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Happy Wednesday, Jumble friends. If you have the need for speed, you’ve gotta pay the price. No free rides allowed! It’s important to note that a toll is a user fee and not a tax. If you don’t use the toll roads, you don’t have to pay. I guess it all comes down to how quickly (and efficiently) you need to get to your final destination.

There weren’t any new clue words in the mix this morning, but we did have a couple of “old-d’s” to play with. CAMEO and DUPLEX were last seen in 2017 while the other two popped up earlier this year. CAMEO was by far the hardest for me to decipher so it’ll be my pick for today’s most difficult anagram. It was also the only repeat anagram in the group with an appearance on the calendrical anomaly of 9/9/09.

The setting for today’s panel was a toll booth where we see a couple of workers discussing traffic counts. The woman on the left, identified as Ann by her name tag, has processed 500 cars while the unnamed woman on the right has been a bit busier with a total of 510. My favorite part of the cartoon had to be the unenthusiastic look on Ann’s face. She’s in no rush to take the commuters money and looks very bored. Automation of the toll booth will no doubt come along at some point, but for right now, Ann seems to be milking the clock for all it’s worth!

The final solve was an anagram consisting of 9-letters. Yesterday’s layout had four D’s while today we see four L’s. The big hint for me were the words “turnpike workers”. TOLL came instantly to mind with ALL and the -ED suffix to finish it off. Have a wonderful Wednesday, and be sure to slow down for those trick-or-treaters over the next couple of nights!







18 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 10/30/2019

  1. Good morning. Another slam dunk. No problem with either the words or cartoon answer. Until tomorrow stay well.

  2. L’s were wild this morning with 4 in the group of letters.Toll in the solution was a given,so the all tolled answer came easier than the anagrams,like cameo and duplex.On a wintery note,snow and ice have arrived in W Central Illinois.

  3. TYLLEA – I was stuck between LATELY and TALLEY but soon saw LATELY had to be correct. Today’s jumble was much easier than Tuesday’s which I never solved myself.

  4. Good Morning, Mike and Everyone! Today’s puzzle hardly took a TOLL…Easy, breezy…And here’s to a great day! 🚗🙋🏻

    🎭Settling on the site of the new DUPLEX apartments to film the CAMEO appearances of the veteran actresses, they draped the atrium in LILAC, the trendiest color LATELY, and ALL TOLLED it was a wise decision…🎭

    🏢The latest bidder on the job, a real Johnny come LATELY,
    He hoped he’d get the contract for he needed money greatly…
    A new DUPLEX community right in the heart of town,
    He visualized the landscaping, with LILAC trees abound.
    His Mother’s lucky CAMEO he carried in his pocket,
    And nervously awaited ‘till the job came on the docket…
    And as the bidding started and he watched it all unfold…
    He confidently spoke his piece…prepared he was ALL TOLLED 🏢

  5. 🌎 FYI: For those of our readers who play David’s WORD SEARCH WORLD TRAVELER Game, the update has gone live and more than 100 new puzzles have been added. Be sure to update your App to add even more fun to an already fantastic game!🌏🙋🏻

  6. Hi all – LATELY would have taken much longer without the standard trick of putting LY at the end. The first two words took the longest – just happened to try CAM and saw CAMEO, and finally got LILAC after seeing ALICE and CILIA.
    I did think ‘TOLL’ in the answer, but had to write the letters to see all those L’s and get ALL-TOLLED.

    Mike, you made me laugh with CONVERTIBLE in the voting.
    Nice sentences Angela, and the emojis were a nice touch – I liked the comedy/tragedy masks!

    I’ve driven on many a toll road back East, but California has been blissfully free of them until last few years, when they started handing out transponders that let you use the HOV (high-occupancy vehicle) lanes if you want to pay an extra fee that varies with the traffic and time of day.

    Have a great day, everyone! Here’s to a great game 7 in what’s been a weird and exciting World Series.

    “She realized that ALL-TOLLED, the price of antique jewelry had risen so much LATELY that she could afford to buy a DUPLEX if she sold her great-grandmother’s LILAC CAMEO”.

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