I think I’d be hard pressed to pick a favorite. Probably Tiramisu. Oh wait…Warm Chocolate Pudding with Cold Whipped Cream…But then there’s Cheesecake…Amaretto Cheesecake…or any Cheesecake for that matter…and let’s not forget Red Velvet Cake…Oh..but wait again…Cannolis..can’t forget the cannolis. And Ice Cream Sodas…and…Uh, where was I? 😂 Ok, I’m just helpless when it comes to dessert.. I admit it. ..So, who else wants to go? 🍰🎂🍩🍦🧁🍫🍪🍨

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