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  1. Good morning. This was not our normal Monday jumble. I had my blueberries and strawberries with cereal so I can’t blame it on that but I took forever to get two simple words Eight and Catnip. Then I was stuck on the cartoon answer. I had the first word but my left over letters which was ”cthag” made up a word but knew it was wrong. I double checked my letters again and realized I substituted the G for and H. Now I was able to make Hatch for the second word. This felt like I was back in school taking a math test and sweating the whole time. Until tomorrow stay well and stay safe.

    • That’s understandable for a Monday, Paul. “EGG-SCAPE” HATCH would have worked nicely had it been a Friday puzzle. Hope you had a great weekend! 🙂

      • Good Morning, Everyone. Mike…Birds of a feather…think alike? 😉 I wrote to David yesterday, asking wouldn’t “EGG-SCAPE” HATCH have made the perfect pun?… But unfortunately the SCRAMBLED letters just weren’t in our favor! Hope your morning’s going well…and stay safe out there…🐣🙋🏻‍♀️

    • I was thinking of puns that fit your solve and thought: “CATNIP might be making some folks un-CATFURBALL this morning.”

      Have a good one, Paul!

    • After today’s Jumble, I felt like a shell of a person. I just shrank under my cover for eight hours! Hey this is fun! 🤡🤡

      • I hear ya Mickey! Sunday wan’t my finest hour so I was expecting to perform on Monday but alas it was not to be. Eight and catnip bit me first, followed by the Jumble solution. Onward and upward to Tuesday!!!!

  2. Good Morning Again, Everyone. 🐣 CHICKEN LITTLE? 🐣

    🐣 It stands to reason anyone would look to get away,
    And making just a little crack? It’s CATNIP any day…
    It takes about three weeks of time before a chick emerges,
    So by day EIGHT there’s no chance that the chick is getting urges…
    But this chick is a bold one…and with him there’ll be no SHRANK,
    He’s ready to get out there…count him first amongst the ranks
    That don’t intend to COVER up…Mom Hen has met her match…
    Look out world he is out of there…and he’s found the ESCAPE HATCH! 🐣

  3. Still away from home and my hard copy newspaper.I agree the anagrams were troublesome for a Monday morning,especially simple eight.Then the cartoon answer got me as well.All in all a tough Monday morning.

  4. Feeling today was EGG-ceptionally hard, even CATNIP for me! There IS comfort in having partners in misery…. I get ‘hatch to escape’ but the solution still doesn’t scramble my eggs. I think I prefer Angela’s solution to the J. With burning eyes and lungs I will wish you adieu til the morrow!

    • Hi Mig…It wasn’t just me. Both Mike and I thought “EGG-SCAPE” would have gone OVER EASY…but I guess the YOLKS on us! 😉 Still praying for you guys. Please stay safe out there. 🐣🙋🏻‍♀️

  5. 🌿 Finding EIGHT CATNIP bushes that seemed to COVER almost all the ground surrounding the patio, she SHRANK back a bit in displeasure…and not being a cat person she opted for the ESCAPE HATCH…🌿

    💃🏻 The woman was like CATNIP, though some SHRANK back in her midst,
    Alluring and enticing…she the one men longed to kiss…
    The party started seven, her arrival close to EIGHT,
    Suffice to say the waiting did not one thing to abate
    The feelings men had for her, impossible to COVER,
    They’re all hoping to be the one who would become her lover…
    So those with confidence to spare hoped on to her they’d latch
    The other guys? Too daunted…opting for the ESCAPE HATCH…💃🏻

  6. The Monday blues… I certainly wasn’t behind the 8-ball today! Got stuck on 8 and catnip. Loved the double meaning of HATCH!
    It’s getting cold up here in Canada however I will not be able to ESCAPE to Florida this winter… miss it already!!!
    Have a good week you all!

    • I’m with you, Christian. This year’s nothing like what it should be CRACKED up to be…and everyone’s vacation plans are SCRAMBLED. Just keep your SUNNY SIDE UP, and stay warm the best you can. Be well and stay safe. Ok…OMELETTE you go…😉🐣🙋🏻‍♀️

  7. I first saw captain instead of catnip which is a word that David seems to use often in his puzzles. Paused at eight as well. Once I got those words in place, I was able to get the cartoon answer. It did seem like a challenging puzzle for a Monday. Wishing all of you a good day.

  8. Hi all – After the puzzles on the weekend, this “easy Monday” one took me quite awhile. I actually had to try a couple of jumbles before seeing the two common words COVER and EIGHT (you’d think 8 would be instant), and then I’ve seen CATNIP enough now to recognize it. I found several possible answer words like PERCH, CATCH, CHEEP, STEPS and SHARP, but finally found HATCH which fit the cartoon and gave the answer.

    Good wishes to everyone.

    “The vet assistant SHRANK from the task of popping the COVER off the big can of CATNIP with EIGHT eager kittens ready to pounce.”

  9. Frustrating and a stupid answer, escape hatches, dumb. How about something with “nest” in it or “fly the coop” but what a stupid answer. Who does these?

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