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Good Morning, Everyone! 🤣 LAUGH Lines? 🤣

🎶 Make ’em LAUGH, make ’em LAUGH, Don’t you know ev’ry one wants to LAUGH? My Dad said, “Be an actor my son…But be a comical one!” They’ll be standing in LINES for those old honky tonk monkey shines…Oh, you could study Shakespeare and be quite elite, and you could charm the critics and have nothing to eat…Just slip on a a banana peel, the world’s at your feet…Make ’em LAUGH, make ’em LAUGH, make ’em LAUGH!🎶 “Make ‘Em Laugh” – Dennis O’Connor 1952


😆🤣 It looks like someone slipped up, is this LIKELY to be…
That you’re left scratching your NOGGIN, with no show to see?
Did TUNNEL vision cause it, were there no warnings in sight?
I think it’d stick in my craw, and cause my THROAT to feel tight.
To just UPROOT and close the place…not even Nate was told?
Start praying from that HYMNAL, cause it sure seems pretty bold,
Leave people there all lined up, with nothing but their chatter?
And tickets that are useless…surely it’s NO LAUGHING MATTER…🤣😆

Ah, Sunday…and we’re once again on Route 66…Six words, six letters…the best Jumble of the week. But today there’s nothing new to SEE…David’s dished up all past PERFORMANCES, although I must say his anagrams may not have you LAUGHING! Each one is masterful in its own right…And if I had to STAND UP and pick the most difficult? I really couldn’t say, they’re all so very ENTERTAINING…But I will give you some DATES…Four of our words are from 2018, and you want to LAUGH? Two of them are from the very same day…LIKELY and HYMNAL both APPEARED on May 4th...What’re the odds? I wonder if that’s happened before? NOGGIN last SHOWed in March ’18, and TUNNEL, the end of May, making it our most recently played. UPROOT goes back to 11/11/16, and THROAT brings it all to a CLOSE, with a 2014 APPEARANCE…And now that I’ve LINED that all up for you…Let’s GO ON to our cartoon…

Today we find ourselves standing outside the Jokesters Comedy Club. But SHUTTER to think! It’s closed! And apparently unannounced…With a marquee reading, “Tonight Only – NATE BARGATZE“, one would expect the show to go on, right? But much to the chaGRIN of our featured characters this morning…it’s not the case. But could it be that not even Nate knew? Was there a memo? A call? A text? Nothing? Will Nate take this lying down?…I mean considering that he does STAND UP Comedy? Hmm…This is definitely NO LAUGHING MATTER! But it sure is a clever solution! Thanks, David..It was all in your DELIVERY!

Ok. Eye candy. Let’s meet our cast…Left to right. The Man on the Scour…Nate Bargatze, “The Tennessee Kid”, actor and comedian and a good friend of Jeff’s. His wife, Laura, often the long-suffering comical “Mate to berate in his comedy routines, our own David Hoyt and his lovely wife Claire, and Lissa Sears, another STAND UP comedian and friend of Jeff’s. Having been seen before in many of Jeff’s cartoons, regular readers may especially remember Sears from her APPEARANCE on the “Price is Right”, and Jeff’s subsequent SHOWcasing her in the Jumble cartoon of 05/08/18. There’s the Marquee, SHOWing Nate’s photo, in bright yellow, with the club’s name emblazoned in red…And the white banner reading “CLOSED” is a Stand Out feature. Sears T-Shirt, a favorite of hers, SHOWcases the Breast Cancer Ribbon, which she wears proudly as a survivor. But it’s the useless yellow TICKETS in David’s hand that are getting my HEADLINE today…You gotta HAND it to Jeff…they GRASP it all! So, There you have it Folks, Done. Have a great day, Everyone…And let’s keep this in mind…A day without laughter is a sad one. Let’s be attracted to people who smile and laugh a lot. If laughing causes wrinkles on our faces then so be it. I say bring on the laughter and embrace the lines…🤣🙋🏻

PS:…And check out Nate Bargatze, I’ve seen him numerous times on the Tonight Show, and I’ve been lucky enough to see him perform in person too. He’ll definitely make you LAUGH…And be on the lookout…he may have a situation COMEDY coming to TV, 😉

14 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 07/28/2019

  1. After yesterday’s colossal word displacement (in the solve), I’m relieved to say today’s answer was done without any anagram involvement. WHEW!!

    • Good Morning, Jamu. I’m glad today’s puzzle has you smiling! Have a great day! 😆🙋🏻

    • Yesterday it was Paul I mirrored, today it’s Chuck. I solved the answer without anagrams, so I went back for the anagrams. Good thing too, otherwise I would have spent my day on
      HYMNAL. Good morning to you, Angela

  2. I also got the ” No laughing matter” solution without any anagram solutions. Going back to solve the anagrams, throat was the most troublesome, followed by tunnel and noggin, too many double letters for me.

    • Good Morning, Professor. I agree, the solve was a gift! Easy, breezy. And as I mentioned, the anagrams are masterful today…I’d say David definitely brought down the house! 😂 Hope you’re enjoying your time relaxing at home, Prof…Have a great day! 😂🙋🏻

  3. Good morning. Had to look up HYMNAL. Also gave up on the cartoon answer. Know two of you said it was easy but I’ll blame it on trying to get out the door early again. Unable to concentrate when I’m pressed for time. Enjoyed your song choice Angela and your post. Will try to view it again later. Until later,take care.

    • Good Morning, Brooklyn. Great to get out early in the morning! There’s always plenty of time for the Jumble later on…Enjoy whatever you’re up to, and thanks for the Shout Out..I thought you’d like today’s music…Have a great day, Brooklyn…Talk to you later. 🌞🙋🏻

  4. Felt like I was seeing double with all the double letters this morning. Got them all in addition to the cartoon answer which was a given. Could relate to this Jumble this morning as we recently had a great uproar here in San Francisco when it was announced that they were going to close The Punch Line, the oldest comedy club in the city. Robin Williams and other comics of note performed and continue to perform there. Crisis was averted as the lease was renewed so they aren’t going anywhere any time soon. Have a good Sunday all.

    • LOL…David definitely did pile on the consonants today, didn’t he? Great choice of words…Happy to hear your Comedy Club lives on…We all could use a little more laughter in our lives. Have a great day, Betty! Enjoy! 🤣🙋🏻

      • Hi Betty! Thanks for mentioning San Fran – brings back memories – cool in the morning, warm noon & afternoon and then cool again in the evening. Tower of Power, Sylvester Stewart, aromas of Chinese food. Have a great cool Summer day! And yes Robin Williams.

  5. You got it, Jamu. We’re having a beautiful summer day here – in the high 60’s and sunny though as is typical the fog horns blew all night and the GGBridge was socked in early this morning.

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