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  1. Good morning. I truly believe the boys wanted us to end the year on an upswing and feel good about ourselves because I had little trouble with this one. The cartoon answer was a blind solve it was genius how they fit the proposal in with the answer. For all of you, may you have a great New Year. Until next year stay healthy.

  2. Hi all – The last word looked like “barren” for a second, but the two ‘N’s showed banner and the rest was easy.

    Thanks Mike and Angela for another year of hard work, and Happy New Year to all of you who help start my days with a smile.

  3. We all seem to have ended the Jumble Year on a high note with an easy puzzle this morning. Wishing all of you Jumble Buddies out there a very Happy New Year!!

  4. Good Afternoon, Everyone…Wishing you all the Happiest New Year’s Eve…🎉🙋🏻‍♀️

    🎶 Baby, I never thought so much love could fit in a little band of gold… But I’m telling you, Darling…I feel it in my heart, got it in my soul…WITH THIS RING I promise I’ll always love you, always love you…WITH THIS RING…I promise I’ll always love you, always love you…🎶 “With This Ring” – The Platters 1967 https://tinyurl.com/yx7dtfqj
    💍 A BANNER day for them, I’m sure…engagement’s now all set,
    (And choosing New Year’s Eve ensures he never will forget)!
    She’ll WIPER tear away now as she begins thinking of…
    The PREFIX title Mrs…how grand to be in love…
    From now until the wedding day, it’s GRAVY hopefully,
    As things are not just me and you…’cause now it will be “we”
    So “Marry me and share my life” spoken to her so dear
    And we see them so happy as they RING IN THE NEW YEAR 💍

    Where last year we saw two women friends amongst the crowds at Times Square, discussing the merits of gloves over mittens, today we get to see a man who’s smitten! And we’re popping more than the champagne this New Year’s Eve! We get to see him pop the question…On bended knee, a ring in hand, he asks, she accepts…and our characters bring all new meaning to RING IN THE NEW YEAR! Congratulations you two!

    Some eye candy? At left, at 1500 Broadway, (the southwest corner of West 44th Street), the 3,685-square-foot “ABC Supersign”, displays the message “Welcome 2020”, in the wavy ribbons and curved tickers that it’s noted for…while across the Square at the Minsk Theater the iconic lion’s head, symbol of the Broadway hit “The Lion King” is visible..both emblazoned in gold….But it’s the main event, the Ball dropping from One Times Square, reading one minute to go until the New Year that makes this cartoon today so special. The last minute of the decade…and this guy saved it all for her…so that they can start the new decade together! What a vision…it’s 2020! 💍🙋🏻‍♀️

  5. Easy one for me except for prefix, which I had to back into.
    Wishing everyone a Happy New Year, and thanks to all for the fun times of 2019.

    • Same to you and yours, Caroline…and thanks to you for being a part of the fun! 🎉🙋🏻‍♀️

  6. Agree w the previous posts that said ” banner” was looking like ” barren”, but then we needed the n’s and not the r’s.

  7. That you, Mike, for having this site. The Holiday jumble was quite cute, and a bit on the challenging side, though not TOO difficult…
    Thank you, too, Angela, for a year of clever prose and poems, and nostalgic song choices…
    From one native New Yorker–currently far away– to another (I admit that this is an assumption), let me say I’m glad to hear that New York will be somewhat more pleasant this evening than in recent New Year’s eves past. Happy New year!

    • Thank you very much for the Shout Out, and I’m glad you enjoy what we do here. And yes, the weather tonight is wonderful…A little sporadic light rain, but definitely not lasting, and not enough to dampen anyone’s spirits. And it’s relatively warm for a New Years Eve… So weather-wise we’re blessed here in NY. And here’s to hoping the New Year brings with it many more blessings…Enjoy your night! 🍾🥂 Happy New Year! 🎉🙋🏻‍♀️

  8. So the answer is RiNG in the NEW YEAR. That’s two meanings of ring. If you use bells to welcome 2020, then the past tense is “rang”. But if you put a ring on the finger of your beloved, the past tense is “ringed”, as when we say Saturn is a ringed planet. The cartoon could have shown someone using a telescope at a skywatch showing the public Saturn through his telescope. What did he do with those who wanted to see Saturn? He RANG in the NEW YEAR; or rather, RINGED in the NEW YEAR with the ringed planet Saturn.

    • So he’s having himself a real “saturnalia”, then! And it’s fine that he’s having that Roman Christmas celebration on New Year’s, since we’ve had the Epiphany that Christmas doesn’t actually end until Jan 6!

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