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Good Morning, Everyone!    🎱 THE VERY THOUGHT OF …CUE! 🎱

🎶Wake up Maggie I think I got something to say to you…I suppose I could collect my books and get on back to school…Or steal my Daddy’s CUE and make a living out of PLAYING POOL..🎶 “Maggie May” – Rod Stewart 1971

🎱 I’m pretty good behind the stick…I learned it as a teen,
A boyfriend taught me how to play, I started off real green.
I kept it from my Father, I knew He’d disapprove,
A Pool Room opened up once…and my Father made us move!
ADMIRE Him I did greatly, but here we disagreed,
I loved the game of shooting Pool…we had no UNITY
And He was big on HONOR, so He’d be upset I knew,
Despite the fact that I played well…and money did ACCRUE.
Then one day He found out and…well, much to my chagrin,
My teenage Pool days ended…because someone CUED HIM IN…

As our work week DRAWs to a close, today we find ourselves surrounded by words that are all old favorites, but with anagrams that haven’t yet been PLAYED. ACCRUE RACKED UP the most recent SPOT, having last been seen on 10/07/18, while HONOR goes back the farthest, to 11/15/13. And both ADMIRE and UNITY saw ACTION in 2017, 06/25 and 12/08, respectively. Yet despite having been in PLAY at least six times previously, this morning I immediately FELT that ACCRUE would be the word to cause the most head SCRATCHing today. It’s a MASTERful anagram. Ok…CUE the music and let’s HUSTLE over to our cartoon…

As we were in July and September of last year, and January of this year, today once again our cartoon PICKs up at a GAME of POOL. Finding ourselves in the midst of what looks like a HUSTLE, I’m going to take a STANCE, and say that the Man With a Plan is Jeff, and by calling “Next”, he’s AIMING to give another man the SHAFT. Obviously a skilled player, he’s just bested one man, who in turning the CUE STICK over to a third man who definitely looks like David, is advising him to not “give him any combos”. (A COMBO SHOT involves hitting the CUE BALL at one certain ball in order to hit and pocket a third ball. The CUE BALL is the white one, and seeing it there on the table in front of Jeff, it looks like he may be ready to FOLLOW THROUGH with another COMBO)…And with that advice, the middle man is giving David a hint, warning him to get a GRIP. He’s…CUED HIM IN! Baboom! I mean CAROM! Good one David…Right to the POINT!

Ok, Eye Candy. At the back of the panel, in black silhouette, we see a man and a woman holding Pool Cues and another man taking a SHOT. The Pool Table shows three balls, the white CUE, and two striped balls which are colored inaccurately. Jeff, dressed in a black suit and a red tie, looks PROfessional. He’s CHALKING his CUE, since over time, the tip of a STICK gets worn and smooth from use, and the Chalk provides the friction that’s necessary to make a good shot. And Jeff’s (not this Jeff, the other Jeff), DRAWn lines of motion to simulate the TURNING OF THE CUE…The bearded Middle Man has a distinctive look, but I have no idea who he might be. And David, who looks like he’s definitely behind the 8 BALL, is wearing a purple T-Shirt with the Jumble “J” logo patched on his sleeve. But I’m going to go with the white carnation buttonaire that Jeff’s wearing, right above his left jacket POCKET. Nice touch, BUD…It’s the CENTER SPOT of the whole outfit! So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone…And try to BREAK a bad habit today…just KISS it goodbye, and CROSS OVER that BRIDGE…Life’s a BALL…BET on it! 🎱🙋🏻

And PS: The Suit, the Tie…the Carnation?…Minnesota Fats?…One HUSTLER to another?…I was searching for the Pinky Ring…🌺🙋🏻






16 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 07/12/2019

  1. I took a SHOT and decided to cut CORNERS by STICKing with the same theme for both entries today…Allows me to POCKET some extra time for myself…😉🎱🙋🏻

    After a member had CUED HIM IN that the committee was going to HONOR him by naming him “The Man Most to ADMIRE”, he in turn, as a sign of UNITY, suggested they make a list that would ACCRUE everyone’s accomplishments…

    They all wanted the UNITY, dissension wouldn’t do,
    The HONOR system was in place, the trust had to ACCRUE…
    If they couldn’t ADMIRE one another from the start,
    They’d rather go their separate ways, ‘twas better that they part…
    So taking the Chairman’s advice that what was past had been
    A grave misunderstanding…they ignored who’d CUED HIM IN

  2. Good morning. Loved your song choice again Angela. Will try to check back later as I have to get out early. Accrue would have to be my choice for hardest word only because I had it as Accure. I was in the right church, but the wrong pew. Not too much trouble with the cartoon answer but didn’t enjoy the conclusion. I get it but it doesn’t tickle my funny bone. I’ll give it one point out of three only because Angela was so kind and gave me that yesterday when I was only looking for 1/2 point. Until tomorrow stay well

    • Good Morning, Brooklyn…You’re missing the Forest for the SEES…Did you SEE my link to CUED HIM IN? Handed him the CUE Stick, gave him the TIP? It’s all related…Kind of like a COMBO SHOT…one leads to another..leads to another….Give it a BREAK..and look at it again. It’s brilliant really…I’d put my money on it any day…😉 And Thanks for the Shout Out.. You in TURN, Brooklyn…always rate a #1 in my BOOK…Talk to you later…Enjoy your day! 🎱🙋🏻

  3. It’s hard to describe the honor you feel as you stand in unity with friends you accrue & admire , while in service, to salute your country’s flag. You look around & realize you’re saluting them too. Semper fi!

    • 👏🏻👏🏻 Nicely done, Jamu. Glad you took a SHOT! ..And Semper Fi? Is there a Leatherneck in our midst? 🤔🙋🏻

  4. My run of the table this week was challenged a bit this morning. Had to put a little english on accrue for the winning shot!

    • 👏🏻👏🏻 John..Not looking to STROKE your ego, but if I could CUSHION the blow at all, I’d say that it’s by no means a BAD ROLL…It’s simply a minor BREAK in your RANKING…😉 Have a great day! 🎱🙋🏻

  5. Accrue gave me reason to pause,but being an avid billiards player in college and grad school,made the puzzle solution a slam dunk,only if we were playing hoops instead.

    • LOL…Indeed it would be…And if we’re mixing our Sports Metaphors? Perhaps it’d be a Slap SHOT! …As for ACCRUE? The numbers are steadily ACCRUING! Have a great day, Prof! 🎱🙋🏻

      • Semper Fi. Semper Hic. Admire or Midear? Hmm….thought rule called for only one word per anagram, played a bit got the solve, had to laugh. Devout solvers might prefer multiword anagrams; I find it difficult with single word anagrams, but I’ll vote with them it could only make me better. Angela- the weather I sent was Brooklyn’s.

        • Hey Jamu. IMO…Always faithful is always there. If not in person, than in spirit…Midear? Surely you jest…But… are you a Brooklynite? 🤔🙋🏻

  6. Hi all – The double letter trick gave me ACCRUE quickly – put the C’s together, and ACC often occurs. Went with MIRIAD at first glance because we’ve had MYRIAD recently, but the second glance showed ADMIRE. HONOR actually took me 3 or 4 looks. No idea about the answer until I wrote the letters, then it was obvious.

    Taking a BRIDGE from this subject to another, playing pool is the only thing I do left handed, and I have no idea why. We had a small table at home, but if I went somewhere where there were pool tables, it was usually to play pinball (“A game of skill”, no money changed hands).

    Excellent song of course, Angela. And I’m glad Dave’s getting advice so he won’t get snookered, but he’d just chalk it up to experience anyway.

    Have a great day, everyone.

    “I ADMIRE the UNITY of the team, and cheer every HONOR that will ACCRUE to them”.

    • Hi G. Good Morning.,.👏🏻👏🏻Nice job on your sentence, and thanks for the Shout Out…But from that look on David’ face…I doubt he’s thinking..”CHALK it up”…He’s at a loss for WORDS! 🎱🙋🏻

      • If he were at a loss for WORDS, he’d be CROSS about it. 😂
        Got the official public release of Giant Jumble Crosswords in the App store this morning! 🙋🏻‍♂️

        • I never even saw this comment…juggling too much..Yes..I follow 3-4 of their pages on FB, and it was plastered all over this morning, …(But I don’t think David ever gets cross…he’s so genuinely sweet)….🎱🙋🏻

    • Steve…I’m sorry. I’m doing a gazillion things and I hit the post too soon…Have a good one! 🎱🙋🏻

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