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Good Saturday morning, my friends!  There’s no better way to start the day than with a Jumble puzzle and a cup of coffee, so let’s get right down to business.  Excellent word choices today with UDDER giving me pause right from the start.  After thinking about it for a few seconds, it finally came to me and I finished the remaining words without any trouble.  The cartoon answer came instantly and I didn’t even need to write out the clue letters.  I had to laugh when I noticed the forklift in the background carrying five cushions as it was the same amount of cushions the woman with the hand truck had!  I’ll zoom in on the vending machine when the puzzle is published online to see if Jeff left us any Jumble treats.  Have a super Saturday and I’ll see you tomorrow.  🙂


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  1. Good morning. After bailing out yesterday for the answer. I wasn’t going that route today. Both the words and cartoon answer was solved rather quickly. All this before I even had a cup of coffee. Now I can settle down with my cereal with blueberries,strawberries and banana. Have a great day and stay well.

  2. 🎶”Workin’ 9 to 5, What a way to make a livin’, Barely gettin’ by, It’s all takin’ and no givin’. It’s a rich man’s game, No matter what they call it. And you spend you life puttin’ money in his wallet…”🎶
    The old 9 to 5, the J-O-B…
    Cute theme for today’s puzzle! Let’s get right to WORK!
    Today’s words aren’t the usual FLUFF! They may have caused a bit of OVER TIME! Let’s be honest hAIR, how UDDERly ridiculous is UDDER? I mean, unless you’re discussing livestock, when would this word come up? Uh,… “I left it in my UDDER pants”? IDK, I have a feeling it may have caused a little TUG on the brain GELS! And then there’s JACKAL, a word to make you cry WOLF! BISHOP, another word you don’t hear RELIGIOUSLY, which brings us to SOGGY. SOGGY they weren’t all this simple. They’re not hard words, by no means, but put all together, today they SERTAnly made us EARN our keep. STAND UP JOB, Dave! Our cartoon: A CUSHION Factory! WHOOPEE! I can’t reCOIL seeing this before, it’s good STUFF! It’s a COLD HARD fact, that we’re all aCUSHtomed to buying CUSHIONS and PILLOWS, right? I got some cute Corduroy ones that could make “head lines”. DOWN right adorable! They’d TURN your head; you’d FLIP over them! Oh, the cartoon. Sorry, once again, I lost my sense of DECORum! So, Jeff’s showing us two women, (blondes, in blue WORK shirts), one WORKing HARD, the other hardly WORKing! This is the fantasy JOB! Testing CUSHIONS? Far as JOBS go, this one SITS right up there at the top! COUCH me in! Who doesn’t SQUISH they could PIN DOWN a SOFT JOB like this, am I right? EaSEALY! Ok, the wording: Just enough to PLUMP UP our interest! The JOB is just plain CUSHY! Thank you, Jeff, you THREW us an easy solve! Another FEATHER in your cap! The eye candy? A few choices. The forklift, the hand truck…(strangely holding the same number of CUSHIONS)! BUTT, it’s a TOSS up today between the guy on the COUCH and the vending machine. (I can’t help BUTT wonder though…If the women’s the Quality Control person, what’d you figure his JOB title is? LAYman? FOAMan? Whatever it is, I’m convinced he’s got the BEDder JOB)! Anyway, I think I’ll put my money on (in?)the vending machine, it’s a SLOT cuter!
    So, Saturday! How about THROWing CUSHION to the wind, and not just SITTING this one out? Carpe diem, Everyone! Enjoy!! 🛋 🙋🏻

  3. Always enjoy easy solve puzzle on Saturdays. Knew answer and quickly solved clue words. Have a wonderful weekend and stay cool!🌞

  4. To escape the JACKAL’s attack, the BISHOP’s prize cow trotted into the SOGGY bog and her udder remained intact.
    Easy solve today and no writing instrument needed. I worried a little about composing a sentence with the word UDDER in it but decided if the puzzle makers can use it as a clue word I can find a way to keep it PG rated.
    Good weekend everyone.🐄 🐾

    • Good morning, Earl. I was wondering the same thing! BUTT as usual, you’re spot on! And I like your emojis! Have a wonderful day. Keep cool! 😉🙋🏻

  5. Hey Mike, For some reason, the THREADS off on my end. Need to check my settings. And, I like how you got DOWN to business this morning!..🛋 🙋🏻

  6. Yup, I really looked forward to Earl’s sentence today.
    Udder also cause a slight pause, and then BOPISH? Like, just sort of jazzy? Nope, bishop and the puzzle came quickly.

    Off topic, I had a question for the new press secretary after he got a load of Twitter this morning:

    🎵”I see a little silhouetto of a man,
    Scaramucci, Scaramucci, can you do the Fandango?” 🎵

    • 1- Off topic doesn’t go here..
      2- it’s only been 1 day…Pleeeeeesae don’t start with the Scaramucci Saga. Please…😬

      • I wanted Lelia to see it, because we’ve been having a Queen conversation for awhile now. And it’s Sat afternoon; “nobody here but us chickens”. 🙋🏻‍♂️

  7. Hi, Mike et al!! Instant cartoon solve & 3 easy words, but BISHOP appeared soon.
    I, too, wondered what our “sentence man, Earl” would do with UDDER, but he did a good job, as usual.
    Mike, loved your cheerful comments, as usual. You make me wish I drank coffee, but I settle for the Jumble & orange juice mixed with ginger ale along with egg, bacon, strawberry oatmeal, & sometimes hash browns.

  8. Thank you! We had trouble with “Bishop”, tho we already had figured out the answer.

  9. Steve, thank you for Tex Beneke singing Chattanooga Choo Choo with Glen Miller, pronouncing it correctly & not like a red neck. When I tried Little Feat, it told me “You Tube only.” My daughter is going to teach me how to access You Tube & she wants me on Face Book. We’ll see.
    Loved the whole article “India musician plays guitar during brain surgery.” Wow!
    I took guitar lessons about 30 years ago but haven’t opened my guitar case in years.
    I’m going to look up Scaramucci right now.

    • H Lelia – Just dig out your sheet music to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody again!

  10. Steve, your “Scaramucci, Scaramucci, will you do the Fandango,” was right on. I missed his talk yesterday so have only read about our new Communicator, but I read that Queen Fans are having a ball with his name. Thanks for including me in the fun.

    • Now that I’ve gone online, I see you’re right; it was that obvious (obviously). For me and the other Queen fans, it must be another case of “mediocre minds thinking alike!” But I do think it puts me in good company, along with you and your daughters.
      Have a great evening!

  11. Not to be a little picky, but I think the answer should have been COMFY JOB, since cushion was used in the puzzle and sounds so close to cushy. Is there another name for a cushion that could have been used in the puzzle instead?

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