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  1. Good Morning, Everyone…I hope this finds you well….

    🎶 You’re just too good to be true….Can’t take my EYES off of you…You’d be like Heaven to touch…I wanna hold you so much…At long last, love has arrived..and I thank God I’m alive…You’re just too good to be true….Can’t take my EYES off of you…🎶…”Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” – Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons 1967 https://tinyurl.com/lnw5ugt

    👓 In the AUTUMN of his life, Ben Franklin’s vision waned,
    It started to get MESSY, since it’d always been his bane…
    But Ben was like a VORTEX, always moving…on the go,
    And he decided he’d invent something to blindness slow…
    And just like he knew music, a LYRIC he did hear,
    That told him there’d be glasses that a man like him could wear…
    He came up with Bifocals, and much to peoples surprise
    The visionary in him easily helped him “VISUAL-EYES” 👓

    So…Today the Anagram Sweet Repeat is SEYMS. I had a little trouble SEEING my way clear this morning, so I only went back as far as 2014, but I SAW it five times, two being as recently as this past March https://tinyurl.com/y6afpz9l , and April… https://tinyurl.com/y29b87y2 . A bit of a MESSY situation you say? Nay…since despite it all, there was still an Early Bird who faltered with it…He kept saying “sysTem”. And suffice to say that sometimes the inability to FOCUS fits him to a “T”. We tell him that he’s seriously in need of new GLASSES…And LYRIC is iffy. One of those words that I could swear we’ve SEEN before, but I can’t seem to get atTUNEd as to exactly where. Maybe I should just face the MUSIC and move on…

    Ok…Today, we have Benjamin Franklin as our FOCAL point. A popular Jumble character, he’s graced our puzzles every now and BEN over the years, with solutions such as…”Visionary”:2011, and “Envisioned”:2014, among others. But David’s always up to INVENTING a clean BILL of wealth for old Ben, and as always, he’s 💯% right on the MONEY. So this morning we find ourselves on SIGHT at Ben’s office. It’s May 23rd, 1785, and we SEE him explaining to a colleague how his foreSIGHT and willingness to do DOUBLE duty has led to his ability to “VISUAL-EYES” Bifocals. https://tinyurl.com/y6h3me82. A great job by BOTH Ben and David….

    EYE Candy?😉…On the desk we see two lenses, one each for both near and farsightedness, as well as the bifocals created by blending the two. And in Bens hand we can see the letter he’s about to send to his friend, George Whatley, in which he states, and I quote, that he was “happy in the invention of double spectacles, which serving for distant objects as well as near ones, make my eyes as useful to me as ever they were.”…Scroll down in the link here, https://tinyurl.com/y5evuwf9 , and you can see the entire letter from which Jeff drew his inspiration. SPECtacular!

    So, There you have it, Folks. Done. And how does this Ben Franklin puzzle measure up to all the others? Is it the best one yet? I’m not sure…but if not, it’s by FAR a CLOSE second to any of the others…Have a good day, Everyone. Be well and stay safe out there…👓🙋🏻‍♀️

    …And continued thoughts and prayers to our readers on the Gulf and West Coasts. 🙏🏻

  2. In what seems to be an interminably heartbreaking year, how sad it is to lose Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. It’s said that according to Jewish tradition, a person who dies on Rosh Hashanah, which began last night, is a tzaddik, a person of great righteousness. How befittimg. I’ve no doubt in my mind that this is true in our Justices’ case. And regardless of politics, all Americans, but especially a woman like me, owe a debt of gratitude to this bold, courageous woman who lived her life committed to service and justice. My heart is heavy. May she rest in the peace she deserves, and may her memory help heal our Nation. Godspeed, RBG. You served us well….💔
    Baruch Dayan HaEmet” (Blessed is the True Judge).

    • After the other “clever” solves this week, today’s was a given. In another missive this week, I alluded to my wife’s strength in point of view. Although I have sometimes bristled at them, I HAVE learned to adopt many of them. Most importantly, the narrow masculine view of leadership as ruling. As more women have achieved power positions, leadership has become stronger over dictatorial “ruling” As such, I deeply mourn justice Ginsburg’s passing and hope the road she traveled will appeal to others, esp. women. Thank you, Angela, stay well and strong.

  3. 🙇🏻‍♂️ When he heard them say that he was in the AUTUMN of his years, it was hardly the LYRIC he wanted to hear…granted he was hardly a VORTEX of energy, but things would get MESSY if this was the way they continued to VISUALIZE him…🙇🏻‍♂️

    🍂🍁The AUTUMN leaves grew MESSY, strewn all about the yard,
    As if a VORTEX had blown through…the clean-up would be hard
    Then she thought of the LYRIC line from “Autumn in New York”…
    And took it all in stride, since nothing gained if she would balk…
    She finished up her coffee, and the situation sized…
    She grabbed her rake and told herself…”There’s beauty…VISUALIZE”🍂🍁

    • Good Morning, Caroline. Yes, it is. Thank you, and I wish you the same. Be well and stay safe out there. 👓🙋🏻‍♀️

  4. May Justice Ginsburg RIP.Anagrams were no problem for me,though autumn with its U’s was a momentary challenge .Visual was a given for the first word in the cartoon solution,but a thought the overal solution would be visual y-see,rather than visual eyes.

  5. It took a while for me to get LYRIC and AUTUMN which is a tribute to how well they were jumbled. Solution came quickly as well. Many places have smog, Hawaii of course has vog and in Burbank we have smokey smog. Yikes.

    • I still think we’ve seen Lyric before…I’m looking. Be well and stay safe out there…👓🙋🏻‍♀️

  6. Hi all – I first saw MUTANT for the last word, but a couple of jumbles showed AUTUMN – coming up soon, eh? Where did the time go? And why won’t it go more quickly?
    I *really* though I was going to have to give up on the answer, but the V finally showed VISUAL, and the EYES had it for the rest.

    Thanks for the great links to Franklin and the letter, Angela, and I enjoyed the line about him being ‘100’ percent on the ‘money’, literally!

    Good wishes to everyone.

    “The LYRIC about AUTUMN leaves may be beautiful, but the reality is a MESSY VORTEX of debris that will have to be cleaned up.”

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