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🎶GOD BLESS AMERICA,🎶  LAND THAT I LOVE –  Irving Berlin – The Author… 1918 – revised 1938

Good Morning, Everyone… 🇺🇸 May you have a Blessed MEMORIAL DAY 🇺🇸

With all due respect, today’s words pale in comparison to our cartoon, which brings us to a city street in Wyandotte, Michigan, hometown of the Jumble’s artist, Jeff Knurek. A familiar scene across our country, we find ourselves at a neighborhood MEMORIAL DAY Parade, led by the local AMERICAN LEGION POST 217, in honor of our fallen military heroes. POST 217 is celebrating it’s Centennial this year, and we can see that Jeff has respectfully chosen to celebrate them….. 

The year, circa 1974...Besides the three Legion members, there is a RESPECTABLE crowd of spectators, all shaded in light purple,  watching the parade. Eight of them are visible to us. At right, we see a family of four, who I believe to be Jeff’s. If I’m correct, we see him, his parents, Mary Lou and Tom, and his sister, who like Jeff is waving a small American flag. Jeff is also seen waving to the passing honor guard, to BOB in particular, identified by his name tag, and seen at right carrying POST 217’s blue banner. Whoever Bob is, I thank him for his Service. The American Legion’s SYMBOL is visible at left, and with enlargement, you can see that Jeff’s depicted its’ details. I’d like to describe them for you, if I may, since it symbolizes so much of what is honorable about the American Legion, and our country…

° There’s rays of the sun forming the background of the emblem and suggests the Legion’s principles will dispel the darkness of violence and evil…

° A wreath forms the center, in loving memory of those brave warriors who gave their lives in the service of the United States that liberty might endure…

° There’s the star, the victory symbol of World War I, also symbolizing honor, glory and constancy. The letters “U.S.” are imprinted at its center…

° There are outer and inner rings...The larger of two outer rings stands for the rehabilitation of our sick and disabled military. The smaller inside ring denotes the welfare of America’s children…

° The smaller of two inner rings set upon the star represents service to our communities, states and the nation. The larger outer ring pledges loyalty to Americanism…

° And the words AMERICAN LEGION  tie it all together for truth, remembrance, constancy, honor, service, veterans affairs and rehabilitation, children and youth, loyalty, and Americanism…

Beyond the two sign bearers, there’s the man honored with being the bearer of our beloved AMERICAN FLAG. The three Legion members, in their khaki uniforms, the blue banner, and the red, white and blue of our Flag are the only colors we see…

And to the farthest left, there’s a bearded man, with his arm around a woman, wearing the iconic National League of Families’ POW/MIA T-Shirt, patterned after its’ flag, created in 1971 while the war in Vietnam still raged. The shirt reads POW-MIA “YOU ARE NOT FORGOTTEN” ..and that’s what today is all about….May we all have a safe, Blessed Memorial Day…And God Bless America, Land That I Love…🇺🇸🙋🏻

“And they who for their country die, shall fill an honored grave, for glory lights the soldier’s tomb, and beauty weeps the brave.” – Joseph Rodman Drake 🇺🇸 💔


FYI – PS: Never meaning to slight David, who so painstakingly works to bring us our words each day, here’s what I gleaned about today’s from the Jumble Archives. DELETE may be another of his new entries, since as much as I searched I couldn’t find it being used before. BLAND appeared on June 14th of last year, as LDANB, and PUBLIC, not long after it, on JuLy 27th, as BCUILP. And it’s FRESH that takes today’s honor of being both our oldest as well as our newest entry. Seen way back on September 7th, 2013, as SERFH, it again appeared just weeks ago, on April 3rd, as SREHF. And all of today’s anagrams are new….Thank you, David. 🙋🏻


14 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 05/27/2019

  1. This was quite interesting because I found the 10-letter word CELEBRATES in this morning’s Jumble. Certainly the people in the parade were celebrating. But I could not get it to combine with P. When I found the first letter was R, then it came to me. But i also found that the solution is contained within what I call an anagram triangle. That is, select a one-letter word, such as A. Then add a letter and rescramble to form another word, in this case, AT. Then add another letter, and get ATE or TEA. I continued in this way until I was able to form a RESPECTABLE triangle:


    Can anyone continue this triangle? Words get scarce at this point, including 12-letter words.

    • Good Morning, Jim. Interesting, indeed. And may I add, a valiant effort! Wishing in a great day, Jim! 🇺🇸🙋🏻

    • I found out there is one way of extending the triangle, and that is to RESPECTABLES. But it can’t go any farther. RESPECTABLES is what I call a terminal word. If it appears in an anagram triangle, there can be no word below it.

      • Jim…You got me. I didn’t have much time to think about it, but I found it a tad daunting, to say the least. Maybe another day..but I give you credit for pursuing it…Have a good one! 🇺🇸🙋🏻

  2. Good morning. The words were a cinch A typical Monday however,when it came time to the cartoon I looked at that eleven letters and after five minutes I took the easy way out and looked for the answer. Angela,being politically correct you went with the masses and avoided fall out by having someone else sing God Bless America than the one person we had come accustomed to listening. Loved the entire post. Loads of information. Yesterday you wanted that second group that was on Broadway. Actually that second group might be gone now but it was the Four Seasons. I saw them on Broadway, also in Vegas and I do believe in A/C. The first two would be hard to pick one over the other. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Good Morning, Brooklyn, I think we’ve crossed by one another again. Yes, today’s words didn’t pose any problems…and as always, I’m glad we’re here to help out with the solve. Thanks for the Shout Outs, but choosing Berlin’s rendition of God Bless America wasn’t just a PC move. I just felt that since he’d written it, in keeping with today’s puzzle theme, I’d show him the respect he so rightly deserves by featuring him. Anyway, I’m glad you enjoyed it, and the information I included in the post….As for your groups, of course, the Four Seasons. Actually, I was being too literal, so I apologize, since the play is still going strong, just that it’s Off-Broadway now. I too saw “Jersey Boys”, both on Broadway, (three times in fact), and in AC. I also have the movie DVD, which I love watching. It’s a great story. And I’m hoping to get to see the Temps soon…I hope you can too. Here’s to enjoying the day, Brooklyn…we’ve been blessed with beautiful weather. 🇺🇸🙋🏻

  3. Good Morning, Paul and Chuck…For you…🙋🏻

    ° Deciding to go PUBLIC with the news that they were forced to DELETE originally, the NY Times hoped to put a FRESH spin on it, while at the same time treating it in a RESPECTABLE manner…but the end result proved all too BLAND to capture its’ readers attention…

    ° When he had been in PUBLIC school, he acted quite the fool…
    The teachers dubbed him FRESH, not one to follow any rule.
    Good thing there was an option to DELETE some of his pranks,
    If not, for sure his career now would definitely have tanked.
    Today he comes off BLAND…but pics of then would be collectibles…
    Because no one would think that today he is so RESPECTABLE.

  4. Good morning, Angela. I hope this somber holiday is proceeding nicely for you. In order to DELETE the BLAND memory of his previous girl friend from his mind, the PUBLIC official decided to start off the new year with a FRESH new attitude.

    • Good Morning, Chuck. Yes, thank you, all is going well, as I hope it is with you and yours. And thank you for mentioning the solemnity of today. I feel so too. Loving your slant on today’s words, 👏🏻👏🏻, nice take. I enjoy reading our different views on them…Altho we both seem to do well on the unrequited love angles! 😉 Enjoy the day, Chuck, be well. 🇺🇸🙋🏻

  5. Hi all – A quick pause at DELETE and then a little longer one at PUBLIC. Had to write the letters for the answer, but then it was quick. Quite a long word, but still doesn’t break the record held by “Constitutionals”.

    Jim, your anagram triangle was very interesting, especially since I didn’t know the words ELATER and RETABLE.; thanks.

    Thanks for all the details Angela, and good wishes to all of you today.
    The “Classic Peanuts” strip today has a very thoughtful take on the holiday.

    • These are words I found in “Words in a Word”. However, RELATE could be used instead of ELATER, and though I would think it would be natural at a meeting for someone to retable a motion that had been brought up again after being tabled, at least one online dictionary did not have the word. A substitute would be TREACLE, which is the British word for molasses.

      • Jim, saw this in Wiki… “A retable is a structure or element placed either on or immediately behind and above the altar or communion table[1] of a church. At the minimum it may be a simple shelf for candles behind an altar, but it can also be a large and elaborate structure. A retable which incorporates sculptures or painting is often referred to as an altarpiece.”

  6. YW, Steve. I’ve always been a big supporter of the American Legion, and I just happen to own two of the Nam T-Shirts. One that I bought, and one gifted to me by one of the older guys from the club, who had served. So I really felt a connection…There’s definitely a lot to respect about today’s drawing. Enjoy the day, Steve! 🇺🇸🙋🏻

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