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Good Morning, Everyone! 🦌 DEERly BELOVED 🦌

🎶 DEER HART wish you were here to warm this night…My DEER HART seems like a year since you’ve been out of my sight….🎶 “Dear Heart” – Jack Jones 1964

🦌 A fawn is born between the months of April, May and June..
You won’t see a PARADE occur when Nature comes attune…
The Doe delivers SOLELY on instinct in the wild…
Upon the ground that’s WOVEN of FRESH grass, she births a child..
And just like other parents, we see them watch her stir…
And Natures’ way continues as they both FAWN OVER HER…🦌

So…you know how we try to research the puzzles for you as best we can? Well, I’m not going to say that I remembered it exactly, but something about DEER and FAWN just kept TICKing in my mind all morning. DOE…I hit the Archives. And sure enough, back on June 29th, 2014? Yep, I found it right DEER. The puzzle that day asked..”After the Deer had a Baby, they – – – “ And the answer was…”FAWNED OVER HIM”! Well, BAMBI! I mean I’ll be…At least our Guys aren’t gender biased, right? And since I was already DEER, I just happened to SIKA little further, and what was right there in my RANGE of vision? The puzzle for the next day, June 30th. And much to my chagrin, I found this…”There were no eggs in the henhouse because they had been – – – POACHED”. Shades of this past Saturday…09/14? What’re the odds? DEER I was, so concerned that morning about the last time we’d been down on the farm…that I didn’t see the FOREST for the ABC’s! But I do love these little Jumble quirks, and I have to say, I do tend to FAWN over them at times…Anyway, the show MUSK go on, so let’s FALLOW our usual format, and look into today’s words…

While PARADE and WOVEN were both seen in February of last year, FRESH plays a dual role today, as our oldest and FRESHest…It made an appearance way back on 09/07/13, and then again quite recently this past May 27th. Boy, those dates are STAGgered, right? And while SOLELY looks to be our sole newcomer…(and the sole word that TICKed the Early Birds off a little…three of them saw Loyal)…we do have a repeat anagram with WOVEN…Ok, I think we’re ready now to BUCKle up and head into the FOREST

Standing at a clearing, we see Mama DEER, DOElores, Papa DEER, BUCK, and a newborn Baby DEER…the OWENS Family. And off to the left, a turtle named Goldilocks. The three are marveling over the newest Forest denizen, just minutes old, (since newborn FAWNS stand within their first 10 minutes), and words like…”cutest“, “amazing”, and “special” can be HERD. While it’s a small celebration right now, I’m sure within the next seven hours or so, when Baby Mia-FALLOW will be taking her first steps, members of the extended family will arrive. Except for AUNT ELOPE, who hasn’t been feeling well, and is confined to home taking antibiotics…you know, having a taste of her own VENISON. But for now, as Mia is STAGgering to her feet, Mom and Dad are just happy that she’s able to use all four hooves…and so proud that she’s already BAMBIdextrous. And they’re so DEERlirously happy, that they can’t stop singing her praises…So, in answer to our question…They just loved to…FAWN OVER HER! Good one, David…Way to ROE!

Ok, eye candy…As I mentioned above, since we’re just 10 minutes or so since the birth, it’s a quiet scene FUR now. Two trees and bushes in the background, and a fallen tree trunk at front. And there’s the slightest bit of a shake at Mia’s tail as she gains her balance. So I think I’ll go with a verbal SIGHTING this morning. Mia saying “AW“…appreciating all the FAWNING. It’s just so enDEERing. So…There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone…And here’s hoping we all FALLOW our HARTS! 🦌🙋🏻







21 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 09/20/2019

  1. Good morning. No problem today with either the words or cartoon answer. Two of the words were instant reads but the rest I had to think a bit. I got the cartoon answer but think it should have been in quotations. I like the answer but feel it’s missing those dreaded “. I wonder how many feel the same as me. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Good Morning, Brooklyn. I agree, it was an easy, breezy this morning. But as far as the quotes go…What? You’re looking for them now? 😉 There’s no need though, because the word FAWN isn’t replacing another word. Fawn is a young Deer as well as a verb meaning to flatter…So it’s really just a wash. Glad you had an easy time with it, Brooklyn, and I wish you a great day! 🦌🙋🏻

  2. She decided to wear her newly WOVEN scarf to the homecoming PARADE SOLELY to impress her FRESH new boyfriend.

    • Hey Chuck. Good Morning. These words are interesting, since they lend themselves to different meanings. I like that. And I like your take! 👏🏻👏🏻! Especially the use of FRESH! 😉 I went an entirely different route on both of mine….Wishing you a great day! 🦌🙋🏻

    • 🥁 With her daughter SOLELY leading the PARADE, and despite her desire to FAWN OVER HER, she needed to preserve the pattern that the landscaper had WOVEN into the FRESH stretch of lawn, so she asked them to alter the route…🥁

      💍 They dated SOLELY for so long, the affair had grown stale…
      What once was FRESH and interesting, had now begun to pale.
      The time when he’d PARADE her amongst his group of friends,
      Had come and gone and he realized that things were going to end…
      Life changes and what’s WOVEN doesn’t always stay intact,
      And he needs now to tell her that there’s no longer a pact.
      He’s sorry that it’s happened, but there’s no way to deter…
      That he intends to go his way and not FAWN OVER HER 💍🙋🏻

  3. Good morning once again. The president of the Parade was Solely responsible for the Fresh Woven blanket of flowers for the floats. Take care.

  4. So I’ve been reading along for awhile and I wonder if you all do as I do when you get the answer right away but can’t get some words I “back in” to the words by figuring out whic letters are needed in each one to make it work. What do you call it if you do it? Maybe you e mentioned it but I didn’t see it.

    • Hi Burger…Yes, the method you’re describing is what many readers have mentioned. And I have seen it referred to as “backing in” to the unsolved words. Thank you for reading our blog, and thank you for writing in. We hope you enjoy what we offer, and that you’ll comment again in the future. Hoping you’ll have a wonderful day! 🙋🏻

    • Wie Geht’s (How are you). Sorry,when I saw Burger I was transported back to Germany and meeting my cousin by that name. Once in awhile we answer the cartoon because we are stuck on a word and now know the letters needed to finish jumble. It’s still a win and sometimes more gratifying because we never gave up. Take care.

      • Yes Burger is a common name in Germany. I think it meant “Mayor”. Thank you for your response. I knew I couldn’t be the only one to use that method. I don’t consider it any sort of cheating bc you’re just applying your own intelligence to it. Sometimes I’ve solved multiple words this way in one Jumble.

  5. Easy one today so I redeemed myself from yesterday’s cartoon stumper. Yes, Burger “back into it” is exactly what many of us do when we solve the cartoon answer but still need to figure out a word. Angela, I just received my Jumble Anniversary book yesterday. Am looking forward to solving all the puzzles. Happy Friday to all.

    • Hi Betty. Yes, a fun, easy one. And how great that you’ve received your book! I’m still waiting for my delivery. I received the email that they shipped, but for some reason the tracking number’s not taking…So, I’m still waiting. Anxiously waiting! 😉 Hoping you have a Happy Friday too! Ciao! 🦌🙋🏻

  6. I had the same issue with the tracking number. By the way, Angela, I’m really enjoying the on line “Jumble Crossword” game. It’s very challenging.

    • Oh, ok, thanks for telling me. I couldn’t understand what I might have been doing wrong, and I’m tracking packages religiously.😉..(I’ve even started Christmas shopping already). And the X-Word game? UGH! I’m so upset because I went thru them like a bat out of hell, and now all I have to look forward to is the daily one. My own fault, and I swore I’d pace myself. I’m a menace! 😂 🙋🏻

      • You’re my kind of gal, Angela. I too have started my Christmas shopping. I actually have a Black Belt in shopping. I paced myself with the on line regular Jumble puzzles but since I’ve come a little late to the party on the Crossword one, they will keep me busy for a while as there are a lot more of them to solve.

        • LOL! Thank you, Paisan, we’re so much alike! The Black Belts to go with our Red 👠Heels! I’m so out of control! But besides my weakness for shopping, I just LOVE giving Christmas gifts. I can’t help it! The puzzles? I’m promising myself that the next update..I’m going to ration them. I need some discipline in my life anyway, so I might as well start there! 😂😂 😂Enjoy the X-Words, they get better and better as you go along! 👗👠🙋🏻

  7. A Monday easy puzzle on a Friday w easy anagrams as well as a snappy puzzle solution.A stormy rainy weekend on the way here in Illinois.

    • Hi Professor. Yes it is. And I’m sorry to hear you’ll be rained out, we’re promised a “summer-like” weekend. High temps and plenty of sun. But I’m so counting my blessings, seeing what’s happening in Texas. Mother Nature, huh? Enjoy your day, Prof. Be well. 💦🙋🏻

  8. Hi all – A quick pause at FRESH and a slightly longer one at PARADE. ‘LY’ at the end made quick work of SOLELY, and the answer was obvious.

    Very cute cartoon scene today.

    Betty, you made me laugh with the shopping Black Belt. I don’t even want to shop for the belt itself! (Remember the Chronicle columnist Jon Carrol? One of my favorite quotes of his was when he said he’d rather have flaming toads poured down his throat than enter a retail establishment.)

    Nice song Angela! It’s been quite awhile (seems like more than a year) since I’ve thought of that one. The only other place I’ve heard that expression is as a catch-phrase of Southern comedian Brother Dave Gardner, who went so far as to title his first album “Rejoice, Dear Hearts!”. Loved the “Aunt Elope” sentence too. And your poem made me think it was the guy who was responsible for the breakup, as his friend was thinking 🎵”Please when I go out with you, don’t put me on display”🎵

    Have a great day and weekend everyone!

    “The style of her pashmina was so FRESH because she’d had it WOVEN SOLELY for this Easter PARADE, hoping the NYC fashion press would FAWN OVER IT”. (Oy, fashion and shopping; I think I need to go lie down. 😂)

    • Hey Steve..Thanks for the Shout Outs, it was all easy to work with. And Pashmina? 🤦🏻‍♀️👏🏻👏🏻Good one! Hoping you enjoy your day, Dear Heart! 🦌🙋🏻

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