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Good Morning, Everyone…  🚒

🎶 RESCUE me…I want your tender charms…‘Cause I’m lonely and I’m blue…I need you, and your love too….C’mon on and RESCUE me…🎶 “Rescue Me” –  Fontella Bass  1965  

🚒 The Fireman no TYRANT, he reassures the boys,
That no, they’re not in trouble…but trees shouldn’t be toys…
They’re not the ARTFUL Dodgers, they just can’t climb and PRANCE, 
There’s nothing to DECODE here, they’ll get another chance
(I’m not messing with MEADOW)…But it’s clear the kids near home,
The parents seen there looking up…the Mom is on the phone…
No CURSOR would be needed to dial 911,
She probably said…”Up a tree, two boys and one’s my son”…
The Fireman will get them down, where hopefully they’ll stay…
It’s all a happy ending…in the “LADDER” PART OF THE DAY…🚒

Two frightened little boys stuck up a tree, where there’s a wooden platform installed that they’re kneeling on…Not exactly a tree house…more like a NYC studio apartment. There’s tears…But, a Fireman’s to the rescue!…Mom is seen speaking on the phone…probably reassuring the other boys parents that all is well, while Dad, phone in hand, and a second female Firefighter are seen looking up watching it all unfold. And an elderly neighbor, seemingly upset, looks out from her window across the street…The key? The Fireman saying…”We’ll have you home before dinner”. So we know it’s already late afternoon by the time he’s with them. And the visuals…He’s on a ladder…with the rope ladder that became untied lying on the ground…And as the sun’s setting…the solve?…He came to their rescue in the …”LADDER” PART OF THE DAY…

Hoping you all enjoy your day. Be well, and be safe. 🚒🙋🏻‍♀️


17 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 05/24/2020

  1. Hi Everyone –
    Great song choice, Angela! Cursor and Artful both had me stumped until I guessed at the answer and then backed in. This was one of those times I didn’t vote because I found the two words equally hard, and you can’t vote for two.
    I’m going to the farmers market this morning to see how it looks post-Covid. Lots of changes, including having to prepay.

    • Good Morning, Caroline. No, we can’t vote for two! Last thing we need is to be accused of voter fraud! 😂😂 And good guessing at the answer. As I mentioned, the LADDER was a giveaway. The Farmers Market. I miss it, and by now I’m sure I’ve missed you, so you’ll have to tell me how the prepay works…

  2. Angela, I was just looking around today. There were fewer farmers but it’s early yet . People are supposed to come at different times by last name and older folks are supposed to arrive the first hour. The market wants only one person from a family there and the idea is to pick up and leave quickly. I don’t disagree. We’ve prepaid for the season with one farmer. The poutine truck pulled in just as I was leaving!

    • It sounds like a good system. Sad one, but good. God knows we need to be so careful. Unfortunately, the whole idea of strolling through is gone, but what choice do we have….So by paying one farmer, you’re forced to shop at just his stand? I hate to use the word forced..you know what I mean though. You can’t visit the other stands? And I guess a tab is run that you’ll settle at season end? It is a well thought out system. But so different, right? But the poutine! So sorry you missed it! …Oh, and I apologize for not thanking you earlier for my song choice. Thank you…I’ve always liked that song, and I’m glad you enjoyed it. 🙋🏻‍♀️

      • It was our decision to prepay one farmer rather than make a lot of stops like we used to enjoy doing. Have you heard of a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) where you are, Angela? A consumer prepays for produce from one farmer for the season and shares the risk. That’s what we did.

        • No, I haven’t heard about that at all. I’m going to look into it. And I think your choice is a wise one. Unfortunately the less time you’re there, the better. I don’t think anything’s opened up here yet, at all. We’re pretty much still closed down. And I’m willing to wait, albeit sadly. Enjoy the day, Caroline. Be well, and stay safe. 🙋🏻‍♀️

  3. Hi all – CURSOR was the only word I had to pause at, after seeing SCOUR and CHORUS. The word LADDER in quotes and the ‘Y’ gave me the answer, which was confirmed by the setting sun and the words “before dinner.”

    I agree with Caroline, Angela – the first thing I thought was that that was a great song choice.

    Some of the words go together but not all of them, so I’ll just skip the sentence today and send good wishes to everyone.

    • Understandably so! The word gave people trouble enough as it is! Be well, Cheryl and stay safe. 🚒🙋🏻‍♀️

  4. Cursor tripped me up today as well. However, I was able to figure it out and had no trouble with the cartoon answer. Enjoyed the song, Angela. I can so relate to your shopping experience, Caroline. I don’t shop at our local Farmer’s Market but when I go to the grocery store now, I park my basket in the back of the store and go up and down the aisles as quickly as possible and get out – no more lingering. Have a good day all.

  5. Good morning. I don’t know about anybody else but the only word that was easy for me was Decode. Everything else including the cartoon answer took forever to get. I stuck with it this time and decided not to give up. I had to put it aside for the 11:00 mass. Just maybe that’s why I was able to get some divine inspiration afterward and finally get the last word and come up with the cartoon answer. Today’s jumble made up for the entire easy week. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Hey Brooklyn…That Divine Inspiration always helps! Be well, Paul and stay safe out there. 🚒🙋🏻‍…Third try… I just can’t get it right today! 😉

  6. Typical Sunday stumper for me with,artful and cursor stumping me,along with the cartoon answer.Have a good rest of the holiday weekend.

  7. Better in the LATTER PART OF THE DAY…then not at all…😉🙋🏻‍♀️

    💻 Hating to appear as a TYRANT, she tried being objective when she went to DECODE her students paper, and began to place her CURSOR at the first grammatical error, his saying, “I saw the girl PRANCE through the ARTFUL MEADOW”…but as she realized there were so many more, she decided to quit for now and continue in the LATTER PART OF THE DAY.💻

    🤦🏻‍♀️ They all thought him a TYRANT, he loved to PRANCE and preen,
    He’d stroll about the farmland, walking through the MEADOW green…
    And vile were his ways to all, he’d even leave them notes.,
    One read…“That maid? I’ll CURSOR out…” Proved he could hardly gloat…
    Uneducated, ARTFUL not, one needed to DECODE,
    The missives that he strew about his old rundown abode…
    The only time they’d get to rest, sadly to their dismay
    Was when he’d nod off… usually the LATTER PART OF THE DAY 🤦🏻‍♂️

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