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Good Morning, Everyone!               🚙 BRAKE TIME 🚙

🎶 Long may you run…LONG MAY YOU RUN…Although these changes have come…With your CHROME heart shining, in the sun…LONG MAY YOU RUN...🎶 “Long May You Run” – Neil Young with Willie Nelson (Originally 1976)

🚙 How many of us envy the guy who has this car,
As far as owning antiques, with this he’s raised the bar…
A car from 1954 is sure to garner looks…
It’s definitely the FOCAL point in many dealers’ books…
You wonder does that engine CHIRP when he turns on the key,
I doubt it makes a SHRILL sound, it seems impeccably…
Kept in great shape, and we can see it looks like they all feel…
That it’s more than a passing fad…remember FONDUE’s spiel?
It really is a keepsake, and I’ve more than just a hunch,
That this car is their pride and joy…but now they’ll POLISH OFF LUNCH! 🚙

As August draws to a close, Jeff’s drawn us a goodie, and David’s DRIVEN it home…He hasn’t given us any new words today, but he did BRAKE out some new anagrams. While all of our words are Sweet Repeats, none of them have appeared this year, with the most recently seen being SHRILL, as of 09/25/18. FONDUE, making its ninth appearance since 2014, which makes it our oldest entry, was last seen in May of last year. But it’s anagrammed for the first time with “N” as it’s lead-off letter, and I’m wondering if that’ll make it a little easier to TURN OVER. FOCAL’s appeared a few times, lastly on 06/25/18, as Oflca, and CHIRP hasn’t been used since 2015, where we saw it anagrammed as Cpirh. And with that all being said, let’s take A BITE out of our cartoon…

Finding ourselves in the DRIVEway of a typical suburban home, today we see three Jumble characters, a couple and their teenaged son. Taking on the job of washing and waxing their vintage 1954 automobile, we learn that they FUELed their appetites, and decided to take a BRAKE. Not a long one, it’s no Ford SIESTA…but just a little time out for a bite to eat, since we overhear that Jr’s “starving“, and Dad states that the food “hits the spot“. And from the looks of it, Mom comes through. Seen holding an empty tray, I guess we can dub her the CHEF-rolet. And with the car shown gleaming, and David stressing “WAXING” in his question, we’re definitely DRIVEN to see POLISH spelt out with our letters, with “Hungry” serving up LUNCH, leaving us pretty well OFF as to what our three-letter word should be. They stopped to POLISH OFF LUNCH. Good one, David! I never TIRE of your wit!

Ok, eye candy. Once again, we’re being reminded of Jumble celebrating it’s 65th Anniversary, with Mom, our HERO stating how old the car is. Definitely vintAGE. Black silhouetted bushes line the property, while the blue car is flanked by grass. We see the Garage door standing opened. Hero Sandwiches seem to be what’s on the menu, with Jr holding a small uneaten piece. It appears that he’s eaten very quickly, but he really AUTO know better…it’s not healthy to GUZZLE our food down…we’d hate to see him need a GAStroenterologist. We see a black hose on the ground, with water puddled beside it. And I’m hoping they weren’t CAReless and left the water turned on, since if they were WAXING, there’d be no further need to RUN the water. A blue shammy is seen lying on the ground by the front bumper, directly below the gold “J” for Jumble Logo on the cars’ front. The logo also appears in silver on the hubcap. And where I’d usually go with that for my eye candy, today I’m switching GEARS. Lying on the ground, besides the shammy, is a yellow pad, leaning against an opened gray tub, with the word WAX encircled on it. But if you look real closely, there’s a tiny picture of a TURTLE next to it. TURTLE WAX! Now how’s that for POLISHING OFF a great puzzle?! So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And please be CAReful DRIVING during this long Holiday weekend…🚙🙋🏻





24 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 08/31/2019

  1. Good morning. My choice for hardest word is Fondue. It took some time to finally get. Maybe because I’m not really into Fondue. You have to look out for guys like George Constanza that double dips. The cartoon answer was simple and clever. Until tomorrow stay well. Thank you for the well wishes.

    • Good Morning, Brooklyn. I really thought that with David starting the anagram OFF with a “N”, instead of the numerous usages of “D” and “U” that the word would be easier to SPOT, but from the looks of the poll so far, it may be doing just the opposite…So your problem with it may not be George’s fault after all! And I too always had a bit of a problem understanding Fondue’s popularity. It always made me feel ill at BRIES… It just wasn’t that GOUDA to me…Have a great day, Paul! 🧀🙋🏻

  2. The FOCAL attention she gave in making the FONDUE helped her to let out a SHRILL CHIRP when her dinner guests commented on how good it tasted.

    • Hi Chuck. Good Morning. There’s that FONDUE again…I don’t know, I just never could get over that CURDLE! 😉 Very nicely done, Sir! 👏🏻👏🏻 You just BRIEzed right through these words today! And your girl sounds thrilled at the response she got from her guests…I bet she broke out into a chorus of…🎶Sweet dreams are made of CHEESE..who am I to dis a BRIE…I CHEDDAR the world and the FETA CHEESE…everybody’s looking for STILTON🎶… https://tinyurl.com/z6tnnww The FONDUE lovers theme song! Maybe I’ll take a crack at the words myself…see what I can MUENSTER up! Here’s hoping you have a great day, Chuck! 🧀🥖🙋🏻

    • Hey Chuck. Not the easiest group of words to MELT together. Maybe I was just more DRIVEN with the car theme? Or maybe I’m just TIREd?…Anyway, here’s my sentence…Hmm..Now let’s see if I can come up with a GOUDA enough rhyme this time around…🚙🙋🏻

      ° While snacking on FONDUE, which would POLISH OFF LUNCH, the English teacher let out a SHRILL laugh when she read Tommy’s report on the “Vocal CHIRP of a Mockingbird”…She wrote in the margin…”FOCAL, Tom…The assignment’s word was FOCAL”!

      • Very well done, Angela. I’m still smiling after reading it. I hope the rest of August is good to you!!

        • Hi Chuck…Thank you…Always good to give or get a smile! But the rest of August? Where’d it go? Hating to sound like a cliche, but it seems to have come and gone like a bat out of hell! The other night Jimmy Kimmel was doing a bit on it in his monologue. Clips from newscasters around the country all saying…”Wow, the end of August..where’d it disappear to”? I had to laugh, because everyone’s saying it…it’s like we blinked …and Poof! Gone! 😂 I just hope we get an Autumn. Last few years in the tri-state area, we’ve turned the AC off one day and turned the heat on the next…I so miss the Fall….🍂🍁🍃 Wishing you a great Saturday night, Chuck! 🚙🙋🏻

    • Chuck…The best I could DUE…Not SHRILLed with it, but it’s as GOUDA as its gonna get! 🧀🙋🏻

      ° The FOCAL point of studying the different kinds of cheese,
      Is mainly to distinguish your Cheddars from your Bries…
      Too many people think it’s just a way to make FONDUE,
      And that’s the sad part of it..they don’t really have a clue.
      To be an Artisan of Cheese, the palate must be sharp…
      Some cheeses make you SHRILL out loud…while others make you carp…
      Or perhaps you may CHIRP with glee, at something soft and mild,
      The palate, as I mentioned doesn’t always go off wild.
      So many ways to enjoy Cheese…with dinner or as brunch…
      Or perhaps as a meal itself, to simply POLISH OFF LUNCH!

  3. On the road on twin watch again, so Ark Dem online came to the rescue. Chirp looked like perch at first, and fondue like founded, but alas the letters were lacking.As soon as I saw the picture,”polish” came to mind for the first word, w/ the rest of the solution quickly following. Speaking of fondue,we had fondue parties in the late 60’s and early 70’s before selling our fondue pot at a garage sale.

    • Good Morning, Professor. You’re right, POLISH just SHONE through this morning…it was a given. Your FONDUE pot? You were just FETA up with it, weren’t you? And I bet you didn’t SHRED a tear over getting rid of it either..Hmm. Did I just mix my MELTaphors here? 😉 Enjoy the Little Ones, Prof. Have a GRATE day! 🧀🥖🙋🏻

  4. Great cartoon today. I have a 1966 Volkswagen Bug which is my pride and joy. I’m the original owner so she has literally been on the Road of Life with me. I know we received at least one Fondue Pot as a wedding gift. The only fondue party I ever enjoyed was one where they served chocolate fondue – warm chocolate in which you dipped strawberries – Yum. 🍓

    • WOW! How lucky are you? A vintage Volkswagen? I think that’s so cool! You’re always amazing me with what you bring to the table, Betty…..Too bad we live sooo far apart, I really think we’d have some fun together on this Road of Life! And I still do the melted chocolate 🍫 with different fruit. Except now I use the Microwave for the melting…And the forks I bought years ago…only I bought them for serving Provolone! 😂 Have a great day, Betty! 🚙🙋🏻

    • Wow Betty, that’s interesting! You might qualify for “Historic Vehicle” plates!
      The car has to be more than 25 years old “and of historic value”, and you qualify in my book. Does the DMV keep bugging you to buy it every year to get it off the road? 😂
      (Although I just realized that 25 years ago was 1994, so my wife’s 1990 Honda might also qualify.)
      I also had a VW bug, red 1968, and then later a 1964 VW bus that was a lot of fun for several years.

      • Yes, every so often I get a letter from the DMV offering to buy it for $100 or something like that, which of course totally annoys me since Volksy is in great shape and worth far more than that, even if it’s mostly sentimental value. I paid $1250.00 for her back in 1966. The car dealer allowed me $300.00 as a trade in on my 1955 Bug which my Dad bought for me second hand. I could also fill her up for $2.00 and now it’s about $20.00 for half a tank. I have to use supreme gas because of course there’s no catalytic converter, and she sputters something awful if I use regular gas and add lead. I don’t know if she qualifies for historic plates. My husband wanted to get me personalized plates years ago but I like having the old plates that are black with yellow lettering which are vintage in themselves. Her color is Bahama Blau which is sort of a light green. Those Hondas are great cars too. Do you still have to get a smog check? Thank heavens I no longer have to do. There’s a touring group in S.F. That uses VW Buses to get around. It’s called Vantigo Tours.

    • Yes Betty, in fact the 1990 Honda just passed its smog check with flying colors! (Sigh of relief!) With regular gas! 😂

  5. Hi all – I first saw PERCH for the second word and was amused when the actual CHIRP was sort of related. Then I got stuck on FOUNDED, but saw FONDUE as soon as I wrote the letters. Paused at the answer, but the fact that they were specifically waxing the car instead of washing it led to POLISH and the rest.

    From the guys’ comments, I hope they were listening to 🎵“Just What I Needed”🎵 by THE CARS while they were working. The car is interesting because it seems to straddle the eras of the bulky styling of the 30’s and 40’s and the more streamlined looks that were starting to appear in the 50’s.

    Great car puns today Angela, and I also had to smile that the “J” logo was on the hubcap as well as the grille, and the turtle on the wax can.

    Have a great Labor Day weekend, everyone!

    “They saw that their choice of food was a mistake when the FOCAL point of the picnic became the SHRILL CHIRP of the flock of starlings beginning to POLISH OFF LUNCH from the open FONDUE pot”.

    • Birds of a feather flock together as I also remarked above that I saw perch and founded before the correct chirp and fondue.

    • Now I can’t get Alfred Hitchcock out of my head! 🦅 😉 WILD take, G! 👏🏻👏🏻! And thanks for the Shout Out, it was an easy, clever puzzle to work with. Hope your day’s going well. Don’t DRIVE yourself too hard. See ‘ya on deck! 🚙🙋🏻

      • Hope I didn’t spoil your appetite! And I hope you and the Mets have a good day. 🙋🏻‍♂️

  6. David Hoyt left a clue in today’s Word Search World Traveler Daily puzzle, topic “This Day In History”. Happy Anniversary to you and your wife, David!

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