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Happy Monday, Jumble friends! Today’s puzzle was pretty straightforward, or as we call it around here, a typical Monday solve. All of the clue words were returning repeats and the final answer has also been used before. I didn’t get stuck anywhere along the way, but I think MEADOW is the word that might have stumped a few of you. It was our most recently used word from 3/13/19, while BLUFF clocks in as the oldest with an appearance on 5/5/12.

I’ve honestly never seen “The Godfather”, but I have caught bits and pieces of it over the years. The fact that it’s 3 hours long is my biggest hurdle — I just get antsy when I have to sit down for that long. But the run time didn’t seem to bother the die-hard moviegoers that we encountered in today’s panel. I counted 40 people in the frame, but they all seemed to blend together the further away you got from the action.

The movie premiered on March 14th, 1972 and it would go on to be the top-grossing film of the year. The budget to produce the movie was a hefty $6 million dollars, and it earned just shy of $137 million in the US and $246 million worldwide. The average ticket price back then was $1.70, which adjusted for inflation would equate to $10.13 today. I’m guessing a lot of you folks saw this movie in the theaters, and probably twice!

The final solve was an anagram consisting of 6-letters. The layout was excellent, but there wasn’t any way to hide to the solution due to the limited amount of letters. Short, sweet, and perfect for a Monday. Have a terrific start to your week, and I’ll see you right back here tomorrow!





16 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 10/21/2019

  1. This one is seriously cooked, depending on your opinion of the movie. EBMDBO has two anagrams, BOMBED and MOBBED. When I solved the puzzle, I came up with BOMBED, thinking that the authors of the Jumble think this movie is indeed a bomb. It is true that I am not fond of gangster movies including The Godfather. But many critics think this movie is good, so maybe it is because the movie deals with an organization called “The MOB”. But I don’t think the organization itself calls itself that – I heard they call themselves “La Cosa Nostra”. And the usual meaning of MOB is a disorganized riot, not a planned criminal act.

  2. Good Monday Morning Mike and Everyone. I’d FAVOR a much more difficult puzzle, but it is only Monday, so hopefully the weeks’ SEQUELS will be more challenging! Here’s to a great day! 🙋🏻

    ⛰A true nature lover, he made a list of every MEADOW, BLUFF, and HARBOR in the immediate area, and he intended to visit and say “HELLO” to as many as possible…as long as they weren’t MOBBED…🏔

    ⛴ He stood along the HARBOR and prepared to board his boat,
    How foolish others called his BLUFF…now he’s the one to gloat…
    He said HELLO to passersby, the morning fresh and new,
    And thought of how the MEADOW’d be with mornings’ sun-kissed dew
    So much adventure to be had, there’s no way he’ll be robbed…
    Because of others ignorance…mentality of the MOBBED! ⛴

      • Good Morning, Mike. You’re not alone. I read the book, but I’ve never seen any of the movies either, and I’ve no regrets. Like you, I’ve seen snippets…Youtube, walking into a room while someone else was watching, TV show’s coverage, etc., and God knows I’ve heard it spoken about ad nauseam. But we differ with our reason for eschewing it…Either way, we’re both none the worse for wear, are we? 😉 Have a great day, Mike. We too have sunshine this morning, but I think it’s to be short-lived..📽🙋🏻

  3. Good morning. Today was a very normal Monday solve. Easy as 1,2,3. Let’s hope it gets tougher from this day forward. Until tomorrow stay well.

  4. The BLUFF beyond the MEADOW is rumored to HARBOR a historic secret, in that, this was the place where Bonnie and Clyde first said HELLO.

  5. Definitely an easy Mon puzzle.Seems like a lot of double letter anagrams and even in today’s “mobbed” puzzle solution,Being a Mar 1972 release,we were free and easy to go to movies,which we did, to see the Godfather movie ,given that our first child wasn’t born until,Aug 1972.

  6. Easy one again today, though I too came up with bombed initially which is truly not a bad answer considering that so many things actually blew up in the film. I actually read the book before seeing the movie which I have Watched many times. Francis Ford Coppola is well known in these parts. He owns a triangular shaped building with a brass roof on Columbus Avenue in S.F. Have a good Monday.

  7. Hi all – I had to laugh at the answer because the first word that popped into my head was “Mafia.” The answer probably ended in ‘ED’, and I wrote the letters to see MOBBED.

    Have a great day and week, everyone!

    “He climbed the BLUFF to say HELLO to the new day and was greeted with a view of the beautiful dawn stretching from the MEADOW to the HARBOR.”

    I thought we’d seen MEADOW recently (when I posted the Joe Walsh song), so for HARBOR, here’s Phil Ochs from the 60’s Greenwich Village folk scene with “Pleasures of the Harbor”:
    🎵”And the sea bids farewell, She waves in swells
    And sends them on their way, Time has been her pay
    And time will have to tell
    Soon your sailing will be over
    Come and take the pleasures of the HARBOR”🎵

      • I guessed what the song would be before I clicked the link! 😂 My brother and I always loved The Platters. Now I’m thinking about “Old Cape Cod”, “Stranger on the Shore”, etc.

        • LOL! As you well should! I would expect nothing less! That’s why I left the credits out! 😉 It is the quintessential Harbor Song…(And we’ve spoken before about our shared love of the Platters, and how much is stashed away in the vault)…And these other songs are all keepers too…But none of them fit today’s puzzle. If we start rifting on the puzzle’s words we’re going to have a playlist a mile long! 🙄 Let’s face it, we have to give credit where it’s due…There’s only ONE song that truly fits today’s puzzle! …😉🙋🏻

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