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Happy Wednesday, everyone! Day #3 of Guest Jumbler week brings us a panel from cartoonist John Hambrock. Mr. Hambrock is the creative talent behind the comic strip “The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee” and it follows the hilarious hijinks of a 10-year-old boy genius named Edison. Although we don’t see him today, he’s often accompanied by his lab assistant Joules who is a talking rat. I’ve read this particular strip quite a few times, but it’s unfortunately not carried in my daily newspaper. If you’d like to read more, you can check out the daily strip right here.

There weren’t any new clue words this morning, but two of the anagrams are coming up as such. Both SOEGO and GLUNEO were scrambled just enough to make them fresh, but in the end, all of today’s words have been used in various months of this year. I didn’t find any of them particularly challenging which is quite unusual since the Jumble puzzle tends to increase in difficulty by this point in the week. My hopes of a brain-teasing finish rested solely in the hands of Mr. Hambrock’s main character, Edison Lee.

Today’s panel shows young Edison standing on a ladder and he can be seen opening a valve that’s attached to a gas cylinder. The cylinder is labeled “He” which in the periodic table of elements is the symbol for helium. You didn’t need to be a genius to figure this out as the cartoon sentence handled all of the science-y stuff for us. The cylinder has a long piece of tubing attached to it and we see it leading into a window on the third story of the home. Edison’s dialogue unveiled his intentions, but I think he’s going to need a bigger tank if he truly wants to try and get the house to take flight.  Even though Edison’s desired effect is highly improbable, I found the cartoon to be entertaining, and dare I say it, quite uplifting!

The final solve was an anagram consisting of 10-letters. It was the shortest solution so far this week, but the layout was cryptic enough that it kept the answer well hidden. The cartoon showed a large HOUSE so it was only logical that I found that word first. LIGHT was easily discovered in the remaining letters to bring this puzzle to a close.

You can view what Davd & Jeff had to say about today’s guest over on their Facebook page, and while you’re there be sure to like and follow them so you never miss a Jumble related announcement. Have a wonderous Wednesday, and I’ll see you right back here for day #4 tomorrow!





15 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 11/20/2019

  1. Good morning. Another easy breezy jumble today. Now I can sit down and read the paper with breakfast. Until tomorrow stay well.

  2. The old baseball fan used to THRIVE on listening to his favorite team on the radio and then SHOVE his favorite LOUNGE chair around the room while hoping his team’s pitcher could toss GOOSE eggs at the opponent.

  3. I also kept my “ion” the prize .Being Thomas Edison ,light was a given in the puzzle answer.Visiting the Thomas Edison property and museum in Fort Myers,Fla was a good experience,particularly learning about his friendships with Henry Ford and Firestone.

  4. 🦆When the GOOSE got loose in the LOUNGE of the LIGHT HOUSE, and they were unsure how long it could THRIVE running amok, they were determined to get it back into its cage by any means possible…even drugging it, if push came to SHOVE…🦆

    💡She bought herself a GOOSE neck lamp, convenient that is was,
    She used the den to LOUNGE around, until she heard the buzz…
    She’d never THRIVE with such a sound…she thought the lamp she’d SHOVE
    Back in its box and go back to the light from up above..
    But still the desk seemed dark to her…she thought as she did grouse…
    Why did she choose the woods to live? She needed a LIGHT HOUSE 💡🙋🏻‍♀️

  5. Hi all – Another easy one. Trying “TH” gave THRIVE, but the “UN” trick didn’t work for LOUNGE, at least in the usual sense of putting UN first. The answer was pretty obvious – anybody else think of beginning of the movie “UP”?

    For an even bigger effect, Edison could have used hydrogen, but would have had to be careful not to come anywhere near a LIGHTER.

    From quark and ion, I see you found the puzzle PARTICLE-ularly ELEMENT-ary, Mike!

    Have a great day, everyone!

    “If the GOOSE thought he was going to THRIVE in the park’s visitor center’s LOUNGE, he was soon corrected by a quick SHOVE out the door”. (I actually saw this at my local supermarket when one of the Canada geese that hang around Lake Merritt wandered in the door and stood by the checkout counters.)

    • Hi, Steve! I was never a big fan of chemistry and the other molecular sciences during my school years. Instead, I opted to take anatomy & physiology courses and found myself grossly unprepared when they seated me in all AP programs. None of the credits ending up being accepted by my college and all I was left with was an excellent mark despite the crushing workload. Live and learn, I guess! 🙂

      I’ve seen birds flying around in grocery stores and Walmart, but a goose standing at the checkout counter is a new one. I bet all the patrons stopped for a gander! 🤦🏼‍♂️

      • I was in our local Walgreens Store one day and heard a quacking sound coming from an adjacent aisle. Thinking it was probably some type of a toy I walked around the corner and there was a woman talking to a pet duck. It wasn’t on a leash or anything but just followed her around the store. They waited in the checkout line and then just left the store….only in San Francisco!

        • Funny one Betty! I could see it happening in Berkeley or Oakland also. I’ve see parrots in child’s strollers, but not in a store.

      • Good one! The goose didn’t have any money, but he left a deposit anyway, much to the manager’s chagrin!

        Same here with the AP courses. For all the extra workload, all it did was take me out of my age group and let me finish high school a bit early, but then I had to wait the extra months for college to start in the fall anyway. Not really worth it.

  6. Another easy breezy one today. Agree with you, Mike, not a good idea to read the news while eating breakfast or any other meal for that matter. There doesn’t seem to be much good news – although maybe the comics are an exception. Hope all of you have a good Wednesday.

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