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Good Morning, Everyone!

*** 🎶 I didn’t get it from my grandma’s book upon the shelf…I didn’t get it from a magical and culinary elf….No, a little birdie told me you can’t make it by yourself…And that’s the recipe for making love…🎶 “Recipe for Love” – Harry Connick, Jr    1990

*** There’s a song titled, “Recipe for Disaster”, recorded by a group called A Change of Pace, and please feel free to Google it…But I’m changing it up a bit this morning. Three reasons…One: It’s Christmas week, and I’m going for the Love and the Joy…Two: It’s Harry Connick, Jr. and Three:…Uh…It’s Harry Connick, Jr!

🍗 Like a SPIGOT from which water flows, the Holidays can DREDGE
A difference of opinion and sometimes may cause a wedge
Who’s cooking this, who’s planning that…resentment may IMPORT
And words may not be HEAVEN-sent…a lot of snide retort
But there’s no place for pettiness, this will pass I suppose,
And hopefully our women won’t some ugliness EXPOSE
Despite them being stubborn and FIERCE their stances be
Let’s hope they compromise and find a way to work as “we”
So dinner can go smoothly…no named sous chef or master…
Together in the kitchen sans a RECIPE FOR DISASTER 🍖

With our next to the last Sunday puzzle of 2019, David’s given us yet another new entry into the Wonderful World of Jumble!… SPIGOT.  When he told us a while back that he’d cooked up some new words, who knew there’d be such an outpouring? But he’s managed to tap into the dictionary once more, and dish out another! And it was the only word that caused four of the Early Birds to turn off…As for our remaining five entries, they’ve all been served up before, with just REDDEG being a repeat anagram from way, way back in May of 2008. And now…on to the main course…

Today we’ve come upon a not too merry scene. Two couples are our main characters, and the women seem to be embroiled in a bit of an argument. The men, standing in the background listening, are stating that “This is going to get ugly”, and “Same thing every year”….like it’s par for the course…And I’m thinking…Hmm. Menu‘ve heard this song before, haven’t you? And what’s the cause of all the dissension once again? Christmas Dinner! Now how fowl is that? Our woman at left, wants to trot out her turkey, while the one at right is being pig-headed about serving her ham. And what? Never the twain shall meat? Sure we all favor our own recipes…but they shouldn’t be arguing over something like this…Especially at Christmas…They should just do what we do in my family…make both! That weigh everybody’s happy…and you avoid a RECIPE FOR DISASTER!  And there you go…vain and simple!

Eye candy? We have two minor characters, (no pun intended), teenaged boys, off to the left of the panel, playing a video game that has them racing cars. A wreath with a red bow hangs on the wall to the right of the screen. There’s a Christmas tree displayed in the room, with a red and black skirt below it. Jeff threw a little whimsy in here with his dialogue mentioning “ugly”, because even though it referred to the situation brewing between the women, it also describes the sweaters worn by them. They’re both decked out in ugly Christmas sweaters. The pullover at left is faced with a huge wreath, adorned with a red bow, and has turned back cuffs with sprigs of holly, while the cardigan at right displays a downhill sledder, a snowman, and cuffs knitted with pine trees. But I’m going with the drinks being imbibed by the men. A can of beer and scotch on the rocks…They’re well prepared. So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone…and remember. The only thing that should be heating up in a Christmas kitchen is the food….🍗🍖🙋🏻‍♀️




5 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 12/22/2019

  1. Good morning. My choice for hardest word would be Spigot. Yes, the very first word that took forever to finally sink in. The cartoon answer took less time to obtain once I looked at the letters. Because it was cleaver maybe that’s why it was easy. Thanks Angela for the extra jumble. I will take a crack at it later. Until tomorrow stay well.

  2. Hi all – IMPORT and SPIGOT both took me extra time, and I’d say SPIGOT was the hardest. The dialog showed RECIPE FOR, and the letters gave the word they wanted.
    The cartoon reminded me of what’s going on in the “Sally Forth” comic strip, where Ted’s mother arrived for a visit and immediately “reorganized” Sally’s kitchen. Not a good omen.

    I see that the Solstice was last night, so happy first day of winter everyone, to which we used to say back East, “WINNAH? Didn’t that start like three months ago?”

    Angela, “embroiled” gave me a laugh, and also an extra chuckle because, from your previous holiday cooking stories, I suspected you might say ‘just make both’! 😂

    “IMPORT a cured Irish ham, give it a FIERCE washing under a high-pressure SPIGOT to EXPOSE any contaminants, DREDGE the slices in flour and spices, and bake them to create either a taste of HEAVEN or a RECIPE FOR DISASTER”.

  3. Import was the word that took me the longest to solve this morning – doesn’t seem like it should have been that difficult. Got the cartoon answer without much pondering. No problems in our family with holiday dinners. We all bring something and folks just eat away happily.

  4. 🚰 Because of the FIERCE flow from the SPIGOT, she decided to EXPOSE the pipes, and was heard to say aloud…”My HEAVEN, these companies IMPORT the worst pipes they can DREDGE up…and it’s all a RECIPE FOR DISASTER”! 🚰

    📦 He worked in IMPORT/Export, a business that was FIERCE,
    And often heard a story of a shipment being pierced…
    A crate that was marked SPIGOT, once opened did EXPOSE
    A ton of paper and just one too common garden hose…
    They’d have to DREDGE thru invoices that piled close to HEAVEN
    Before they could determine who approved it…maybe Kevin?
    Somebody’s to be liable….and hopefully they’d deter
    A reoccurrence of this RECIPE FOR DISASTER 📦🙋🏻‍♀️

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