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Happy Monday everyone! Love is definitely in the air as the Jumble puzzle nudges into the second week of February. Valentine’s Day is this Friday so hopefully Jeff came up with a tasty themed treat to finish off the week. As far as today was concerned, it was all pretty much run of the mill stuff. There weren’t any noticeable oddities in the words except for the fact that a couple of them had an -LY suffix. All of the anagrams were brand new and the answers they produced have been seen over the past couple of years. I think our electorate is right on the money for choosing YLLYS as today’s hardest scramble. It was the only speed bump I encountered this morning so I’ll go ahead and pick it too.

Our cartoon featured a spot-on caricature of Henry Ford. I think I’ve finally seen his likeness frequently enough to be able to recognize him at first glance! Today we see him pausing production on an automobile assembly line so he can lead a brief chat with his employees. They don’t seem to mind the interruption and it should be noted that Mr. Ford was very generous when it came time for compensating his workers. The fledgling U.S. auto industry was entirely profit-driven but Mr. Ford wanted to retain only the best employees. He increased wages for the monotonous work on his assembly lines to $5 per hour which was more than double the average auto-workers wage. He also shortened the workday from nine hours to eight which is pretty much the standard even to this day.

I thoroughly enjoyed the parade of Tin Lizzles rolling down the assembly line. It’s amazing that a few tweaks in an assembly line could cut the production time down from 12 hours and 8 minutes to a mind-boggling 1 hour and 33 minutes. The worker with the odd-colored hat received most of my attention. Maybe the colorist wanted it to be a few shades darker so that he could have the appearance of being a shift supervisor. Whatever the reason was, it worked!

The final solve was a tiny tangle of 8-letters. One glance at those double S’s made the solution self-evident and my fun for the day was through. Have a merry Monday, and I’ll see you right back here tomorrow!



11 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 02/10/2020

  1. Good morning. Not a normal Monday solve. Everything didn’t come instantly but just took less that a minute for each word. As for the cartoon answer, once I assembled all the letters on paper, the answer came after awhile. Until tomorrow stay well.

      • Ah good morning Mike. Last Monday I was enjoying a good time with family members playing bingo and the slots at Borgata. Enjoyed your post Mike. Take care.

  2. Good Morning, Everyone! A LINE or two to start the week! Have a great day! 🚘🙋🏻‍♀️

    👃🏻 Realizing there still were things that needed a TWEAK or two before the arrival of the BISHOP, they so didn’t need something SMELLY emanating from the heating vents, so they quickly decided to SLYLY ASSEMBLE and deal with the issue…👃🏻

    ♟ Wanting to play her BISHOP, she felt a tad unsure,
    She knew her game was not on point, she needed to TWEAK more
    But something was distracting her, the room was way too hot,
    And when the place turned SMELLY, she worried she’d blow her shot..
    Her opponent played real SLYLY, she was no way any match…
    She might as well resign herself…this game she’d never catch,
    Her fingers lingered way too long, and slightly showed a tremble…
    She definitely knew she needed her thoughts to ASSEMBLE…♟

  3. Good Morning, Mike! …The sole black-hatted gentleman? Notice the exaggerated eye roll? I think he was just hoping Henry’d put a CAP on it…before the workers could be DRIVEN to disTRACTION…Gave the impression that he probably felt they really couldn’t afFORD the BRAKE…😉🚘🙋🏻‍♀️

  4. Double letters galore in 2020 but no problems w the easy Monday anagrams and puzzle.Henry Ford clearly revolutionized the auto industry,as well as manufacturing in general.

  5. Slyly looked odd – yikes! No vowels. Once I figured that one out it was smooth sailing. Cartoon answer was a given. Happy Monday to all my fellow Jumblers.

    • Betty…Good Morning. Any chance you saw the Oscars? One fashionista to another…the clothes? Meh…Except for what I could count on one hand? Disappointing…The glamour’s nothing like it used to be…💃🏻😔🙋🏻‍♀️

    • Betty, I remember being taught “A, E, I, O, U and sometimes Y”, so I guess today is one of those “sometimes”!

  6. Hi all – Putting LY at the end showed SLYLY. Although SMELLY also ended in LY, I got it from the double letter trick. Just recognized BISHOP from having seen it. The assembly line and dialog showed the answer.

    Have a great day, everyone!
    The winds were so strong yesterday we had an unplanned power outage, which is actually pretty rare around here. It was only out for about 15 minutes at 3 PM, but it also knocked out the cable TV until 1 AM so I’m glad it didn’t happen *last* Sunday during the Super Bowl!

    “If the confessional became a bit SMELLY, the BISHOP would ASSEMBLE a new package and SLYLY TWEAK the setting of the Air Wick.”
    🎵”Shrimp boats are a-comin’, they’re coming right quick
    Shrimp boats are a-comin’, get out the Air Wick”🎵 😂

  7. Only one I had to cheat on was slyly only two words with those letters can you make sly and slyly. Go figure.

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