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10 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 06/24/2020

  1. Good morning. My choice for hardest word was Oriole. I was stuck and went to the cartoon and had a blind solve. I knew the three letters I needed to get the last word but fell short. Being a Met fan that particular bird flew right over my head. Even though I came short I enjoyed today’s jumble. Until tomorrow stay well.

  2. No problems for me with the anagrams or the cartoon solution.Even oriole came easily to mind,despite my being a Cleveland Indian fan rather than a Baltimore Oriole fan.Speaking of baseball,MLB is to be back with a limited 60 game schedule starting on July 23 or 24.

  3. Hi Everyone – It seems to me like the answers have been easier lately. I remember struggling with Oriole in the past but not today. Now that I’ve been spending more time looking outside, I spotted my first oriole this year, though only a few times.

  4. Had to back into oriole this morning. It has tripped me up in the past and did so again today. However no problem with the other words or the cartoon answer so I’m off to a good start. Happy Wednesday to all.

  5. 🏃🏻Trying to OUTDO his opponent, the thought of taking a shortcut through the TUNNEL occurred to him, and he decided to LOOK INTO IT, but in the BLINK of an eye, an ORIOLE flew out from it, and threw him completely off guard…🏃🏻

    🐧 The ORIOLE was flying, and in the TUNNEL went
    The driver of the nearby car thought it so Heaven sent
    She didn’t want to BLINK at it, she tried to trace its path,
    But it could quickly OUTDO her…the speed…just do the Math…
    She tried to follow closely and not become outwit,
    ‘Cause as an avid bird-watcher she’d need LOOK INTO IT…🐧

  6. Hi all – Like Caroline, I recognized ORIOLE from past Jumbles, and then the rest was easy.

    I had heard that Orioles would sometimes use hummingbird feeders, but I’d never seen it until last fall, when I saw one clinging to mine a couple of times. I’d never noticed any around here at all. It didn’t look very comfortable, and that hasn’t happened since.

    When I began working in a teaching hospital, there were classrooms with big tables with 8 or 12 individual microscope eyepieces that the residents could sit around to all see the same image. By the time I left, all those had been converted to just show the images on big flat-panel TV’s; much more convenient.

    Good wishes to everyone.

    “The clever ferret knew he could easily OUTDO his competitors, and in the BLINK of an eye had forged a TUNNEL into the ORIOLE sanctuary.”
    Whereupon he said “Hmmm, tastes just like chicken!”

    Off topic, I see that I badly mauled US geography on 6/20 when I said that US Route 80 crossed the Mississippi from Iowa into Nebraska. From Illinois west, you cross the Mississippi into IOWA, then at the other end cross the MISSOURI River into Nebraska, reaching Omaha right after that. I guess I needed more than 3 road trips, but hey, that was about 50 years ago. I presume the Midwesterners here were just too nice to correct me in public, or they don’t read me at all. I can believe either one of those! 😂

  7. Good evening. Within the Blink of an eye, the Oriole knew he could Outdo the cat by flying through the Tunnel and reach the safety of his nest. Take care.

    • 👏🏻👏🏻! For you, Brooklyn! 🙋🏻‍♀️
      🎶 Pretty little raven at the bird-band stand…Told them how to do the bob and it was grand…They started going steady and bless my soul…He out-bopped the buzzard and the ORIOLE…🎶

      • Good evening. Thank you Angela. Loved that song. A great one to dance to. I would do the Lindy with my wife (girlfriend) at the time. My brother dated a girl from bay ridge (married 62 yrs) and they danced what they called Bay ridge style. I never learned that style. Fun times. My sister taught me how to do it on Pennsylvania six 5000. Take care.

        • You’re very welcome, Brooklyn. I love the song too…! And I remember you saying that your sister taught you how to dance it. We still dance the Gravesend Lindy…Brooklyn…SO territorial, right? 😉 Have a good night, Paul! …And PS: 62 years? God Bless! 🙋🏻‍♀️

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