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Happy Thursday, Jumble friends! You’d think this guy would’ve been using his back-up camera while pulling out of his parking space. Most newer cars have this safety feature and it’s one that I’ve come to rely upon pretty heavily over the last couple of years.

The NHTSA did an effectiveness study on back-up cameras a couple of years ago and found that cameras have more than doubled in vehicles manufactured between 2008 and 2011. Injuries sustained from accidents went down 8% (13,000 to 12,000) and it’s a good start, but it almost always boils down to driver inattention being the culprit.

There are so many creative ways to warn people of the dangers of cell phone use while driving, and some of my favorites are “Honk if you love Jesus, text while driving if you want to meet him” and “Texting while driving is a grave mistake.” I have no doubt that humans are capable of doing several functions at once, but it’s our bandwidth problem that always gets us. Until technology advances to the point where we solve the problem of using our fingers and thumbs to input data, there will always be those lost seconds where an accident can occur. The only option until then is to just put down our phones. Such an easy fix!

David brought the new clue word tally for the week up to six by adding SNARL and CHUBBY into the lineup. Surprisingly, UDDER was my “slow word” this morning and it took a few extra glances (no pun intended!) before coming into view. The last time we saw it was on 7/22/17 and it was scrambled the same way as today.

Today’s cartoon, although tragic because of the accident, had some pretty funny details to lighten the mood. The operator of “MY TOY” looks shocked as he surveys the damage to his vehicle. We see his license plate hanging off the rear bumper and a bunch of debris on the pavement. The fellow that he hit, who reminds me of a giant gorilla that I wouldn’t want to tangle with, is somehow maintaining his composure despite the circumstance. He has a pair of baby shoes hanging from his rear view mirror and thankfully it appears as though the child who owns them wasn’t in the car. He was driving a Jumble car, as indicated by the “J” on the front bumper, and I hear their safety record is second to none! My favorite detail was so tiny that I’m almost positive you overlooked it. Take a gander at the vehicle parked parallel to MY TOY. On the rear window is a cling of a stick figure family. Now that was an impressive detail, Jeff!

The final solve was an anagram consisting of 10-letters. The layout was phenomenal and didn’t give anything away. After looking at the letters for a minute or so I found STRUCK which left DUMB to pop out at me. I always thought that it was a compound word, but a quick check of the dictionary showed that the guys were right on the ball! Have a terrific Thursday, and I’ll see you right back here tomorrow.





19 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 11/07/2019

  1. Good Morning, Mike and Everyone…
    Ok, here’s the thing…My song?…It’s got cars, he mentions a phone, and WRECK…there’s CRASH in the title…and it’s just what STRUCK me first…But TBT? I look for any excuse to get a look at Luke Bryan…

    🎶If you wanna call me, call me, call me you don’t have to worry ’bout it Baby..You can wake me up in the dead of the night; WRECK my plans, BABY that’s alright…This is a drop everything kind of thing…Swing on by I will pour you a drink….The door’s unlocked. I’ll leave on the lights…Baby you can CRASH my party anytime🎶…”Crash My Party” – Luke Bryan 2013

    🚗 The traffic SNARL has blocked their way, they can’t get down the street,
    The couple going to MARKET may have met up with defeat…
    No dialogue is spoken by the two the crash involved…
    But the woman who’s now put out feels that she’s got it all solved.
    She’s saying he was on his phone…and therefore failed to look,
    “An UDDER shame“ her partner says…(he don’t speak by the book)
    And now they’ll miss the two-hour deal the gym had advertised…
    “CHUBBY? Check ‘Er right off the list…we’ll help you exercise…”
    So…everyone’s upset we see, they all seem out of luck…
    But who’s just dumb and who’s the one who’s really been DUMBSTRUCK? 🚗

    We know as a rule the word couldn’t be used in the dialogue, but I would have loved to see the guy with the front-end damage speaking on the phone, saying..”I’ll be late..I was hit by a dummy… yeah, a CRASH DUMMY”.🤦🏻‍♀️…But that’s just me…(and maybe a future puzzle)! Have a great day, Everyone…And don’t allow yourself to be DRIVEN to disTRACTION…Think about what you’re doing…that mirror’s there for REFLECTION…🚗🙋🏻‍♀️

  2. 🐄 He was new, and a little DUMBSTRUCK, so he didn’t know all that much about a cow’s UDDER, but he thought the animal didn’t look CHUBBY enough, and wondered if it would SNARL things up when it came time to bring it to MARKET…🐄

  3. Good morning. No problem with the words but gave up on the cartoon answer. Enjoyed the song video Angela. As always until tomorrow take care.

  4. The people at the MARKET were DUMBSTRUCK about the SNARL in the line at the checkout aisle which they discovered was created by a CHUBBY teenager telling jokes about a cow’s UDDER.

    • LOL! …And then when he started telling all his UDDER jokes…he really caused a scene! 👏🏻👏🏻Too funny, Chuck! 🚗🙋🏻‍♀️

  5. What STRUCK me most, was that usually in a situation like this, especially if you’re alone, you jump right out of your car after impact, without much thinking…And our guy here did so with his phone STILL in his hand…So the woman’s probably right. Guilty…and dumb! He definitely needs a CRASH course in common sense! 🚗🙋🏻‍♀️

    • Good observation! If he can think fast enough, he’ll try to bluff by saying “I grabbed the phone to take pictures of the damage” and hope the reply isn’t “You want damage? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!”

    • Clay…One of the interactive games that my Apple device does allow, left out the space for the R, so the answer showed as DUMBSTUCK…And it congratulated me for solving correctly! LOL! …Dumb seems to be the running theme today! 😂🙋🏻‍♀️

  6. I too paused at udder, thinking that the cartoon answer might end in ed. However, I was able to get all the answers though I did need paper and pencil to accomplish that task. Happy Thursday to all.

  7. Hi all – Despite the double letter trick, the second word took me the longest, and then I was UDDERly stumped by the answer. My first guess was “ir-REVERSE-ible”, but that didn’t fit the answer’s letters or length. The closest I could get for words in the answer were BUMPER and then appropriately enough, I actually saw DUMB TRUCK without catching on to the solution (Duh).

    Mike, I discovered when I went from a 1990 CRX to a 2015 CRZ that the backup cameras are not just handy but almost essential because the visibility in newer cars is often so much worse due to the ‘rising beltline’ styling making the back windows smaller and the pillars being thicker to accommodate airbags.

    Have a great day everyone!

    Ok, what the heck, here goes: “He had never heard a cow SNARL before, but when it happened while preparing this CHUBBY one for MARKET, he realized he needed to find some UDDER balm, stat!”

    • I agree we had a 2011 Buick Lacrosse that was a great car,but the rear window visibility was atrocious .Now our current cars,a ’16 Cadillac XTS and ’17 Cadillac CT6, each have a back up camera that readily solves the rear visibility problems.

      • There’s always that one other “solution” I heard Chuck – “I’m old. I just back up until I hear a ‘CRUNCH’. “ 😂

        • Like Ed Crankshaft, who was the first cartoon featured in last years “Guest Jumbler Week”. 11/12…”Crankshaft” by Tom Batiuk and Dan Davis. He drives a School Bus…and he’s constantly backing up into his neighbors’ mail box!

          “Neighbor George Keesterman’s mailbox gets destroyed on a daily basis by the school bus (although some strips have George Keesterman saving his mail box in time)”🙋🏻‍♀️

        • I can’t get a link to work to show the cartoon. But it was of Ed and his neighbor, George, and the ubiquitous smashed mailbox. 🙋🏻‍♀️

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