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Good Morning,  Everyone!           👗 GOOD REEF! …CORAL BEEFS? 👗

🎶 Oh! CORAL, I am but a fool…Darling, I love you though you treat me cruel…You hurt me, and you made me cry…But if you leave me, I will surely die…🎶  ” Carol” – Neil Sedaka  1959   

👗 Environmental issues have always been seen here,
WITHIN the Jumble Puzzle it’s a cause that’s very dear.
That the SHADOW we are casting on the Earth we must DENOTE,
Can twist and SWERVE in such a way that there will be no gloat…
One doesn’t need a NOTARY to prove that Coral Reefs,
An Ecosystem dying from a lot of our beliefs…
Like blast fishing, pollution, can continue with no care,
And the bleaching that’s resulting is the burden we will bear…
When Sydney becomes FAMOUS we can see that her intent,
Will be that Fashion Forward also means she’ll represent
The issues that affect our lives, and not only the raiment….
And that’s why she designs her clothes to make some FASHION STATEMENTS!  👗

WITHIN the great group of words that David’s FASHIONed for us today, I’m once again a little disillusioned to find that two of them can’t be located. SWERVE and WITHIN. Could two such common words have avoided being ZIPPED UP by our Jumble creators all these years? It just doesn’t SEAM possible…But it’s still early, and I’ll keep looking for some THREAD of evidence that we’ve seen them before. And I’ll get back to you….Our other words PATTERNED after past performances, are as follows: DENOTE – 07/15/18, as Netoed, NOTARY – 12/21/27, as Rantoy, FAMOUS – 01/03/18, as Smufoa, and SHADOW – 12/18/18, as Doswah. Are they harder to solve today than they were then? Make a STATEMENT, Folks, and let me know. And as for the Early Birds, when I adDRESSed it with them this morning, they voted them all as easy, breezy, and had the puzzle SEWN up in no time…And SEW…on to our cartoon…

Today we find ourselves at what SEAMs to be a PRESS Conference. For those who may not know, we’re seeing Jeff’s daughter, SYDNEY A. KNUREK, presenting her CORAL REEF-inspired creations to a group of Reporters, and it SEAMS that Sydney’s already making  FASHION STATEMENTS, by designing clothes that bring to the forefront an Environmental issue that definitely needs to be adDRESSed. CORAL REEFS are dying, due to unsustainable fishing practices, pollution, blast fishing, and improperly treated sewage. And Global Warming causing CORAL BLEACHING,  has inspired Sydney to avoid the HEM and hawing most of us do, and instead put her money where her mouth is…How commendable is that? And it must be in her JEANS, because long- time readers know that Jeff has always tried to practice HANGER Management when it comes to Environmental issues! Is he aFRAYed to speak out? No way…And while he may not be a TIE-rant, he definitely doesn’t Sugar-COAT it. A definite SHOE-In for the causes, it looks like Sydney’s following in her Father’s SHOES!…Good job, Guys! You’ve DESIGNED a great puzzle for us today!

Ok, eye candy….The brown podium, SHOWing Syd’s initials is a great touch. I don’t know her middle name, or “A” – I would have mentioned it…and B…No, no B. Her DESIGNS, both sleeveless, and CORAL REEF patterned, are a Green two-piece Crop Top with a flowing bottom, and a Pink Bell-Bottomed Jumpsuit, and both SASHed in brown. The knot on the jumpsuit’s belt resembles the tiny adornment on the neckline of the green outfit. I’m wondering if it symbolizes anything. Maybe we can WEIGHT and SEA if Jeff might tell us if it’s PATTERNED after something meaningful. Four Reporters are pictured, and the one adDRESSing Sydney, cell phone in hand, has the edgy look of a Fashionista, with her spiked hair, DESIGNER Frames, and a wrapped SCARF at her neck. Of the three seated, the man in the middle, wearing three hooped earrings and gray shades, resembles BONO,  who ironically is also very involved with Humanitarian Causes…all pro-BONO of course…and Jeff’s detailed some scribbling on his spiraled notePAD. The man at left is mostly hidden, and the blonde woman at right has the picture she’s taking of the bell-bottomed outfit imposed on her cell phone. Nice detail. And there are 3 vases of REEF-like flora on stage, FLANKing the outfits…colored gray. Good REEF! Gray? How PACIFIC must we get with whoever’s coloring these PANELS? Couldn’t he SEA that they should have been CORAL?  WATER you gonna do? The guy just doesn’t keep CURRENT...SEW, WEAR’s my choice for today? I’m going with SYDNEY herself…SHAWLly you all agree with me that when it comes to Fashion and the Environment…Sydney’s not all that CLOTHES-minded after all…and I’m sure Jeff is very PRADA her! Hey, you never know! SEW, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone…and always try to adDRESS the important aspects of  life…or we’re SHOALly headed for much DEEPer issues! 👗🙋🏻








16 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 07/21/2019

  1. Hi Everyone –
    Great job, Angela, figuring out the puzzle. How wonderful that Sidney is using fashion to make a statement about the environment. The fashion industry is a huge polluter, so I hope she’ll be taking that on as a cause, too.

    • Good Morning, Caroline And Thank you. I really enjoyed it…it was a good FIT for me. As we’ve discussed before, we both have a great affinity for the environment, and I know you as I PATTERN your life STYLE accordingly. I wish more people would follow SUIT though. I see things every day that shock the PANTS off me…it’s sad. And yes, the Fashion Industry is part of the problem. Let’s hope the young ones coming up with their fresh ideas, like Sydney, approach things differently, and not only make us look good, but become harbingers of solutions. Have a great day, Caroline. Stay cool! 👗🙋🏻

  2. Chuck…Bring out the big guns…This one was a STRETCH! 😉🙋🏻

    ° WITHIN the SHADOW of the streetlight, and without any signage to DENOTE a dead-end ahead, the unkempt NOTARY Republic, (never known to make FASHION STATEMENTS), tried to quickly SWERVE…but he was less FAMOUS for his driving ability and ended up immersed in a ditch…

    • Ok…This really strained the FABRIC of my life! 😂😂🙋🏻

      While some considered FAMOUS by the standards of today,
      Could no more have been years ago, WITHIN a given day…
      The word somehow just don’t DENOTE what it did years ago,
      Today you SWERVE a body part…and Poof! It’s off you go.
      A SHADOW of an instant, can suddenly create,
      Another “famous” person…and with bated breath they wait…
      And there’s no need of service that a NOTARY supplies,
      Before you know it…Instant Fame before our very eyes…
      But truth be told, it’s such a joke…these celebs that are sent,
      Most of them prove to be no more than just FASHION STATEMENTS…

  3. Hi all – NOTARY took a couple of extra looks; then WITHIN took me the most time. Thought the answer might be something like HEADLINES, but saw FASHION as soon as I wrote down the letters.

    Have a great Sunday everyone!

    My sentence is also a stretch Angela but here goes:
    “Upon entering the dark underground garage, the NOTARY had to SWERVE to avoid hitting his client, the FAMOUS whistleblower, who was standing WITHIN a SHADOW, waiting to DENOTE the crimes he had witnessed.”

    Betty and Angela, since you were talking about the moon landing yesterday:
    During the Giants’ game, they interviewed the Navy frogman who was the first person to open the command module and greet the astronauts after the splash down. Before the game, Bruce Bochy gave him a Giants’ jersey with his name and the number 50 (with mascot Lou Seal standing by dressed in a space suit) and then they showed a long shot across the bay of his ship, the USS Hornet, permanently based in Alameda as a floating Museum.
    They later retold the story of manager Alvin Dark saying during spring training in 1964 that man would walk on the moon before pitcher Gaylord Perry ever hit a homerun. Then, five years later and about 30 minutes after the astronauts had stepped on the moon, Perry did indeed hit his first homerun.

    Also, the Chronicle had a small section about the anniversary which said that you could listen to a current podcast with the former science writer David Perlman. Inside was the front page from 1969, and Perlman’s story was right there. He was born on Dec 30, 1918, so he’s now 100 and still active (retired from the Chron in 2017 at age 98)!

    • Hey Steve…It definitely was a week of great footage. It’s hard to believe that 50 years have gone by….The Gaylord Perry story’s been making the rounds. There’s a lot on-line. Some of them are too funny. Check out what MLB.com put out yesterday. https://tinyurl.com/y4pwc2qk Only in Baseball!..😂 And a nice slant with your sentence…👏🏻👏🏻 I think NOTARY was the hardest one to FIT in with the others…Have a great day, G!

    • Steve..I don’t know if you’re a fan, but Sedaka was always popular with Brooklynites. Besides my Father, I remember my uncles and their friends talking about him. They all went to the same High School…(not my Father though)…Seems like everybody knew him…He just turned 80, and the New York Times had an article only last month that mentioned how he was one of the people whose material was lost in the fire at Universal Studios in 2008. Sad…This is a great read…even the Brill Building gets some ink.😉..🎶🎶🙋🏻


      • Thanks, very interesting! Of course I liked his music, especially his cooking song, “I love, I ove, I love my collander girl”! 😂 Connie Francis shows up in a lot of these stories, doesn’t she? 🙋🏻‍♂️

        • 🤦🏻‍♀️…Hmm. The day job…😉 And yes, they were long time friends…👫🙋🏻

    • I didn’t hear about Bruce Bochy giving the jersey to that fellow, Steve. That’s neat. I have not visited the USS Hornet, have you? I did tour the Midway in San Diego which was really an experience. My husband was in the Navy and stationed on the USS Valley Forge which is now no more. KGO radio’s John Rothmann had a great call in program Friday night. People from all over the Bay Area called in with their recollections of the event, many of whom were directly involved in the space program. I’ll look up David Perlman’s pod cast. I remember when he retired. He was a splendid science writer for the paper.

      • No, I haven’t visited. I like reading about their 1940’s themed dance every New Year’s Eve.

  4. Good puzzle this morning. I first saw denote as tendon – love the way I sometimes mix up the letters. Knew the cartoon answer had to be Fashion Statements so once I figured that out revisited tendon and made the necessary correction. Hope you folks get a break from your heat wave soon. Weather is typical summer here in the sixties with “fog along the coast” morning and evenings. Happy Sunday to all.

    • Good Morning, Betty…Weather in the 60’s? I’d pay good money! 😂 It’s really BRUTAL here…Tendon is a good guess…”N” it would have worked too…if not for ..,!!! LOL! I think the letter mixing is very common too, our minds’s eye is always at work! And how did I know you’d be the one to see FASHION STATEMENTS right off the RACK? ..I mean the bat..😉 It was a SHOE-in,👠👡 right? 😉 Have a wonderful Sunday, Betty. Enjoy! 👗🙋🏻

  5. Just an update…Someone’s suggested to me that I search again..since he’s sure SWERVE has been played before…but he’s giving me no date to go on…I did search again…and nada. So I’m pleading the fifth…And WITHIN does SEAM to be a new CREATION ..👗🙋🏻

  6. Good evening.Out early and back home late. I started the puzzle and to my surprise it was fairly easy. Even the 17 letters for the cartoon didn’t faze me. After writing down the letters my first thought was confined when I started to cross them off for the first word. Until tomorrow stay well.

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