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Good Morning, Everyone!         🔧WATER YOU GONNA DO?🔧

🎶 Come on, Vogue…Let your body move to the music (move to the music)
Hey, hey, hey…Come on, Vogue…Let your body GO WITH THE FLOW..(GO WITH THE FLOW) ..You know you can do it.🎶 ..”Vogue” – Madonna 1990

🔧With any job it’s always ROUGH, and LOGIC let’s us know,
A new job takes its time to get it right and FITTED so.
Whether we hang a WINDOW or deal with pipes and drains,
The learning process must take place before one sees the gains.
So it just stands to reason that our Plumber’s in the know…
And with a smile he says, “sure”…and he’ll GO WITH THE FLOW🔧

While all our words today are old favorites, guess what else I FLUSHED out of the Archives while searching for them this morning? Our answer today is an old favorite too. We had the very same answer back on May 14, 2016, when our puzzle question was: He Didn’t Want To Go Tubing, But He Did To…GO WITH THE FLOW. Maybe not a PLUMBING puzzle, but that’s just water under the FRIDGE, right? I mean, WATER the odds? Anyway, as far as our words go, WINDOW goes way back to 10/04/14, FITTED was seen on 08/16/16, LOGIC showed up on 08/06/18, and ROUGH appeared as recently as 04/18/19. And while FITTED caused 2 or 3 of the Early Birds to blink, there was no brain DRAIN this morning…Ok. Now let’s go get a HANDLE on our cartoon.

PLUMBING. Having just had a Plumbing puzzle on May 6th, I was a little surprised to see another one so soon. But I like Plumbers. We have a few in our family, and I was in a relationship with a Plumber for a while. Nice enough guy, he wasnt’t a SNAKE or anything, but he had a bad habit of TWISTing things around all too often, and he’d come up with one too many PIPE dreams. Seemed like he was always throwing a monkey WRENCH into my plans, and after a while, I was just too DRAINed by it all. I mean, how much can a girl FAUCET, right? Anyway, sorry. I apologize that this all LEAKed out…So, where were we again? Oh yes, our cartoon…Right. Ok, no more WASTEing time..let’s PLUNGE right in…

Today, we find ourselves looking in on a Master Plumber and his new Apprentice, in the bathroom of a home. Starting him off easy, the MP is telling the newbie that he needs him to go through the house, and check the pressure of every faucet. You know, the water FLOW. And the new guy, easy to get along with as our question’s telling us, answers that he has no problem…he’s happy to GO WITH THE FLOW! And there you have it Folks…Plain and DIMPLE!

Eye candy…The water FLOWing in the sink is a great touch. The MP has a single red PIPE wrench on his belt, and what may be a Service Gauge, a Straight Foot Head Chuck in his right hand. I said “may” be…Or maybe a Spanner. Or maybe just a length of pipe…Or maybe if we have a plumber or a DIY’er out there? Feel free to PIPE up and enlighten us…Our apprentice, who appears to be a leftie, sports a thin moustache. But the MAIN attraction today? What’s with that red TOOL BOX? The only thing in there looks like either a roll of Plumbers’ tape or a container of caulk. But c’mon…I don’t care how new you are…you got to PUTty some tools in there! So, There you have it, Folks…Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And remember…Don’t be a DOPE. If you need a Plumber, why SWEAT it…just call a Plumber…🔧🙋🏻






17 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 07/06/2019

  1. Our Dixon twins are on vacation in NC so we’re at a stay at home weekend with my early morning newspaper.As far as the puzzle,fitted looked like ” fet-tid” at first,but then fitted came to mind with a quick solution of ” go with the flow”.I liked the W’s in window to get the W’s into the final puzzle solution.

    • Good Morning, Professor. You gave me pause…I guess we don’t see all that many W’s, do we? Glad you’re getting some down time, and hope you have a great day. Stay cool! 🔧🙋🏻

  2. Fitted was my slowest word. Anagrams practically leaked the answer. Not too rough, fitted me ok, not too much logic required, got to stare out window & enjoy a sunny morning. Angela, your mention of plumber jokes reminded me of modern ladie’s dress collars; udderly revealing.

    • Good Morning, Jamu. FITTED’s looking to be the one needing the 2nd look today…But all in all, it’s an easy, breezy puzzle. Hope you’re having a good one…🔧🙋🏻

  3. Good morning. Another day of kindergarten 101. Found jumble to be rather easy today. It’s ok with me since I folded a couple of times this week. Clever answer. It almost FLOWed out instantly. The LOGIC is if you do a ROUGH frame for a new installation of a WINDOW, It will be FITTED correctly. Loved your post Angela and your song choice. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Good Morning, Brooklyn..I agree, the puzzle was a gift today.Thanks for the Shout Out, and I in turn love your sentence, it’s very imaginative…👏🏻👏🏻 Very well done, Paul. Kudos! Have a great day, Brooklyn, and stay cool! 🔧🙋🏻

  4. Part 1: 🙋🏻

    👗 Thinking she could wear that FITTED dress she saw in the shops’ WINDOW defied LOGIC, and it was ROUGH when she finally realized that she couldn’t buy off the rack and just GO WITH THE FLOW…👗

    • Part 2: 🙋🏻

      💍 Tuxedos to be FITTED, and flowers to be bought,
      So much still on the punch list…the bride was filled with fraught…
      While LOGIC should be dictated, she wasn’t very sane,
      Her indecision ran amok…and it would be her bane.
      She made things ROUGH on others, her vision so narrow
      Like looking our a WINDOW that’s obstructed by the snow…
      While time was of the essence, one thing that she should know
      Calm down and take a deep breath and just GO WITH THE FLOW 💍

      • A Sentence COUPLING…With a Plumber’s BENT…(Part 1-B)

        🔧 He realized that he had FITTED the pipes wrong when he looked out the WINDOW and saw how ROUGH the pattern stood…but luckily LOGIC prevailed, and he was able to regroup and GO WITH THE FLOW…🔧

  5. The puzzle was easy as pie. Got the answers 123 . As soon as I saw the plumber, I knew the answer. Till next time. Marie from Brooklyn.

    • Hi Marie, How’re you? I have to tell you this…You know how when you think of someone and then they either call you, or you run into them..and we say..”You’re gonna live a long life. God bless you”? (Have to get the God bless you in there…)..Well..You’re gonna live a long life! God bless you! LOL! Just last night, you popped into my head. I was speaking with one of my cousins out on Long Island, and he asked me if I ever see Marie from Brooklyn anymore…(There’s sooo many Maries from Brooklyn, right)! 😉 And of course, I thought of you, and wondered why we haven’t heard from you….And Boom! Here you are today…I should pick lottery numbers like this! LOL! ..I’m happy you dropped in, I enjoy hearing from you…And yes, it was an easy, breezy puzzle today. Plumbers…God bless them too, right?…Where would we be without them! 😂😂. Have a great day, Marie…and don’t be a stranger. Regards to your husband, and be well! 😘🙋🏻

  6. Hi all – No problem with the words today, and a second look revealed the answer. That was plumb easy, and I like the wrench he’s carrying.

    Have a great day and I hope you get rested up from the holiday.

    “LOGIC told me that the ROUGH job the glazier did when he FITTED the WINDOW would never keep out the rains this winter”.

    Angela, had to laugh at your “so many Maries” comment. Can’t remember if I mentioned this before, but a comedian once said that the one thing he couldn’t get past in West Side Story was when the hero goes to Spanish Harlem, stands in the middle of the street, calls out “Maria!”, and only *one* woman comes to the window.

    • Hey Steve…Looks like you and Paul were on the same TRACK! 😉 👏🏻👏🏻 Nicely done! Italian families are notorious for “recycling” names. Very traditional. When my family is all together…and someone calls out “Angela”…5 heads snap around..😉🙋🏻

      • Same regarding the German side when we got together at S.I. There were 4 Karl’s and 4 Paul’s. At least 2 Katherine’s and 2 Anna’s. My wife’s side had 4 cousins either Marie or Maria.

        • Hi Brooklyn. Us too with the males. Two names that are 5 and 7 apiece. It’s just tradition…It’s starting to change, but hopefully it won’t disappear. Have a good night, Paul…💤💤🙋🏻

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