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Good morning everyone and happy Monday! It’s also President’s Day so just a friendly reminder that most US banks and federal institutions (like the post office) are closed.

Looking back at last weeks puzzles is how I start my Monday morning and we definitely had some excellent clue words that gave us a challenge. COVIRT, GUMSPY and EGNEVA were the most difficult for me to decipher and Tuesday’s Valentine’s cartoon was my favorite panel of the week. Let’s see if Jeff and David can stump us again during this last full week of February!

WHACK gave me a hint of trouble right at the start and it required just a few extra seconds before it came into view. We’ve seen both THYME and EIGHTY before so they were instantly visible. SIDING took the longest to decipher and would be my pick for the most difficult anagram of the day. It was jumbled so well that I didn’t even notice the -ING ending.

Today’s cartoon was very basic and featured two men meeting on a sidewalk. The cell phone that the man on the left is holding was unusually large with all of the text easy to read even in my newspaper copy. On the screen we see hello written in different languages and the man on the right responds with namaste.

The letter layout for the final solve was in a 2-4 format with the 2-letter word in quotation marks. With 6-letters to work with, HI was instantly visible leaving TECH for the finish. If words in quotes tend to give you trouble during the final solve, today’s surprise answer was just challenging enough to teach you the basics of word play. Have a marvelous Monday and I’ll see you tomorrow!



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  1. I thought whack was chawk ,chalk misspelled,but after seeing hi in the solution ,I needed a c for tech,so whack came into mind.Siding was also a little problematic.

  2. 🎶APPy days are here again…The skies above are clear again…So, let’s sing a song of cheer again…APPy days are here again! APPy times…APPy nights…APPy days…Are here again!🎶

    📲📲 Today there’s Apps for everything, as most of you well know
    And this guy plans to use it for wherever he might go.
    I wonder if there’s EIGHTY something languages within
    To which he can refer to, to accompany that grin…
    He’ll go all through his listings, and swipe both left and right
    Do people call it SIDING? Who knows maybe some might…
    Some Apps are downright WHACKy, is there reason, is there rhyme?
    (I had to find a way to segue into using THYME)
    But anyway this App will give him “Hello” in a sec…
    It should come in quite handy, this App’s really quite “HI”-TECH! 📲📲

    Monday morning, and we’re GREETED with some Monday words. We’ve seen them before, and they all RANG a bell! HELLO! Let’s get to our cartoon! Two gentlemen meeting on a street. Jeff has one telling the other about his new APP. For those of you who may not know, the word APP is a noun, and it’s short for “APPLICATION”. APPlication in this case refers to a software application — in other words, an APP is a software program. Technology…And right about now, I’m having DEJA VU…Are you? I see myself explaining an APP right here on these pages a while ago. Yes, December 8th to be exact. APParently, my memory isn’t as bad as a I thought! Anyway, let’s get a little more FAMILIAR with this solution…The APP reads…”NAMASTE” which translates to “I bow to you”. NAMA means Bow, AS means I, and TE means You. It’s a Hindu word, mostly used as a greeting in India, and is usually accompanied by a slight bow, with ones hands pressed together. The gentleman on the right, who’s holding a cell phone also, does look like he’s bowing…slightly! NAMASTE is also what’s said at the end of a YOGA session. YOGA right to it! Some may think it’s a bit of a STRETCH though to say it just means HELLO. Next, we see “CIAO”, which is pronounced CHOW. This is a word I personally use a million times a day. Ciao is Italian, and means HELLO or GOODBYE. And lastly, we have “HOLA”, pronounced as OH-LA. It’s Spanish for HELLO, or HEY…This seems like a very useful APP, if APPlied correctly…maybe at a MEET and GREET? Anyway, our question asks…What the APP that translates HELLO is..It’s “HI”TECH! Well tap that ICON and shake my hand! Good one, Dave! ICON dig it! But you know you “Had me at HELLO”! Ok, eye candy. Except for the little bow I mentioned earlier, I don’t really see much here…The only thing I can say is, the gentleman on the left is definitely a real person. Because it’s APParent that his face isn’t one of Jeff’s usual generic drawings. Maybe the gentleman on the right is also. If only I knew for sure…Too bad there isn’t an APP for that! So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone!
    You know, a Chinese greeting would have been nice here…We could have called it “The Great CALL of China”…Just Sayin’ 📲🙋🏻

  3. The EIGHTY year old grew THYME in his garden and had to WHACK at a bothersome chipmunk who scampered up the SIDING to escape the old gentleman’s wrath.
    I also had to pause at WHACK today. We have a radio station, WACK, here and there lay the confusion. Otherwise it was a Monday Jumble to enjoy along with Mike and Angela’s posts.
    Thanks for the “Happy Days” song reference, Angela. I was thinking of a Simon and Garfunkel song–one they borrowed from an old English ditty.
    Finally, let me add a “Hello” in another language and see if anyone can name the tongue:
    Sannu. and the reply is Yauwa, sannu! Have a great day.

    • Good Morning, Earl. You’re very welcome, and Thank you!
      🎶Hello Darkness, my old friend…🎶 A little gloomy for such a beautiful morning…But it did float through my mind…as did Lionel Ritchie’s 🎶Hello🎶…but I wanted to start the week off on a happy, positive NOTE! I had the most wonderful early morning, and I wanted so much to APPly it here! 😂 And HAUSA guy like you keep coming up with these great sentences day after day? 😂 Have a good one, Sir! 📲🙋🏻

      • Na gode, abokina.
        I should have known you would pun your way to answering. And as they say in Hausa– , “da kyau”.
        I was thinking of “Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme.”

        • Maraba, Abokina…(I hope)!
          Definitely not an easy tongue. After all these years, I’m still systematically destroying the Italian language! 🎶Parsley, sage , rosemary and thyme🎶Beautiful, but I never even thought of it, Earl, because I was keeping with the “Hi” theme of the puzzle…Next time we do “spices”, you’re on!
          A wuni lafiya! Na ji dadin zantawarmu! 🇳🇬 🙋🏻

  4. Good morning. Had a heck of a time today. Took all of 11/2 hours to get. I was going to quit a few times but decided to stick with it. Siding came after solving the cartoon. Looking at the letters I had and only needing one more for the solve,the answer was pretty fast. With the I in the second box I finally got the last word. A nice switch for what usually is an easy Monday. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • You’re not alone, Paul. Views are way up for the day and I think WHACK and SIDING are the culprits. I’m glad you stuck with it until the end. Great work, my friend!!!

    • Paul. I turned the show on last night, but I think I missed Mary. Was she on screen after you posted? I used to watch it years ago, and I immediately recognized the guy Barry. “Mr Cool”! He cracks me up! His clothes, his accent, his entire spiel. But I couldn’t believe how many commercials A&E makes you sit through. Was it always like that? 🔐 🙋🏻

      • I didn’t watch it that long. I was channel surfing.She was on a short while after you texted. I skipped the next show. You and Earl nailed it again today. As for the commercials,probably a little more than the main channels. It does get annoying.

        • Hey Paul. I failed to see her, even though I did make the next show play through. Maybe next time. There was a lot of noise here, so I really couldn’t hear if perhaps her name was spoken. And I was really distracted concentrating on the end of the All Star game. But, the commercials? …They really seemed excessive, and as a rule, I don’t mind commercials. Some of them are hysterical. And, Bud, don’t stress over today’s puzzle…you’re far from the only one who wrestled with some of the words…
          Thanks for the shout out, Brooklyn. You’re a sweetheart…Have a great night…📲🙋🏻

    • Hi Betty – I heard someone here quoted as saying “It’s so cold it reminds me of summer!” Stay warm!

  5. I thought the words were tough for a Monday, especially for those folks who haven’t seen them before. Siding took some jumbling.

  6. Hi, hola, aloha, & bonjour, all! I thought WHACK was a funny way to start the week. It woke me up fast. Soon after I wrote SIDING in a circle, I saw the “ing” so I did have a fast Monday solve, but writing it in a circle and taking an extra look made it my longest solve.

    Loved your post, Mike. Do we have a very happy little 10-year-old thanking dad for such a fun party?

    Our temps are in the low 60’s, high 50’s all week. Mike, I noticed that yours in 45 today! Stay warm!

    • Good afternoon, Lelia! The party was a huge success!!! We invited all of his classmates as well as his neighborhood friends and just about everyone showed up. There was a total of 30 children and and a few adults that stuck around for the festivities. My wife and I spent all of Friday making final preparations and blowing up the 200+ balloons!

      We had a four layer cake made to his exacting specifications of chocolate buttercream frosting, salted caramel center and crushed oreo topping. It was out of this world. We also had 6 pizzas delivered because after three hours of play, they were starving.

      My favorite part was the musical chairs game but sadly he thought it was for “little kids” and not appropriate for his newly attained 10 year old status.

      His actual birthday is later in the week, but since most of his friends travel during school vacation, we decided to hold it last weekend.

      Overall, I wouldn’t have changed a thing and I’m sure he’ll remember it forever. Going into double digits is such a special milestone and I’m sure we did it in style.

      Oh, and I forgot to mention that we hosted a sleepover that night as well with 3 of his closest friends. They stayed up playing video games and partying into the early hours of Sunday morning. I’m still exhausted from such a long weekend.

      We received about 6 inches of snow on Saturday and it’s melting fast with the warmer temps. It’s 51 now and Wednesday is forecast to be 60. They even said Thursday might reach 70!!!

      Have a wonderful afternoon and enjoy your day! 🙂🙂🙂

      • Wow, Mike! That was some party!! Thank you so much for telling me about it. I’m sure you took lots of video and/or pictures.

        It’s adorable that he felt too grown up to play musical chairs. They grow up so fast!! Just 3 more years and he’ll be a teenager!

        I remember that he turns 10 the same day that George Washington would turn 286. We always had birthday parties on a weekend before the actual birthday after checking to see when most would be available to attend.

        Even the cake sounded delicious to me, a non cake-eater. Thanks for sharing! All the details made me smile!!

        • You’re most welcome, Lelia. All of the effort surely paid off and the pictures and video that we took will help us to remember that milestone birthday party.

          Your memory is amazing, my dear! I’m astounded that you remembered George Washington’s birthday being associated with his. Now THAT put a smile on my face!!! 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

          Tell Jerry that it’s 50 degrees and should reach 60 by the end of the day. It’s very cloudy but tomorrow should be 70 with party sunny skies. My son demanded shorts this morning so that’s how I sent him off to school!

          No robin sightings yet, but it should happen any day now. I’m so excited to see my first one!!!

  7. Hi, Steve! Just want to thank you again for warning me when our weather was about to get cold by telling me to “button up.” I immediately threw a spare hooded jacket into my car, and it has saved my life 3 times now when I went out with just a sweater and needed the jacket, too. I went back to the car for it while freezing in the grocery store, Costco, and a restaurant. So, thanks a million!

    • Hi Lelia, we’re in the same boat, breaking low records after breaking the highs just about a week ago. My spare coat’s in the car!

      • Hi, Steve! Now I’ll tell you to “button up” because we’re in the high 50’s, but you are in the LOW 50’s. Brrr!

        I liked your hello in Japanese. I Googled it and got to see it written in Japanese and listen to the pronunciation a few times. Fun!

        I was amazed that you came up with so many “Hello” songs.
        I treated myself to & enjoyed your “Hello, Goodbye” with the Beatles.

        “Hello Hello” is surely a jazzy little number with some unusual instrumentation by Sopwith Camel and sweet words “I like your smile” and “You’ve got pretty hair.”

  8. Well then, Konnichiwa, all. A quick Monday solve today.

    “Hello”, is it? One little word so fraught with possibilities and danger.
    A three act play in other people’s words:

    🎵“Hello hello. Shall we talk awhile?
    Would you like some of my tangerine?
    You know I’ll never treat you mean.”🎵

    🎵“Hello, baby hello
    Open up your heart and let your feelings flow”🎵

    🎵“Hello, it’s me
    I’ve thought about us for a long, long time…
    It’s important to me that you know you are free”🎵

    Meanwhile, have a great day everyone, it’s CIAO THYME! 🍝
    🎵”I don’t know why you say goodbye, I say hello!”🎵

    • G….🎶🎶She’s walking down the street….Blind to every eye she meets…Do you think you’ll be the guy…to make the queen of the angels sigh? 🎶 “Name That Tune”. You know there’s an APP for that, (really there is..)!😂 Ciao, un mio amico! 🍝🙋🏻

      • Good one that I hadn’t thought of! But still, way too easy.

        🎵”Do you hope to make her see you, fool?
        Do you hope to pluck this dusky jewel?
        HELLO, I love you, won’t you tell me your name? “🎵

        • There’s a ton of them. The Doors? We could have used a lot more years of them, right? Sad..🙋🏻

  9. Am I the only one who had trouble with EIGHTY? It took me a half hour to figure it out. Oh well. It must be the Monday blahs! Chuck

    • Chuck…By no means! I spoke with 3 people myself who told me they didn’t even come close…
      On to t’row…Have a good night! 📲🙋🏻

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