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Good Morning, Everyone!        ⌛️ TIME AND TIME…A-BEN

🎶 I only know what I know,…The passing years will show, youve kept my love so young, so new…And TIME after TIME, you’ll hear me say that I’m so lucky to be loving you..🎶..”Time After Time” -Frank Sinatra  1946 

⌛️We’ve visited this landmark so many times before,
If History has TAUGHT us, there’ll probably be more.
The puzzle does ELICIT a memory or two,
Just like a sweet SONATA can bring memories anew…
We see our couple MINGLE amongst the tourists there,
A visit in the daytime, no moon INDIGO is here,
(This leaves me with MANURE…and I’ll tell you this my Friends)
It doesn’t fit, and I’d say that...TIME AND TIME AGAIN…

Personally, I love the Sunday words, as I’m sure many of you do. We open our paper, and there before us lies the 6 of 6, as I like to call them, A little more challenging, a little more varied…a lot more fun. So this morning, as I do every morning when I post the blog, I delved into the Archives to check on the HISTORY of today’s words. Pretty confident that I wouldn’t find MANURE, I looked anyway…I didn’t find Manure. And to be honest Folks, at 4AM on a hot summer morning….I really didn’t care to find Manure. I didn’t even enjoy saying Manure. But there it was…boldly staring me in the face. And for a moment, I had Déjà vu of David perhaps mentioning the use of the word to us in one of his videos.  And maybe if it wasn’t a Sunday, with me having to start my “gravy”, and prepare my lasagna, and get to Mass…well maybe I’d go searching the Video Archives, but alas…no. I say let’s just let the chips fall where they may…Ok, MOOving on…I found our other 5 words, multiple times in fact, except for ELICIT. It seems that since 10/01/15, Elicit hasn’t graced our pages. But we have seen INDIGO six previous times, the last as recent as 02/26/19, SONATA showed up five times, as far back as 08/31/14, and as recent as 01/15/19, and MINGLE has wedged it’s way in five times also, starting on 11/18/13, and last appearing on 11/14/17. And I found TAUGHT in play on 06/21 of last year, but it dates back to 12/27/11, where it was anagrammed exactly as it is today: GHUTTA. So what has all this TAUGHT us? …That I wish I hadn’t seen Manure…Anyway, MOOving  on AGAIN

Today’s cartoon brings us to back to Jolly ‘Ole England, and the site of London’s iconic Landmark, the ELIZABETH TOWER, commonly, yet incorrectly called BIG BEN. Those in the know, know that BIG BEN is the name of the massive Bell inside the Tower, but as I’ve mentioned, that bit of information doesn’t always RING true. We see a couple of TOWERists visiting, and if you’re a dedicated Jumble fan, I’m sure you know that we’ve BEN here many, many TIMES before. I did a quick TOUR of my files, and came up with at least 8 previous VISITS to London, and at least four to today’s SIGHT. Someone has an affinity, wouldn’t you say? A BENchant for the place? And going by the dialogue, “tradition” and “same shot as last year”, I figured I may as well check on that too.. (A lot of research this morning)! And sure enough…last year, on 07/08/18, we were here, seeing who I thought to be a younger David and Claire, (or could it have been Jeff and Kathy?)  taking a selfie. And on 08/09/17, an older couple visited…And on 06/23/16…Well, would you believe all the way back to 09/22/11? But I had to give up looking after that…I’d BEN at it for way too long a TIME. Bottom line? We’ve seen a lot of TOWERists visiting BIG BEN. And today we may be seeing the same couple from 2017. I wish I could show you the cartoon, but I’m not having any luck trying to copy it. So between our dialogue, and our question telling us that they’ve BEN here on NUMEROUS occasions? We can see that they’ve enjoyed it…TIME AND TIME AGAIN! Good one, David. You’ve managed to bRING us another good one this TIME

So, eye candy. We see three other characters besides the couple serving as our main ATTRACTION. A man is off to the left, seen taking a picture with his cell phone. At right we see a couple, the man pointing up towards the Tower with his left arm, while his right is draped romantically around the woman. And some black silhouetted bushes are visible beyond the Tower. White puffy clouds dot the sky. Our woman at front is dressed in a magenta colored top and hat. The man is seen wearing a cap with the iconic Rolling Stones “Tongue and Lip” logo from 1969, which coincidentally was emblazoned on the shirt of the man in the 2018 cartoon. His white T-Shirt depicts the Union Jack, he’s sporting a fanny pack, (as did the man in the cartoon of 2017), and he’s using a selfie stick holding his phone, to ensure that he’ll capture the Tower along with the two of them in his “shot”. But the eye catcher this morning? It’s not what I’m seeing…it’s what I’m not…Elizabeth Tower has Ben under construction since August 21st, 2017. Last years cartoon showed the Tower encased in scaffolding. (I wish I could show you that cartoon also). And the renovations are scheduled to continue until 2021. So, where’s the scaffolding today? It kind of TICKS me off a little. But I have to mention it, right?  Or how would I save FACE….I mean as far as I know, the work is still going on, around the CLOCK…and if it’s not WINDING UP until 2021? Have we gone back in TIME? IDK…I’m just UP IN THE AIR about it…So, There you have it Folks, Done. Have a great day, Everyone…and  take some TIME today to CLOCK in with your loved ones…it’s always TIME well spent…⌛️⏳🙋🏻

*** I know I’m using the same song as last years TOWER puzzle, but despite so many songs out there about TIME, this is the one that kept playing in my head… Cyndi Lauper briefly passed by, as did the Rolling Stones..but as far as I’m concerned?…Sinatra wins out every TIME! *** ⏳🙋🏻









42 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 07/07/2019

  1. Manure,yuck!Plus I had to back into it from the time and time again,Big Ben puzzle solution.Enjoy the day,with our heat wave diminished from the 90+ degree highs of the end of last week,to a much more reasonable forecasted high of the ‘low’ 80’s,we may even be able to venture outside.

    • Good Morning, Professor, Yuck is right! 😝 And as I mentioned, it definitely put a dent in my morning, especially since I had started cooking!🙄 Threw my whole schedule off course. I usually make 7 o’clock Mass, but today I did the 8. But if I get a chance, I’m going to look for David’s video, because I really think I remember him mentioning how it was a word that he’d be a little gun shy to use. See, this is what we get for asking for new words! 😂😂 We have the heat here too…with the dreaded humidity. Lethal combination…And it’s only early July…Enjoy the down time, Prof…Wishing you a good one. Stay cool! ⏳🙋🏻

  2. Paul And Chuck…These words were no walk in the park! I rewrote 3 TIMES..and I’m still not thrilled with it…🙄🙋🏻

    ° Having TAUGHT the scouts how to carefully MINGLE amongst the horses in the barn, he now felt concerned that he might be asked to clean up the MANURE, and he tried to ELICIT any kind of a hint…but he was glad TIME AND TIME AGAIN that he had at least searched his closet for his most INDIGO colored clothing…so he turned up the sound of his favorite SONATA…and braced himself for the next assignment…

  3. Part 2 – Close to impossible getting around MANURE…No pun intended! 😂🙋🏻

    ° The night sky one of INDIGO, a SONATA played so sweet,
    He wanted a commitment…to ELICIT was no treat…
    He watched her MINGLE with the guys, attention what she sought,
    He wondered if monogamy was natural or self-TAUGHT.
    His doubt was growing stronger, he felt trapped as in MANURE,
    So should he just forget it…or continue to pursue her?
    He knew he had to make a choice, the question was but when…
    Because he couldn’t go though this TIME AND TIME AGAIN

  4. Good morning everyone. The puzzle drove me nuts today. I gave up like my friend Paul, but I got the answer without getting the words. Angela you are amazing how to get the words so fast and enter them in a sentence. Have a great day .Marie from Brooklyn,till next time.

    • LOL! Marie, you’ve let the cat out of the bag! Paul hasn’t checked in yet…but now we already know his fate! 😂 Good Morning! I’m sorry you had some trouble today. I just checked the poll numbers, and it does seem like each of the words posed a problem here or there. I guess they are a bit of a challenge. But as you’ve said, the answer was pretty obvious. Thank you so much for your kind words, Marie…it’s very sweet of you. I guess it’s just the end result of loving to read since I was a baby, and just having a big mouth! 😂 More emphasis on the big mouth! 😂 I just like words…Anyway, tell my pal Brooklyn that the jig is up, and I hope you have a great day! Stay cool! ☀️🙋🏻

    • Good evening. The butterfly came out of her cocoon and ratted me right out. Here I was going out the door and I get a phone call from my friend and wife’s best friend and like Marie I only had two words. I wasn’t able to continue as number one son needed help and he still thinks I’m in my 40s. Number 3 was there already helping him. I love them all,he has the brains but is all thumbs when it comes to manual labor. At least with guidance he is ok. When we worked in the junk yard with my brotherinlaw he was a worthy helper. When it came to running 🏃 he would always beat me but once. We would run 3-5 miles and I’d be an 1/8 of a mile in front and then he would pass me at the end. Hot way off the subject here. Never got back to the darn jumble. Wasn’t looking to get aggravated especially after scraping all that wallpaper off the walls. Until tomorrow stay well. Oh yea Angela, see your back with old blue eyes. Great. Choice.

      • Brooklyn…I’m ROTFL!!! “He still thinks I’m in my 40’s”… The best thing I’ve heard all day! It has to be that young attitude of yours…And second best line? “The butterfly came out of her cocoon and ratted me right out”! I swear, you slay me! Paul…you have no idea how refreshing you are…Anyway…the Jumble. As you must have seen I thought it adorable when Marie tipped your hand. I figured you were at a later Mass or something, but when it got to be 12, I figured you were involved in something. Sorry it wasn’t anything fun. And I hope #1 at least fed you! 😂 So a Jumble bust today, huh? That’s ok..there’s always tomorrow…And thanks for the Sintra Shout Out. We can never go wrong with Frank….Just be sure you soak your hands, or tomorrow you’ll be saying the Rosary when you try to grip that Bocce Ball. Have a good night, Brooklyn…I hope we both get some sleep! 😘🙋🏻

  5. ***Mike M*** 🎈Happy 79th Birthday 🎂 to Ringo! 🎈Sir Paul went on Twitter to say “Happy Birthday to the best drummer in the world”! 👏🏻👏🏻🙋🏻

    • Angela:
      I noticed that Ringo made the cover of Parade magazine today. Next year we will have an 80-year old Beatle for the first time. Peace & Love! 😎

      • Hey Mike…Yes he did! I have it sitting right here…the Little Cutie Patootie that he is, with the double Peace Sign! Here I was 4:30 this morning saying out loud…”Rock on, Sir”, ❤️ But wait…an 80-year old Beatle? Can it be? I demand a recount!!! 😉 Peace out, Bro! 🥁🙋🏻

  6. Another tough set of Sunday clue words. I had to back into INDIGO, SONATA and my last – MANURE. I’ve seen the Big Ben puzzles enough to know that time was likely part of the answer.
    Wishing everyone a great day.

    • Hi Caroline. Good Afternoon. If you check the poll, you’ll see that you’re in good company today. Those words stumped a good number of people. But it seems like we all aced the answer. At least that helped to get the necessary letters. And I think besides Manure, even though the other words are all old favorites, todays anagrams are definitely top-notch. David did an excellent job scrambling these letters up today! Kudos for sticking with it! Hope you have a wonderful day, Caroline! ⌛️🙋🏻

  7. Elicit is the word that took me the longest to solve. Had to resort to paper and pencil to figure it out. Cartoon answer was easy. It was a surprise to see manure – definitely a challenge for those of you creating our daily sentences. Have a good Sunday!!

    • Good Morning, Betty. ELICIT was the one word that made me blink this morning too. I was thinking Eclectic.Don’t ask me how, though, because right off the bat I could see that I was shy 2 C’s. But that’s what I saw the first TIME around. And the “M” word? Ugh…I had to light an extra candle at Mass…to try and repent for the evil thoughts that went thru my mind early this morning..I was surprised by it too. As for the sentences…it is what it is…It wasn’t that easy, but there’s no good to come of it, if I CARP about it any more, right? AND YES, THAT’S MY ANAGRAM FOR THE DAY! 😂😂😂 Here’s to a good one, Betty! Enjoy! 🍷🙋🏻

  8. Hi all – I GHUTTA bad feeling about the (New York accent) TURD word, and (using the British pronunciation) if you don’t mind METHANE-ing it, I was surprised to see MANURE. Three words took the longest, and I got TAUGHT, SONATA, and ELICIT last.
    GHUTTA also reminded me of the classic recurring Three Stooges threat, “Why I AUGHTA..”

    I’ve done enough damage already without attempting a sentence with these words, so I’ll just wish you all a great Sunday!

    Yes Angela, I also thought “Time waits for no one” would also be appropriate given the Stones’ logo on the hat. Great sentences given what you had to work with.

    It’s been trendy for a long time to disparage Ringo in some circles, but I agree with this clip from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in which some of the world’s greatest drummers sit behind his actual simple drum kit and share their admiration for him:

    • Hey Steve…The Stones? Too funny, but I was thinking 🎶The Last Time🎶 and 🎶Out of Time🎶, not 🎶Time Waits for No One🎶. Like I said…there’s soooo many songs out there about TIME. And now, ahem…TURD? Ok, here’s the thing…If you’re gonna get Brooklyn, (it is said with a Brooklyn accent, not NYC..NYC is Manhattan to us natives)..😉, the “correct” pronunciation is “TOID”, as in “TOIDY TOID” Street. Anything less, grates on the ears! TURD? Who speaks like that? Philistines! 😂😂 But anyway, Ringo disparaged? Please…it’s all jealousy. Plain and simple. And Ringo’s laughing all the way to the bank! Thanks for the Shout Out, Steve….And practice…TOID, TOID, It does have a certain RING to it! 😂 Have a good one, G, ⌛️🙋🏻

      • Now you have me laughing! One of my favorite high school teachers told a lot of jokes and puns, and he had one that took place on a bus with a passenger saying “TOIDY TOID and TOID”! 😂😂🙋🏻‍♂️

        • Jokes? Puns? Why? What’s so funny about Toidy Toid and Toid? Am I missing something??? 😂😂😂🙋🏻

    • Steve:
      Some of the drummers in your clip alluded to the fact that Ringo plays around the kit differently than other right-handed drummers. In the clip below from one of Ringo’s appearances on Conan, he explains that he was actually born left-handed, but plays with a right-handed drum kit, which is a big part of why he sounds different from other drummers.

      • Thanks Mike! Funny, just before I read this, I watched three other clips that came up as suggestions including that one on Conan which I hadn’t seen. Great stuff!

      • Mike…So wait…Does that mean that since I was born left-handed, and my Grandmother, God rest her “meaning well” soul, forced right-handedness on me, it explains everything? 😂😂🤦🏻‍♀️

  9. *** I don’t know if anyone else does both Jumble puzzles on Sundays, (Clay, do you)?…this one of ours, and the vintage one that appears in some newspapers and online sites. Today the word TAUGHT was used in both puzzles. The vintage puzzle had it as GUTHAT. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the same word used on both puzzles before, and I’m wondering if it’s a coincidence, or if David planned it. Either way, I thought it was a cute little quirk. 🤔🙋🏻

  10. Buona Domenica a tutti e a tutti un buon
    Giorno. Angela: went to a Catholic University; took Theology. Say I walked in a Catholic, left
    an Agnostic. I’m not alone; one cousin even served in a monastery for a few years & left. My family views me with disappointment, but I tell them I have a great affection for believers, esp. those who practice their belief. That said, I enjoyed the slow going this morning & also the solve. My hard words were sonata & manure.
    Angela – May the day shower you in light & happiness.

    • Well…What have we here? A good Sunday to you and yours too, Jamu. Well said! 👏🏻👏🏻 You know, I studied Theology too. Walked in Catholic, thinking I might want to enter the Religious life…walked out, Period! .And then 3 engagements later realized I must have been drunk there for a while!!! 😂😂😂 I still love my Catholic Religion though…but unfortunately today it’s the Church I have some reservations about….Anyway, Sonata and the “M” word, huh? .A classic case of Beauty and the Beast…Thanks for the sweet sentiment, Jamu…And I hope yours is a day of happiness too! 😘🙋🏻

  11. Angela – you mentioned a second puzzle with TAUGHT. If it also had GUESS, SUAVE, & LIMPID which one (or paper) is it?

    • Hey Jamu. Yes, that’s the puzzle, but I don’t have it in my paper. I see it online each week. I just know that a lot of papers across the country carry only those vintage 4-word puzzles on Sunday’s. 🙋🏻

  12. A couple years ago, you announced that you would be interviewing the Jumble team and asked if anyone had questions to suggest. I remember asking if there were certain kinds of words that they did not use, such as manure. I guess that makes me the stinker.

    • ROTFL!! DING! DING! DING!!! We have a winner! Ray, that’s it! I knew I heard it somewhere! Thank you so much. I wasn’t sure if I heard it from him or if it was in a conversation I had with my friends…(Trust me..you don’t want to know)! 😂 And you’re sooo not the stinker, although I do appreciate the pun…😉 You’re a Sweetheart. Keeps me from thinking I’ve totally gone off the deep end! 😂 Thanks again…I’m gonna look for it as soon as I stop dancing here! 🙋🏻

    • Ray..I found it. Here it is….And he does discuss if the word MANURE is ok to use. It starts at about 14:11 on this link. He mentions that it’s not that the word is negative or offensive in of itself, but that he really hasn’t used it before because it can unscramble into another word. He mentions that he forgot what the word is, but…I guess he’s changed his mind, because …Voila! Here it is today! 😂 I can’t thank you enough for jogging my memory. And how great is this video? Even without David, (another Cutie Patootie)..😉the scenery alone is worth the price of admission…What a great idea he had to present it to us like this. Another good point worth noting is him mentioning that although he alone does the words and the question with the solution, and makes suggestions to Jeff, it’s Jeff who does most of the dialogue…which is often so witty..I’m glad I listened to this again…It would be sad to think that all I really remembered from it was that “M” word!! Thanks again, Ray, and have a great night! 🙋🏻

      • The other word with those letters is MENURA, which is a classification for a variety of birds. I used the unscramble site to get the answer. I was completely unfamiliar with the word.

        • Get out! Really? I’ve never heard the word before either. Poor David, he should have stuck with his first instinct. It’s funny though, because Jeff has mentioned more than once, that they only use the Merriam-Webster dictionary, and would you believe it is in there? Well, c’est la vie, right? With all that this man does, this one word is just a drop in the bucket. But I bet he’ll delete it from the Database after this! Ray, thanks again for going above and beyond. I really appreciate it. I owe ya one! He’s to a great night! 🍷🙋🏻

  13. Angela:
    I’ve seen Ringo do this in other interviews–he blames his granny for making him write right-handed, but never does explain how this makes her responsible for him playing the drums right-handed!🙄

    • His Grandmother too? What is it a conspiracy? Listen, it’s not just a question of writing, Mike. The whole hand switcheroo does strange things. My Grandmother swore I was possessed or something. Ok, so maybe it wasn’t just the left-handed stuff that gave her the impression…but let’s not split hairs…😉 Anyway, all I know is that her forcing me to write and eat with my right hand screwed up a slew of things in the future. There are so many things that for the life of me, I can’t do right handed. And vice versa. It would almost be funny…if it didn’t end up causing so much confusion all my life. Swear, until this day, I stil have major problems deciphering right from left. So, luckily in Ringo’s case, the right (read the correct) side of his brain kicked in artistically…but for me? This is why I don’t drive…Go ahead, I’ll wait…😂😂🙋🏻

      • Being born right-handed, I don’t think I can comment on this. P & L 😎

        • True. But I was just making a joke about the “I’ll wait”. Maybe I was too subtle…😂 Let’s face it, no one needs a person on the road who can’t properly distinguish left from right! 😂 Anyway, unless you’re “in it”, it’s very hard to understand, I even have my Little Ones, 2-4 years old asking me what’s the deal..😂 Why I don’t know left from right, and why I keep screwing things up. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard me tell it, but I’m not even “allowed” to help any of them put their shoes on anymore…😂😂 🙋🏻

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