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Good Morning, Everyone!



🎶 You go to my HEAD and you linger like a HAUNTING refrain…And I find you spinning ’round in my BRAIN…Like the bubbles in a glass of champagne. The thrill of the thought that you might give a thought to my plea CAST A SPELL over me…Still I say to myself get a hold of yourself…Can’t you see that it never can be…Though I’m certain that this heart of mine hasn’t a GHOST of a chance in this crazy romance…You go to my HEAD… “You Go To My Head” -Miss Ella Fitzgerald (circa 1940’s)

🎃 A character we’ve come to see so many times so far,
Today the Headless Horseman we meet sitting in a bar…
Though way back then a tavern is the name by which it went,
I wonder did the patrons still DELUGE owners and vent.
The place looks kind of seedy, HIGHLY esteemed not around,
The clientele the ELDEST type most likely do abound,
But just the same they seem to recognize their fellow sots,
And we hear them discussing who’s the have and who’s the nots.
I see no sign of snacks at all…TOMATO chips or seeds,
I guess they just go chew the fat, and consume all their mead…
Quite CANDID with each other, the Horseman’s being praised,
Despite his stature reduced since he’s no head to be raised.
We see him humbly take his due…and soon he‘ll go outside
To venture off and GYRATE headlessly keeping a stride.
The tale of Sleepy Hollow once again is Jumble read…
And we see that our man, hasn’t LET IT GO TO HIS HEAD!🎃

**With a nod of the HEAD to Graham Kerr….here’s what David’s cooked up for us this morning…
None of our six words are new, and they’ve definitely covered a lot of ground over the years. Having seen them all many times over, we go back to 201I with DELUGE, and have seen our most recent entry with HIGHLY. And while I stopped counting somewhere near 30, none of today’s anagrams have been used before. So, a definite nod of the HEAD to David too…And with just the slightest bit of a turn at GYRATE, the Early Birds all rode off into the sunrise with nary a care…That said…SADDLE up, Jumblers, full STEED ahead…

So, once again today, we find ourselves in Sleepy Hollow, where David’s RIDDEN about the Headless Horseman. Having seen him so many times over the years, he’s become a Halloween STABLE around here. I mean staple. You just know that on one of the days leading up to the Holiday we’ll definitely have him GOBLIN up a puzzle…But he’s not only a FALL GUY (and you’d think he would be considering the whole no-head thing, right)? But NEIGH…he’s swept through here in April of 2015, June of 2016, March and June of 2017, and May of 2018 in addition. And I’m sure there’s been plenty more appearances, but time RESTRAINTS this morning only allowed me to go as far back as 2015. And I think my favorite of all may be the puzzle of 06/10/16, where we were given…”Sleepy Hollow’s horseman maintained his speed in spite of the..” And the answer was…HEADWINDS! I definitely laughed my HEAD off over that one! So, in light of all this, I guess we can say that it definitely beHOOVES our Jumble Guys to STIRRUP the theme every now and then, and keep re-FRIESIAN our memories! Anyway…today! We’re at a neighborhood tavern, where obviously 🎶Everybody Knows Your Name🎶…(you know the kind of place, where we can all just sit HORSIN’ around)…and we see our MANE character, having a grand old STEIN, as his two S-TABLE-mates offer him CHEERS. But being a humble guy, there’s no need for humble PIE, as he tells them that he “just does the best with what he has” HA! I wonder if his attempt at a little tongue-in-pumpkin goes over their HEADS or not? What he has! He’s a wit! Self efFACEing maybe, but still REINing supreme! So, in answer to our question? Infamous, yes, but he didn’t LET IT GO TO HIS HEAD. Bravo, David you’re definitely HEADS above the rest!

Ok, eye candy…There’s really not much going on. The panel’s swept in yellow, and our “Two and A Half Men” are seated at a wooden table (that has two knot holes). Oh wait…there’s a woman. The Witch…blue-faced, with the requisite warts. And the man, facial scars intact, has his hair pulled back into a PONYtail. So, let me re-phrase that. “A Man and a Woman”, and our half-man, since he’s decided to take a load off (inSTEED of get a load on), by resting his HEAD on the table. Well GOURD for him…And there’s a black silhouetted image at back left, that I think is another patron, since it looks like there’s hair sprouting from the top of it, but I’m not positive. I suppose I OATa know for sure, but I don’t. So if any one of you have a thought, please give me a HEADS up, ok? And there’s a burning candle, dripping wax into its’ vintage pewter holder with the finger hole. But that’s about it. Oh wait, maybe the ales…there’s some foam spilling…you know, a little off the top?…Hmm. Apropos, no? So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And remember that old saying…Drink with your HEAD, not over it. Oh, no? Bet with your HEAD not over it? I know, I was just HORSIN’ around with you!….And cue the travelin’ music…🎶Hold Your Head Up🎶– Argent 1972 🎃🙋🏻






11 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 10/27/2019

  1. So behind schedule, but I did this off the top of my HEAD…I still need to STIRRUP the second rhyme…🎃🙋🏻

    👴🏻 Being the ELDEST member of the group, he had never LET IT GO TO HIS HEAD, but this time he felt he could be as CANDID as he chose, and said that he was HIGHLY offended by what went on at the last block party…seeing people GYRATE as they danced, TOMATO plants being trampled, and hearing the DELUGE of off-colored language…👴🏻

  2. Tongue-in-pumpkin…😉🙋🏻

    🧘🏻‍♀️He esteemed her quite HIGHLY, her tights TOMATO red…
    He watched her GYRATE on the pole and thought her quite well bred…
    He told the others often, as CANDID as he could,
    That just because she danced like this did not dub her “no good”
    The ELDEST people he knew, completely disagreed…
    And felt that she was nothing more than simply a bad seed…
    But despite all the DELUGE of criticism spate,
    He cared for her quite dearly…and felt he’d sealed his fate
    Until she went and told him that he had been mislead…
    ..A customer’s quite foolish to LET IT GO TO HIS HEAD…🧘🏻‍♀️

  3. Good morning on a crisp sunny fall day.Sure a lot of words to solve in the puzzle solution,but head was a give away for the 4 letter word.Have a Happy Halloween Week,

    • Hi Professor. How lucky are you to be having good weather. It’s been teeming rain here for hours, and it’s dark and dismal and windy…But you’re right, the puzzle was an easy, breezy breathe of fresh air. Have a good one, Prof. Enjoy! 🎃🙋🏻

  4. Hi all – It’s fun when the standard tricks don’t work and I have to think harder. The double letter trick failed on CANDID, and “Y at the end” didn’t work on GYRATE. Had to pause at three words; got ELDEST when I tried EST at the end, then saw DELUGE, then the hardest was GYRATE, which has probably been the case several times before. Saw the answer just from the letter layout.

    Excellent post today Angela. The song was great and the lyrics quite unexpectedly appropriate. I had to laugh at seeing the word ‘sot’ used – (🎵”You poor old sot, you see it’s only me”🎵Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson reassuring Aqualung), nice “Cheers” reference for the tavern, and the Argent song is a good memory, not all that mainstream.

    Have a great day, everyone!

    I’ll pass on trying to fit GYRATE into a sentence today. 😂. Instead, a quick baseball aside – and I’ve been saying this since he was (briefly) with the A’s – anyone who puts Fernando Rodney within 60 *miles* (let alone 60 ft. 6 inches) of a pitcher’s mound deserves whatever he gets.

    • Hi Steve…Thanks for the Shout Outs. It was a great puzzle, easy to work with, and I had a lot of fun with it…And oddly enough, there “isn’t” much WIGGLE room with GYRATE, is there? 😂
      Hoping you’re having a good one, Steve! 🎃🙋🏻

  5. Hi Everyone –
    I got a big kick out of “Galloping Gourd..met” and “squash” in the poll.
    I think Head is always in the the headless horseman Jumbles , so the answer came easy to me. But I did have to back into tomato, gyrate and deluge, with deluge taking the most jumbling.

    • Hi Caroline. Yes, HEAD was a given.Thanks for the Shout Out, and I wish you a wonderful day!🎃🙋🏻

  6. Good afternoon. Didn’t want to give up but it’s late and I got tired of going back and trying to get the two words that I was stuck on. It was getting in the way of my TV watching. The words that got me was GYRATE and ELDEST. The cartoon answer was fairly easy after writing down the letters. Couldn’t have picked a better song with Ella in charge. Naturally she was the better of the two songs Angela. Thanks for all your intake today. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Hey Brooklyn. Can’t be expected to hit ‘em out of the park everyday. Not to worry…There’s always tomorrow…Thanks for the Shout Out, and yes, Miss Ella was an amazing talent. Have a great night, Brooklyn. Rain stopped here on SI…the boats are docking! 😂 Enjoy! 🎃🙋🏻

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