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Good Morning, Everyone!         👶🏻 SPECIAL DELIVERY 👶🏻

🎶 I’M GONNA STAY RIGHT HERE BY YOUR SIDE…Do my best to keep you satisfied…Nothing in the world can drive me away, ‘Cause every day you’ll hear me say..BABY I’m yours…And I’ll be yours until two and two is three, Yours until the mountain crumbles to the sea…In other words, until eternity…BABY I’m yours…” 🎶 “Baby, I’m Yours”  – Barbara Lewis 1965

👶🏻 You find you have a craving…a BURGER’s what you need
You also wish you had ALOHA within your news feed…
But with a due date looming near the situation’s MURKY,
You can’t get on an airplane…and the meat you have’s beef jerky…
You’re SWEATY and your patience’s thin…you can’t wait to deliver,
You’re thinking ’bout your OBS..and all the thanks you’ll give her…
‘Cause even though you’re up to bat, she’s also on the carpet…
The push and pull of giving birth makes up the LABOR MARKET! 👶🏻 

Despite Mike and I feeling a little under the weather today, when PUSH comes to SHOVE, the show must go on, so even though it’s LATE, I’m here to DELIVER for you…Unfortunately though, DUE to the TIME RESTRAINTS, I’ll need to change up the TERMS a little, so I’m going to skip most of the research. Right now all I can NAME are MURKY, which was LAST SEEN on 04/04/16, and BURGER which was SERVED up recently on 01/02/19. And, if TIME permits, I’ll look for ALOHA and SWEATY later, but I surmise they may both be NEW KIDS on the block…

Today we find ourselves in the new offices of Dr’s. TWIN and BEAR-IT, the two newest OBSTETRICIANS on the MARKET. Having recently joined FORCEPS, I mean forces, they’ve started a practice together, and they’re determined to DELIVER the best care available. Hoping to STIRRUP new patients, they’re gung-ho to get the word out they’re well trained and ready, and we see them about to start enjoying the fruits of their LABOR. In fact, they’ve even named the business…”At Your CERVIX“…Really, I’m not KIDding..Anyway, we see our two main characters, joined by a man, named GUY. NOt looking like a doctor, I guess he’s the office manager. An he’s also OPENING UP about how much he loves the job…Yes, its definitely an UP and COMING practice…So, in answer to our question…Dr’s. TWIN and BEAR-IT are now part of the…LABOR MARKET! Ha! David, you’ve DELIVERED another good one!

Ok, eye candy. With the panel shaded in a pastel shade of bluish teal, we see our Doctors in their white Lab Coats, Stethoscopes around their necks. There’s a tablet in Guy’s hands. Dr. Grin has her hand resting atop on a machine which I think may be a FETAL MONITOR, but I’m not positive, since I wasn’t BORN into the business. And there’s two Grand OPENING balloons shown off to the right…But I think I’ll go with the image to the left…It could be a wall mural, or just another one of Jeff’s whimsical FLIGHTS of fancy, but we can see the proverbial STORK carrying a NEWBORN BABY in its beak…What a cute touch! So, There you have it, Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone…and here’s to OBSTETRICIANS everywhere 🍷…We’d BEARly get by without you! 👶🏻🙋🏻

26 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 07/18/2019

  1. Good morning. I’ll have to say that Aloha was hardest word for me only because I got the other three before going back and getting the second word. I was lost on the 5 and 6 letter cartoon words and got all the combinations that were possible and came up with the solution after awhile. Clever finish and a gold star should be given to those who solve it on their own. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Good Afternoon,Brooklyn. Since I zero in on the cartoon first, the words…Delivering, Trained and Job in the dialogue and then Business in the question gave me LABOR. MARKET ARRIVED from the letters. And you’re right, it’s very clever. As for ALOHA, I’m pretty sure it’s new, but I haven’t had a chance to research it yet…Have a great day, Paul! 👶🏻🙋🏻

  2. It was an easy puzzle for me but not solving the answer, even though I have experienced labor.

    • Hi Janie. Nice to see you again. So you speak from experience! 😉 You’ve BORNe the burden! LOL…The solution is proving to be a stumper for a few people today, so you’re not alone. And it’s a very clever one…But I’m glad we could be of help. Thanks for commenting, and please do so again. Hope you’re enjoying your day! 👶🏻🙋🏻

  3. Hi Everyone –
    I had no ideas for the answer but was fortunate to see market.
    I heard back from Lelia’s daughter Joyce who said:
    My mother’s 80th Birthday Party was wonderful with all grandchildren present, 2 flew in from out of state!
    Thank you for the link where I read all the kind comments about my mother!

      • My day has been a bit odd. First I solved the words but wrestled with aloha (a Hawaiian word) shouldn’t all words be in English? Also burger could have been Gruber, but went with most of the common & got them right. The solve got me. Closest I got was market, but dropped it, didn’t seem relevant so never searched remaining letters. Hats off to the solvers (and the Cartoonies).

        • HI Jamu. If it’s any consolation, the solve caught a few people today. On to tomorrow, right? Hope you’re having a good night…👶🏻🙋🏻

  4. After entering the MURKY BURGER joint with the ALOHA sign in the window, the palms of my hands became extremely SWEATY.

    • 👏🏻👏🏻! LOL! But was the Dancing Hula Girl anywhere to be seen?…Maybe you should have opted for a DELIVERY instead! Good to see you, Chuck..and have a great day! 👶🏻🙋🏻

    • Hi, Anonymous… A few weeks ago, the Jumble creators spoke about Canadian and English spellings. I don’t know if you saw the comment. I’ll try locating it for you. But I can see where it would have thrown you off. Thanks for commenting, and I hope you enjoyed the puzzle despite the difference. Have a great day! 👶🏻🙋🏻

  5. Hi all – Or should I say ALOHA? That was a little tricky, but the two A’s gave it away. I thought STOCK MARKET for the answer, but that let me see LABOR when I wrote the letters. I also thought it could have been LABOR FORCE, or FORCED LABOR. My path to the last word reminded me of the fast food joint in “Two Triple Cheese Side Order of Fries” when I saw GRUBBY BUGGY BURGER.

    Have a great day everyone. Caroline, thanks again for the update.

    Angela, thanks again for a song I hadn’t even thought about in ages, but just reading the lyrics brought it right back. And I’m sure you know which pun made me laugh out loud.

    “Today’s characters said ALOHA to the baby leaving its MURKY SWEATY environment for the clean delivery room, but in too few years he would be back in those same conditions flipping a BURGER as a member of the LABOR MARKET”.

    • LOL! Yea…All 4 of the Lou’s shook their heads this morning…but they did agree that it earned me a Freebie at the next Round Table meeting. So I guess it was worth the shot! 😉 I told them it was just a LABOR of love on my part…😉 The music? You’re welcome…and Thanks for the Shout Out…It is a nice blast from the past, isn’t it? A Summer kind of Love Song…You know my head’s full of them…And Kudos 👏🏻👏🏻 on your sentence…Nicely done…Have a great day, Steve…👶🏻🙋🏻

      • Thanks Angela. I’m going to tell my wife’s obgyn that one when she sees him next month. He’s over 80, great sense of humor and sharp as a tack.
        Hope you and Mike feel better soon. I’ll be out this PM but looking forward to Giants/Mets. Whatever elixir the G’s found, I want some. During the All Star Break, one of the writers said that since MLB has turned into a Sunday beer league (with all the home runs), it was fitting that their first two series of the second half were at Miller Park and Coors Field. 😂🙋🏻‍♂️

          • I heard that the Giants have been so hot, the Mets have to install a cinder guard, or else watch the bums garner a win. 😂🙋🏻‍♂️

            • Hmmm…Be nice. You never know what can happen..Some people still think poorly of the Giants.. .I mean there’s no guarantee that a BUM GARNERs any runs..🙄🤦🏻‍♀️

  6. Missed this one. Had delivery early and strayed due to sweaty delay. Once delivery in play labor should have followed. Oh well, better luck tomorrow

    • ..And Stuart, I apologize…I missed this one! For some reason, I didn’t see it. Sorry you hit a snag today, but as you say, better luck tomorrow. Hope your night’s going well. 👶🏻🙋🏻

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