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Happy Tuesday, everyone! It looks like a lot of folks are getting tripped up by the final answer this morning. There were plenty of clues to help figure it out, but you had to pay attention to the deetails to pull it off. Let’s first take a look at our anagrams before we dig a bit deeper into our deelightful cartoon.

There weren’t any surprises when it came to our lineup. All of the words have been used before, but all of the anagrams were new. The “double letter trick” was in full effect with three of the anagrams containing similar letters. If you’re not familiar with this Jumble hack, I’ll take a moment to briefly bring you up to speed.

Take a look at our third anagram, UDRRED. Notice that there are two D’s and two R’s in the layout. The “double letter trick” works by coupling similar letters (in this case the D’s) and separating already joined letters (the R’s). So, in this case, you’d want to start thinking of words that have two D’s as opposed to two R’s. It doesn’t always work, but if you find yourself stuck on a particular word with similar letters, it doesn’t hurt to give it a shot!

Today’s panel was unique in that it relied upon the personification of the letter D rather than our usual cast of Jumble characters that we know and love. In the middle of the panel is our main character, a large D. It’s surrounded by smaller letters that comment upon its stylistic evolution over the years. If you look closely at our main character, you probably noticed that it has serifs, or small strokes, at the top, middle and bottom. These lines have all but disappeared over time and have resulted in letters that are cleaner looking but lack style and character. This exchange of dialogue was our first major clue, but it may have slipped under your radar if you weren’t familiar with the definition of sans serif.

The final solve was an anagram consisting 13-letters. If the enormous length of the layout wasn’t enough of a challenge, there were two words in quotes that also had to be dealt with. David graciously kept all of the D’s situated together which made me think that the single letter in both quotes was a D. When I stumbled upon OLD it was game over and the rest of the answer flowed with ease.

In my opinion, today’s puzzle was the hardest we’ve had in a couple of weeks, so pat yourself on the back if you managed to figure it out. If you stumbled, there’s no shame in that, and you’ll have a chance to redeem yourself on the next one! Have a terrific Tuesday, and I’ll see you right back here tomorrow.





26 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 10/29/2019

  1. Good Morning, Mike and Everyone! How FONTastic is this puzzle!…Re-WRITING the SCRIPT?…Where do we DRAW the LINE? Have a great day, Everyone! And let’s all mind our “P”s and “Q”s…🔠🙋🏻

    🎶 Those OLDIES but GOODIES reminds me of you…The songs of the past bring back memories of you…I’ll always remember the first night we met…The songs they were playing I never will forget… Those OLDIES but GOODIES reminds me of you…🎶 “Those Oldies But Goodies” – Little Caesar and the Romans. 1961 https://tinyurl.com/n56fbrf

    🔠 A showcase of the letter “D”, (doubled up in today’s words)…
    As kids we learned the Alphabet, our second year or third…
    The alpha to OMEGA, but Greek we didn’t do…
    Such pride we had when reaching “Z”…we said it all way through.
    We learned as if a ROBOT, perhaps singing the song,
    And each letter was memorized it didn’t take that long.
    How clever David’s aDDed two “D”s in today’s words…
    You know he did it purposely…the man’s a true word nerd!
    A RUDDER helps a ship sail, and CUDDLE makes me smile,
    The double “D”s a great sound…and very versatile…
    Our “D” today all fancy and proud of his serif, **
    And speaking of, I’m sure you’ve heard about the major diff?
    Ironically the internet’s ablaze with a new tune,
    Where LMN cuts off the line…it’s definitely to ruin…
    The song we all grew up with…to 🎶Twinkle Little Star🎶
    And now someone’s decided he’ll take it a bit too far…
    The second link I’ve aDDed here…for sure you’re ‘gonna balk..
    Cringe-worthy just to listen to and much worse trying to talk…
    New “doesn’t” mean improvement…and I’m sure that they will see…
    A letter can be sacred…The “OLD-D” BUT A “GOOD-D”! 🔠

    ** https://tinyurl.com/y5kq9mdm

    https://tinyurl.com/y3ssode7 The new…and horrendous…
    https://tinyurl.com/lgsh8s6 …And Alphabets for the rest of us!

  2. 📚 After watching him try to adjust the RUDDER earlier, she had to face the fact that he was an OMEGA male, and decided that tonight she’d rather CUDDLE up with the book about the ROBOT, an OLDIE BUT A GOODIE…📚

    🚤 He called it his OMEGA…he’d had it up to here,
    This time the RUDDER’s going… it’s just too much to bear…
    He knew he’d miss to CUDDLE with his girl upon the sea,
    But he feels like a ROBOT always shelling out money…
    He’ll sell the boat and walk away, though always he’ll love She,
    But going broke he won’t for the OLDIE BUT A GOODIE..🚤 🙋🏻

  3. Good morning. No problem with the words but when it came time for the cartoon answer I didn’t hesitate to fold immediately without even trying for thirty seconds. Now that I see the answer the guys nailed it with a clever remark. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • No need to feel dee-pressed, Paul! It was a mighty long layout and the quotations made it extremely difficult to get words started.
      You’re 100% correct when you said that it was clever though. I imagine David’s inbox will be chock-full of complaints from folks that were stymied by the finish. Keep smiling, my friend, and enjoy your day! 🙂

  4. Hi all – Yes Mike, the first thing I noticed was the double letter trick working on ROBOT, CUDDLE and twice on RUDDER (I actually saw UDDER before RUDDER). I got the answer from the letter layout and the excess of ‘D’s.
    Love the ‘None of DEE above’ choice in the voting.

    The only place I see those old-fashioned letters is on newspaper mastheads and Detroit Tigers uniforms. Since it’s in a cartoon, I would say that they’re discussing Comic Sans, but I know how much Jeff hates that font. (Didn’t Bob Marley hate it also? – 🎵”I shot the serif, but I did not shoot the deputy”🎵

    You beat me to the song, Angela. I was going to dedicate it to Paul who loves the classic oldies, and to your grocery store. 😂
    I hadn’t heard anything about the alphabet song and I can’t get the link to play (probably something on my end), but maybe it’s just as well left unheard.

    Have a great day, everyone!

    “The nerd programmer felt his life’s path was like a ship without a RUDDER until he achieved the Alpha and OMEGA of his dreams by building a ROBOT girlfriend to CUDDLE.”

    • LOL! I shot the serif is golden! 👏🏻👏🏻 One of the Lou’s used it one night when we were doing “Bobs” and we all threw in the towel after that. He won the night hands down. It’s a definite keeper! And as the song choice? What choice? If I didn’t go with that, I’d have had to turn in my card! 😂😂. You know Shop Rite changed up on their music for awhile…but there must have been complaints, because it wasn’t too long after that they switched it back. There’s a lot to be said about each decades music, but for some reason that one seems to remain a constant…Wishing you a great day too, Steve! 🔠🙋🏻

    • Steve. The new Alphabet song. If you Google it, it’s all over the place. On the news too, yesterday and again this morning. 🔠🙋🏻

  5. Good one Chuck. Today’s answer was a total zonk for me. I got the A but that’s about it. Now in referring back to my notes (yes I had to resort to paper and pencil) I did get old d but for some reason couldn’t connect the rest of it. Good mental work out this morning. Happy Tuesday to all.

    • Hope things are going well by you, Betty. The news this morning said they’re looking at tens of thousands more power outages. I hope you’ll be spared, 🙏🏻🙋🏻

      • Thank you for your good thoughts, Angela. So far San Francisco has been spared the power outages though my particular area was very crowded with people from Marin County where the power was shut off. The gas stations were jammed – very long lines and our local Safeway was very busy as well. My poor cousins who lost their home in Santa Rosa two years ago were on evacuation alert from the place they’re renting while their new home is being built. They’ll come to my home if necessary. There’s one more predicted “wind event” later today and tomorrow and then hopefully the firefighters will be able to get a better handle on the fire and no more outages will be necessary. Keep you fingers crossed.

        • You’re sincerely welcome, Betty. I can’t even begin to imagine what you’re all going through. The news footage is devastating. I keep thinking of how once, years ago, the home next door to my Mother caught fire, and they told her that she might have to evacuate. And I never forget her calling me to go there (she was still well then and didn’t live with me) to help her decide what she should grab to “save”. And all I kept thinking was…”Are you kidding me? A lifetime of belongings and memories…where does one even begin”? But that was nothing in comparison to this. This, the magnitude of this is beyond belief. My heart goes out to your cousins. I can’t fathom going through it once, let alone twice. My prayers are with them. You know this morning, the newscasters kept saying that LeBron James had to evacuate. They must have said it every hour. And all I could think was, as much as you hate to see anyone suffer a loss, memories aside, at least this man has the wherewithal to recover financially, But the multitude of people who may never…that’s what’s heartbreaking and haunting. And then I felt guilty for judging. It’s a Catch 22. Anyway, as I mentioned last time, if your cousins are in need, and there’s a GoFund Me page, please let me know. Stay well, be careful. And yes, fingers crossed 🤞🏻🙏🏻 🙋🏻

  6. I got the solution, but it took awhile. Two big clues were that the phrase was pretty preceded by “an”, so 1st word would start with a vowel, and 3rd word had just one letter, so it had to be the “a”. Then I put “d”s after every apostrophe.

  7. Hi Everyone –
    It took a while, but I got the answer after inserting a, but and d’s. I did have to look up the meaning of sans serif. A bit of a mental stretch but I liked it.
    Sorry to hear, Betty and Steve, about all the trouble in California. I wish that more – much more – was being done about global warming.

    • Thanks Caroline, and I agree. I’ve been lucky personally to be in the right place, but so many aren’t so fortunate.

    • Thanks, Caroline and Amen to your thoughts about global warming. So far we too have been spared in San Francisco but so many of our neighbors tio the north haven’t.

  8. Omega stumped me and the solve completely
    eluded me. Welcome to Thursday? Friday?
    Certainly not Tuesday! Yes I know it’s almost tomorrow, but I was not just going to surrender, I gave it 8hrs.

  9. I could relate to the answer which took me all day to figure out. I’m 68 years old. Enough said!

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