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Good morning, Jumble friends, and happy Thursday! Today’s puzzle featured a couple of clue words that left me feeling like a dumbbell. Both of the 5-letter words were a walk in the park, but the 6-letter ones had my mind racing. We’ve seen SOOTHE a few times in the past, and using the double letter trick of coupling the O’s finally brought it into view. My biggest hang up was with SPLICE, and for good reason. It’s a brand new clue word that makes its debut into gameplay this morning.  So for all of the extra mental gymnastics that it caused me to perform, I’ll go ahead and choose it as the most difficult anagram. WHARF was the only brand new anagram on display, and it was also the oldest clue word in the group. SALSA was the most recently used with a freshness date of 12/19/18.

Today’s cartoon brought us to a fitness center where we see four Jumble characters getting their sweat on. The fifth character is a personal trainer, and it must be jaw day at the gym because she’s really working her mouth! On the mat is a middle-aged woman and she’s doing some medicine ball lunges, but her trainer seems to have spotted a moment of weakness. The trainer waists no time getting all up in her grill and demands that she keep up the pace. I guess that kind of encouragement is needed for some people to achieve their fitness goals, but it’s kind of intimidating, and a bit demeaning, when you’re observing her technique from afar. The trainer better be careful and not push her too much because she’ll be the one ending up with “no gain”!

There wasn’t much in the weigh of extra details this morning, but Jeff never disappoints with what he chooses to add. The two characters are working up quite a sweat on those treadmills in the background. The legs of the woman are arched in such a way that seems to indicate that she has the machine on a faster speed setting than her neighbor. His legs are rather straight and he looks like he may be in a cool down period. The other gentleman in the background is in a kneeling position on the floor and is doing some plate-loaded lateral pulldowns. The best part of the panel, in my opinion, was the lack of headphones and cell phones. It’s great to see that they’re focusing on getting fit at the gym rather than being entertained.

The final solve was an 11-letter anagram that was the same length as yesterday’s. The cartoon sentence was a bit leading and I discovered SHE and SAW right away. AS and IT were right there to finish it off leaving us with a clever answer. Have a terrific Thursday, and I’ll see you right back here tomorrow!


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  1. Good Morning, Mike. Good Morning, Everyone…
    Good Morning, Chuck and Paul! Here’s what I WORKED OUT for today…🐮🙋🏻

    ° Deciding to SPLICE the WHARF into sections AS SHE SAW FIT, the forewoman for the design firm took a vote determining whether to erect a SALSA bar to booze their patrons, or a day spa to SOOTHE them…

    ° She called the place Fishermans WHARF, the menu not too varied…
    Location was the key to it, longshoremen oft are harried.
    An atmosphere to SOOTHE them, while keeping with the realm,
    That meat instead of Fish and SALSA should be at the helm…
    She hoped to SPLICE together a respite with a lunch…
    And figured it would all go well…she really had a hunch.
    And once the word got out, the place really became a hit…
    And she was glad she did it just the way AS SHE SAW FIT

  2. Hi Everyone – Very cool sentence, Angela. I really lucked out with SOOTHE and SPLICE, which at first I couldn’t solve. After getting the other two clue words, I wrongly guessed that I needed a “t” for at and “is” for his (I missed the lips and eyelashes on the trainer.) It turns out I needed these same letters but for different words in the answer.

    • Hi Caroline. Good Morning. Thank you…I was wondering how I’d vote…Ideally I’d love a day spa, WITH a bar that served salsa. I love the booze WITH the smooze! LOL..Perhaps zoning laws don’t allow it though…Oh..wait..What was I thinking? It’s my scenario! Settled then…we’ll go for both! 😂😂 I’m getting a chuckle from your solve..It’s a true Jumble-AYA! Throw ’em all into the mix, and it still comes out right in the end! The best of the rest! And…good catch…you ALWAYS have to check for the eyelashes! Definitely Jeff’s gender-render! Have a great day, Caroline, and thanks again! 🏋🏻🙋🏻

  3. Good morning. Had a devil of a time today. All I can say is welcome to the club Mike. I really felt like a dummy today. I got all the words but it took forever to get. Soothe took the longest to get. When it came time to the cartoon answer,my instant thought was “In Her Own Way”. Looking at the letters I was disappointed it didn’t match. Where’s the Y for my answer. Back to the drawing board,I came up with “As she was fit”. Never thought was should have been reversed. I’ll take credit for mine. Enjoyed your post Mike and Angela on the sentences. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Puzzle gave you quite a WORKOUT, huh Brooklyn? Good Morning..and thank you…This is especially for you…Hope it’s a good one, Paul! 🏋🏻🙋🏻

      🎶 What doesn’t kill you makes you STRONGER, STRONGER…Just me, myself and I. What doesn’t kill you makes you STRONGER…Stand a little taller…Doesn’t mean I’m lonely when I’m alone…🎶 “Stronger” – Kelly Clarkson 2011

  4. SOOTHE gets me every time. For some reason I cannot see two vowels like I see two consonants in the anagrams for the double letter trick. Great final pun today!

  5. No problem with soothe but splice and salsa gave me reason to pause.I had the final solution,as she saw fit,before I solved salsa and splice.

  6. Soothe tripped me up yet again this morning. Seems to happen every time. No problem with the other words or cartoon answer. That being said, I’m off to the gym. Have a healthy Thursday folks.

    • I’m glad you have the motivation to go to the gym today, Betty. It’s been so overcast and rainy that I feel like sitting on the couch all day. Maybe I’ll bust out some cheese CURLS! 😂

      • Cheese curls sound good to me, Mike. Yes, the weather has been so weird lately. Terrible trouble with all these tornadoes and floods. We’ve had so much rain that my roses look the best they have in years. My neighbor has bird of paradise in his yard. They’re so tall they tower over my fence so I mentally transport myself to Hawaii – relaxed and peaceful.

  7. Hi all – The double letter trick gave SMOOTH. Tried IC at the end of the third word as usual, but it didn’t work. Tried a few combinations with SC and SLIP, but then happened to see SPICE, so SPLICE followed. Thought the answer might be IN HER OWN WAY (just like Paul), but there was no Y. It couldn’t include either HIS (wrong gender) or HER (no ‘R’ available). Didn’t see any three letter words for a minute until I decided to use W, then saw WAY and the answer.

    Nice puns today Mike, and I also noticed the minimal equipment and lack of cell phones, but I did think that there might be big video screens at the end of the treadmills that we can’t see.

    Have a great day, everyone!

    Had to smile at the Fisherman’s wharf reference Angela. I’ll try to work it in here:
    “Otis Redding had to SPLICE together some song fragments to come up with a hit, so he decided to SOOTHE his Soul by Sitting on the WHARF at the Dock of the Bay with a sour cream and SALSA burrito”.

    • Thanks, Steve! I did notice that the woman on the floor had a fitbit on, but that doesn’t really count. Maybe they were watching the Red Sox lose again?!

      Take care, my friend. 🙂

      • Ah, so *that’s* why the A’s have suddenly lost twice – to maintain the same record as the Sox! Well, with the A’s idle, that will change today. Oh wait – can you say “rainout” or “suspended game”? 😂🙋🏻‍♂️

  8. In order to SOOTHE the tension between two gangs, a SALSA dance was held on the nearby WHARF resulting in a noticeable friendly SPLICE within the memberships.

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