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Good Morning, Everyone!             🎩 IF THE SUIT FITS....🎩

🎶 Who can take a rainbow…Wrap it in a sigh…Soak it in the sun and make a groovy lemon pie…The DANDY MAN can, oh  The DANDY MAN can…The DANDY MAN can ‘Cause he mixes it with love, and makes the world taste good…🎶 “The Candy Man” ..(Apologies to) Sammy Davis, Jr.  1972

🎩 Construction’s always going on…it seems to never end,
And businesses all come and go…some just follow a trend.
The business that we see here, JOISTs placed within the walls
Was built so that it caters to the short, the big, the tall…
We’ve heard about SUPPLY, demand and what else follows suit.
Tuxedo rental business a decision quite astute…
Those certain black tie times when one must BANISH average threads,
Lest be subjected to TAUNT from the well-heeled and well-bred…
This business is a good fit saying more would just be moot,
Designed in such a way that it’s perfectly BUILT TO SUIT! 🎩

As our work week draws to a CLOTHES, today we also CLOTHES out the month of May…And with one exception, we’re working with new anagrams, while our words are all reTHREADS…Surprisingly, JOIST, a very uncommon word, takes the honor of being FITTED into our puzzles the most times. Go FIGURE! Making its’ 8th appearance since 2011, it’s had repeat anagrams in the past – SOJIT in 2011–12-13, but as I mentioned earlier, SIJTO is new today. BANISH becomes our most recent entry, having last been seen on 08/01, and it’s TAUNT, who’s anagram appears exactly as it did back on 09/07/16. And our last word, SUPPLY, seems to have remained very well hidden since 05/12/12, where it appeared as SPYLUP. The degree of difficulty varied amongst the Early Birds, with one looking for a little SUPPORT with JOIST, and another two being slightly taunted by TAUNT. But they all agreed that today’s words were very well SUITed for a Friday puzzle…SEW, with that all being said, let’s BUILD a case for our cartoon…

I phrase it that way, because today I’m going to ALTER my way of describing our puzzle, and sort of BLEND the description in with the puzzles meaning. Ok, this may just be my take on it, but I think it FITTING to mention that unless one is familiar with Real Estate, Property Development, Construction and/or Building Design, today’s solution may seem a bit ILL-FITTING. While the phrase BUILT TO SUIT  is a common one in the BUILDING profession, as you can see from this link, it’s rarely heard FITTING in with mainstream conversation. But, there are three major hints within our panel, with the words “FOLLOWED YOUR DESIGNS”, the actual BUILDING being seen taking place, and of course TUXEDOES being SUITS…So I think that once the word SUIT was gleaned from our letters, BUILT sort of followed SUIT…no pun intended! …And we’re left with TO. So, while I feel David may have had a little trick up his SLEEVE today, it is a very cleverly DEVELOPED play on words! Ok…eye candy…

Today’s panel is SWATHED in yellow, but the color PALEs in comparison to Jeff’s details. The sign above the store, DESIGNED to resemble a BOW TIE, shows the name of the business, “DANDY MAN”. The counter is drawn in the SHAPE of a man’s SUIT, with the LAPELS and a TIE flanking the front. What a FITTING idea! And we can see four CONSTRUCTION workers toiling away..one atop the sign, and the other three, left to right, one on a ladder installing a JOIST, one SEAMing to be FINISHING the counter, and the last JOISTING, I mean hoisting a mannequin. The Foreman at front, seen speaking with the TUXEDO STORE’s OWNER, wears the required yellow hard HAT, while our “Dandy Man” is seen DECKED OUT in a very well-CONSTRUCTED purple SUIT. And his saying…”It’s looking SHARP“, sort of tells us that this business is definitely the FABRIC of his life, But it’s the papers in the Foreman’s hands that I had DESIGNS on…If you look CLOTHESly, you can see that it’s the BUILDING Plans...and Jeff’s drawn these Blueprints (although they’re colored brown here)! PATTERNED to look exactly like what we see in the new store…Right down to the imprint of the seal at the lower right hand corner, that attests to the professional licensure, in accordance with the requirements of state laws. Now that’s LOOKING SHARP! So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone!…And remember…It’s not just classy Bakers who wear TuxeDOUGHS…I think with most men…it’s really their STRONG SUIT! 🎩🙋🏻






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  1. FYI: A woman named Susan has left a comment on the poll, saying that she formed the word ASHBIN instead of BANISH, and that it’s the first time she’s seen two possible words for the same letters. It’s a valid point…and ASHBIN is a valid word. I think it may be more common to England, but it is listed in the dictionary. Readers: What thoughts do you have? 🤔🙋🏻

    • We only use the Merriam Webster to validate words and ASHBIN is not in there. If you type it in Google it may come up, but not in dictionaries we recognize. That’s just the way we keep things in check. Although it does sound legit, we have to go with one source. We’ve had complaints about not using Canadian spellings on words like HUMOR and COLOR. I’m not sure how to satisfy those either. There you go.

      • Good Morning, Jeff. Thanks for the explanation. Have a good one! 📚🙋🏻

      • In DEFENCE of our Jumble guys, this doesn’t COLOUR my opinion of the puzzle at all. They have to DRAW THE LINE somewhere as to how much to HUMOUR those who use alternate spellings and phrases, eh? 😂🙋🏻‍♂️

        • Oh, I agree. And let’s face it, I’m sure our NEIGHBOURS in other countries may find many differences with our words. But I very much appreciate the effort and LABOUR David and Jeff put into creating these puzzles, and it’s always an HONOUR working with them. And I’m sure our reader who wrote in HARBOURS no ill will towards Jeff for his reponse. Just another case of the different FIBRES of our lives! 😉🙋🏻

  2. Good morning Fellow Friday Friends. Today’s jumble was a success on both ends. At least the weekend is starting on a good note. They weren’t a typical Monday jumble but not that hard at all. Once I put down the letters the words appeared for a quick solve on the cartoon. Angela,loved your song choice. I do enjoy his singing. There were rumors that he was the fastest gun in the west. Naturally when you’re in a western and being a guy you just have to see who’s the quickest. I googled years ago and it had him as one of the fastest. Angela loved your use of the words and puns. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Good Morning, Brooklyn! Easy puzzle, and we finally have a morning sans rain! Definitely a great start to the weekend! Thanks for the Shout Outs, and I had an inkling you’d enjoy Sammy. He was quite the entertainer. But Paul, I have to tell you, you had me for a minute there…Fastest gun in the West? You just kind of caught me off guard! 😉 LOL! I’d just never heard anything along those lines in regard to him…But as I’ve said before, you learn something new every day! Have a great day, Brooklyn. Enjoy the sun! 🌞🙋🏻

  3. Taunt was confounded by tuna,but otherwise an easy puzzle.Formerly,we had 3 men’s clothing stores downtown,but with the advent of casual Fridays and casual dress in general,we’re down to one,with it’s owner 90+ years old.We’re also forecast a rain free day,after flooding rains day after day,here in W Central Illinois.

    • Good Morning, Professor. I agree, men’s fashion has definitely changed over the years. But I think Tuxedoes will always be in style. And IMO, all men look good in one. I’ve seen the news footage of the weather and flooding in and around your area, and my heart goes out to everyone affected. I hope you’ve seen the end of it. Wishing you have a good one, Prof. 🎩🙋🏻

  4. Hi all – TAUNT took an extra look – saw AUNT first. Interesting that the LY trick worked for SUPPLY but wasn’t there to turn a word into an adverb but just a word. Thought SUIT would be in the answer, like SUITED IT WELL. Wrote the letters to see the real answer.

    Have a great day, everyone. I have to meet with a plumber, so wish me luck.

  5. Hey Steve…Plumbing problems? I know how heart-WRENCHing that can be. Good luck with it all..Talk to you later. 🔧🙋🏻

    • LOL! While the guy was digging to locate my pipe cleanout valve in the front yard, he found a WRENCH, no kidding! 😂

      Update: Great details, poem and post today Angela. I’m sure the tuxedo guy employs many SEWERS, but that’s not what I’m dealing with today:

      “I had to BANISH the plumbing SUPPLY tech after he decided to TAUNT me about not knowing which JOIST my SEWER pipe ran under.”
      (Not true, actually, he’s very nice and has gone to fetch some equipment to fix my problem.)

      • Oh, I’m sure he’s a wonderful man, but try not to get too inVALVEd with this guy. Keep in mind, their MAIN intention is to be invited back again. A common PIPE dream of these guys, and they try to FAUCET on you…Next thing you know, you just can’t HANDLE it anymore, and it becomes very DRAINing…So, WASHER step…😉🔧 Thanks for the Shout Outs, and I’m pretty sure the Tuxedo Guy ALTERS his staff as needed. He doesn’t look like the type of man who’d get caught with his PANTS down! 👏🏻👏🏻 Nice sentence, I forgot to try one today….Keep your SHIRT on…I think I’ll give it a shot and be back…😉🙋🏻

      • Ok, Steve…Here’s what I had up my SLEEVE..I hope it’s SUITable! 😉🙋🏻

        ° The SUPPLY and demand called for an additional JOIST to be placed on each side of the wall, and the original contractor found himself subject to one TAUNT after the other, as the developer, needing everything to be BUILT TO SUIT, decided to BANISH him from the project…

        ° He always meant to SUPPLY her with all her heart desired,
        And he withstood many a TAUNT while all this had transpired…
        But her handwriting caused a mess when he thought she wrote JOINT,
        While meaning JOIST…and it left him embarrassed at that point..
        So now she looks to BANISH him, despite all his pursuit…
        His heart’s broken, and all because she can’t write BUILT TO SUIT!

  6. I just got the update for David’s “World Search World Traveller” app.
    Good stuff, but the “email us” button under “Settings” still doesn’t do anything for me, whether I’m connected to WiFi or not.

    • Steve,,,That is so odd, When I saw your comment, I instantly Skyped Colin (the app developer) in Germany and he wants you to e-mail him at davidlhoytpuzzles@gmail.com to give him some more info. We both just tried the e-mail link in the app on multiple devices and the e-mail function worked just fine for us on all devices. He has a theory that it may be a “permissions” thing (whatever that means). Can you e-mail Colin at davidlhoytpuzzles@gmail.com and help us figure this out? THANK YOU so much!
      — DLH
      P.S. Also, is anyone else having the same problem?

      • Mine works fine, David, and I know it to be the same for everyone else that I know who uses the app. Thank you. 🙋🏻

      • Thank you so much David, I’ll do that as soon as I can!
        And by the way, since you asked on your Facebook page, (😉), I’m up to 1,360,293 total miles. 🙋🏻‍♂️

      • Actually, it just occurred to me that I don’t have Apple mail on my phone, since I use Gmail for everything. Maybe the app requires Apple mail?

  7. I do the jumble games with my grandma every night and her memories is the bestas it ever been before

  8. Hi Hope. How lucky are you, to be able to do the Jumble with your Grandma? How I envy you! I’m glad you both enjoy it…and I wish you many more years of playing together! Thanks for dropping by, and we hope to hear from you again. Have a great night, Hope! 🙋🏻

    • David…You are without a doubt one of the happiest people I know! You bring such an exuberance to the screen that it’s contagious..You never fail to put a smile on my face! Thanks for your support, but I must tell you that the only thing foreign about our Steve may be some of the foods he eats..and even that’s a rarity! But you’ve once again given us all a smile…and how inviting you make the Red Lion look! Wishing you a great night David…and have one on me! 🍻🙋🏻

      • Are there any JumbleAnswer.com people here in Chicago? If so, meet Daisy and me here at the Red Lion Lincoln Square next week and drinks, food, etc. on me! Would love to get together here.

        • UBT LOWUD I EB COREDF OT TAE PDEE SDIH PZIAZ? ….😂 Have a great night, David! 🙋🏻

    • Thanks David! I’ve exchanged emails with Colin, so we’ll see. But I can tell you that I and my problem are completely US based; just a typo on ‘Traveler’ 😂😂 My wife is Dutch, but that’s a whole ‘nother story! (And I lived in Chicago for two years, and that seemed a bit foreign to me! 😂🙋🏻‍♂️)

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