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Happy Wednesday, Jumble geniuses! Our midweek puzzle offered up two brand new clue words to decipher bringing the total to four for the week. David chose to challenge us with LILAC and CONVEX with the latter being the hardest of the two. Surprisingly, it wasn’t either of those that gave me the most difficulty. SIDING took the longest for me to decipher even though I quickly identified the -ING suffix. CONVEX will probably be the winner of the poll question down below, but I’m sticking with my choice of siding as the hardest for today. MONEY was the oldest clue word of the day and last made an appearance on 12/12/17. SIDING was our most recent with a freshness date of 2/19/18.

Upon first glance of the cartoon, it was apparent that this was going to be a period piece. A quick read of the sentence and dialogue identified the woman on the left as Mary Shelley and we see her discussing a page from her latest novel with a friend. For those of you who are not familiar with Mary Shelley, she was the author of “Frankenstein”. Her book is now over 200 years old and is arguably the first major science fiction novel.

The details within the panel gave it an old-timey feel. The hairstyles of the women along with the frilly collars of their dresses were well drawn. We see a feathered quill resting in an inkwell on Mary’s writing table with several pages of paper laying beside it. There was also a small (and tastefully clothed) statuette of the Venus de Milo sitting on a pedestal in the background. My favorite detail today was one that was not drawn, rather, it was in the wording of Mary’s dialogue. Most people are incorrect when they call the monster in her book Frankenstein. Victor Frankenstein was actually the mad scientist and the monster remains unnamed throughout the novel. She refers to the character as “monster,” “creature,” “it,” and “demon.”

The final solve was an anagram consisting of 10-letters which is the same length as yesterday’s. The “OVE” at the end of the layout brought NOVEL instantly to mind leaving IDEAS to be found almost as fast. We’ve actually seen this same punny answer twice in the past (12/7/12 & 6/14/14) but it was so long ago that it seemed fresh. Have a wonderful Wednesday, and I’ll see you right back here tomorrow!







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  1. Good morning. Thank you Angela for a good laugh. That was before I even listened to the song. I needed it today because I had a brain freeze. I got the words but was stuck for the longest time on the simplest of words,SIDING. Then I couldn’t come up with the cartoon answer. After a half hour I just caved. Now that I have the answer I see that if I played detective,the answer was right there. I came up with five letter words with “V” but not novel. Loved your use of the words besides Angela. Think I’ll pass on trying to match you and go back and listen to the song again to pick up my spirits. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Good Morning, Brooklyn…It had me laughing too..it’s just that kind of a song…Don’t beat yourself up over the solve though.5 of my friends couldn’t put the NOVEL together with the IDEAS. As great a pun as it is, and as common a phrase, they couldn’t get it. And as Mike said, despite seeing it before, but as IDEA not IDEAS, it just went right over their HEADS…and for some reason, same as you, they were leading with the “V”. All 5 of them! That’s weird, right? Who knows…Thanks for the Shout Out, Brooklyn…and I hope you’re getting some Bocce in today…we finally have sun! ..Although you might be battling some mud! Enjoy the song again…and I wish you a good one! 👹🙋🏻

  2. To have the old LILAC trees by the CONVEX shaped building, adjacent to the railroad SIDING, removed was going to cost more MONEY than previously anticipated.

  3. Siding was a given along with convex,but novel was looking more like lov-ing to me.We’re still on the road but heading back home shortly.Have a great ‘warm sunny’ day for a change,

  4. Hi all – SIDING was the only thing to trip me up today, I guess because the E in SIDE disappears. I didn’t pick up on the ING and got distracted by SINGE, SINGING, and DESIGN.
    “WRITE STUFF” would have fit the answer circles, but the ‘V’ and the dialog showed what they wanted.

    The monster isn’t named, but he does sort of refer to himself as “Adam” when talking to Victor.
    It looks to me like Mary Shelley also created the hairstyle for Princess Leia.
    The writint surface reminded me of my elementary school desks that still had a hole for an inkwell, although they were never used by then.

    Have a great day, everyone! Angela, “Vatever happened to my Transylvania Twist?” 😂

    We’re taking over as the rainy day club today, which is very unusual around here. They’re saying we may get the average for the month (about an inch) in one day, and the Giants/Toronto game may be rained out.

    In all these months of documenting “Songs from the Ceiling”, I don’t remember ever hearing The Beatles. Peet’s rectified that today:
    🎵”Bright are the stars that shine, dark is the sky
    I know this love of mine will never die
    And I love her”🎵
    And after that, the first two Jumble words reminded me of another:
    🎵”ICALL your NYME”🎵

    • Interesting point on SIDING, Steve. Maybe that’s why it took so long to see. I’m not sure if you remember, but the last time we saw MONEY in a puzzle it was jumbled as NEMOY!

      • Very funny! There was an NBA player with the last name Money, and when he stepped up to attempt a free throw against the Warriors, our late multi-sport announcer Bill King said “Money on the line!”, and then he and his partner both laughed when they realized what he’d said. 😂

    • Hey Steve…A woman’s observations…
      It’s not a Leia hairstyle. The iconic Star Wars hairdo was made up of buns, which began high up on the sides of Leia’s head, at the parietal ridge. Side buns, one atop the other. The hair was also deeply parted down the middle, and severely pulled to the sides. Mary’s is a much softer style, made of waves, which loosely brush across her forehead. You’ll also note that the “pinwheel” style she’s sporting begins below her ears. If you look at any photo of Mary, you can see that the rolled hair softly falls on her cheeks reaching the bottom of her face. A woman knows….

      And if I may add, the other woman, is wearing a brooch at the neck of her ruffled blouse, which many woman of those days placed at their necklines when they dressed to go “out”. It’s most likely a cameo, but it’s colored as black. I think Jeff may have drawn some facial features, but they were inked over. (Ironically, here’s where a slight thought of “NEMOY” might come into play though…The woman’s ear does look rather Dr. Spock..ish)!
      And lastly, the statue…Venus de Milo stands with her left leg bent at the knee. In the drawing here…something’s amiss..(no pun intended). She’d have to be extremely double jointed to appear as she does..I think we KNEED to know more… 😉 Stay safe..and dry, G…Have a good one! 😉🙋🏻
      PS: The Twist got Mashed! 👹

      • A plethora of detail! 😂 Never mind the hair, I didn’t know there was a parietal ridge. 🤔 And yes, it was quite disarming to see Venus uncharacteristically clothed and with her knees showing some strange TENDONcies.

        We’re hunkering down; some good wind and rain later, overnight, and for a few days, fortunately arriving when we have no appointments to go to! Sure is nice not having to commute in this. Have a good evening. I’ll be watching the Sharks, of course. 🙋🏻‍♂️

        PS – “Gimme monster gravy for my monster-mashed potatoes….”

        • LOL! Au contraire…It’a a woman’s CROWNing glory! We would never look at it as neither HAIR nor there! We’d DYE first! As for the parietal ridge? Just giving you a HEADs up! 😂 Venus? DisARMing indeed! 👏🏻👏🏻 And the CLOTHESer you look, the more odd it SEAMS. But who do we hold SCULTable? And if we go out on a LIMB here…do we even have a LEG to stand on? 😂😂…REMAINS to be seen…But Gravy? Oh no…Let’s not open up that can of worms again! 😂 Enjoy your game, G..You POUR Baby with the rain… 😉🙋🏻

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