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Happy Tuesday, Jumble friends. Today’s puzzle looked like it was going to be a walk in the park, but by the time you hit that fourth anagram, your whole solve might have gone to the dogs! Our pack of words have been used over the past couple of years so there weren’t any surprises to be had. Both WHIRL and NEGATE popped up in January of 2018 while EXPOSE and GROUP showed up in January and February of this year. All of the anagrams were new though, and it was NEGATE that gave me the longest paws. The double letter trick of coupling similar vowels or consonants proved useless and it took some good old fashion jumbling to get the job done.

Our cartoon shows four dogs enjoying some time outside on a beautiful afternoon. All of the leaves and bushes in the panel still appear to be full so it looks like fall hasn’t quite yet come to Jumbleville. Being a huge fan of the Jumble, two of the dogs were instantly recognizable to me as they’ve made appearances several times throughout the years. The one on the left that is chasing a ball is Gizmo and the one nearest to where the ball is rolling is Fifi. They both belong to our favorite Jumble artist, Jeff Knurek, and I can assume that he’s the one that’s tossing the ball just out of view.

The dogs can be seen admiring the walk of the larger dog in the foreground. The action lines around his tail indicate that he’s in a really happy mood, and his expression is one of not having a care in the world! There were plenty of clues in the dialogue and sentence so I hope you picked up on them before trying the surprise answer.

The final solve was an anagram consisting of 7-letters and would solve into a single word. With nothing coming into view upon first glance, I decided to try the double letter trick once again. I immediately saw WAGGER and all that was left was a quick placement of the S to finish it all off. Done! Have a terrific Tuesday, and I’ll see you right back here tomorrow!





12 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 10/15/2019

  1. Good Morning, Mike. Good Morning, Everyone…Here’s to a great day! 🐶🙋🏻

    📕 Determined to EXPOSE the GROUP for its’ illicit tactics, when his book hit the stands it caused tongues to wag and heads to WHIRL and all their SWAGGER couldn’t NEGATE his findings…📕

    💃🏻🕺🏻The GROUP was holding tryouts, and all were free to strut,
    And WHIRL and twirl out on the floor…EXPOSE their why and what…
    The need to NEGATE wanna be’s who thought they’d take a chance,
    Important to the judges looking for the best in dance…
    The bottom line was talent…and weeding out sandbaggers
    The flyer said…”Feel confident? Come show us how you SWAGGER” 💃🏻🕺🏻

  2. Good morning. Thanks Angela for the good laugh. Loved the song and your post on the use of the words. When it comes to walking I am unable to walk slow. My mission is to get where I’m going as quick as I can. If I’m walking with a few people I find it very hard to keep at their pace. I often have to stop and wait for them to catch up. Today’s words were a breeze. I listed them as all easy when now that I think about it,I’d say Negate took maybe fifteen seconds longer to sink in. After writing down the letters,the cartoon answer came immediately to mind. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Good Morning, Brooklyn. YVW. 😉 I thought you might like it. (I remember you saying that you walked to Church on Sunday’s…and)… when I realized it fit the puzzle, I hoped you’d get a chuckle from it. How about the second choice? Good oldie also… I’m a walker too…but out here on SI? Nobody walks…Anywhere…They drive to the corner! So I’m mostly on my own. I think it’s great that you enjoy walking, especially at a good pace. Great for the heart… I’m with you on the puzzle being a breeze too, and Negate…three of the guys this morning said the same thing. Have a good one, Brooklyn…tomorrow they’re predicting we’ll need the ark! 🐶🙋🏻

        • Hey Professor…Thank you. And they’re talking heavy winds, which are always bad. Looks like Game 4 may not be played….💦💦💨🙋🏻

      • Read you again and realized you had a second song for me. I really thank you for that one. It fit my belated wife and I to a T. We were boyfriend and girlfriend since I was 13 and she was 11. Loved to dance the slow one with her to that song. Thanks again for having me go down memory lane.

  3. Negate gave me reason to “paws” ,to quote you,as well,but the other anagrams and final swagger solution was a quick solve.

  4. Another vote here for negate. I think it has stumped me before but the rest of the anagrams and the puzzle itself were easy solves. Hey, Steve, 4.5 last night. Hope all is okay with you. No problems here but kind of spooky thinking that Oct. 17th is the 30th Anniversary of the Loma Prieta Quake. Yikes!!

  5. In a world of hyphenated answers in quotes, I was pleased with today’s solve and happy it wasn’t S-“WAG”-GER ! Couldn’t believe it at first & had to reconsider. Finally committed, but still looked up answer

  6. Hi all – I have a feeling I’ve been stuck on NEGATE before and still didn’t see it this time. Saw AGENT and TEENAGE but had to back into it after getting the easy answer letters.

    Have a great day everyone, but I’m sorry to hear about the weather for the NY game. It brought back memories, because when I first moved here in 1972, an *extremely* unusual early October rainstorm caused the postponement of an A’s World Series game (commissioner Bowie Kuhn splashing around the outfield in his raincoat and dress shoes, and a low-hovering helicopter trying to dry it out).

    Yes Betty, but that wasn’t a bad one. My wife was in another room, and when I walked in to check, she just said “Wheeeee!” 😂

    My Safeway, which put out Halloween candy in August, has decided to punt Thanksgiving all together and put up the first Christmas displays I’ve seen – two trees and a bunch of Christmas figures (Santa Claus, etc). But I belatedly discovered that for our Canadien friends, Thanksgiving is actually over already.

    “A quick WHIRL around town would EXPOSE any false SWAGGER and NEGATE the possibility of an incompatible member joining their close-knit GROUP”.

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