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Good Morning, Everyone!          🐦 CROW, CROW, CROW…YOU DON’T 🐦

🎶 BLACKBIRD singing in the dead of night, take these broken wings and learn to fly…All your life, you were only waiting for this moment to arise…..BLACKBIRD fly….BLACKBIRD fly….into the light of a dark black night…🎶 “Blackbird” – The Beatles 1968

🐦 We’re seeing Blackbirds in a tree, we’re hearing all their BANTER,
And one of them has taken charge…but she seems like a ranter…
Before the others GRUNT and moan, it looks like they’ll disband,
And find themselves another tree…there’s plenty ‘oer the land
Where maybe they’d have shared a SMOOCH, instead it’s looking dim,
Although today there’s no way to tell the hers from the hims..
I’m looking now at LARVA, and it’s bugging me because,
I don’t see where it fits in…and I’ve no time left to pause…
So here today this poem…about the Crows and not a tanager
Was not the easiest to do…but here’s to that BRANCH MANAGER! 🐦

So, while today we have a new month, and new anagrams, we don’t have any new words…BANTER goes wayback to 2015, while LARVA, was last seen on June 15th, where it was anagrammed as VAARL. And the only word to CAWS the slightest ruffling of FEATHERS this morning was BANTER…Not all the Early BIRDS PECKed up on it right away…Ok…Let it CROW, let it CROW, let it CROW…it’s time for our cartoon…

Set high up in tree, today we find ourselves at the scene of a MURDER…No, not that kind of Murder…a Murder of CROWS. Yes, that’s the term for a group of CROWS, a Murder. And yes, I know, it’s killing me too…but it is what it is…From our dialogue, we can see that the Crow on the left is CAWling the shots…and saying something about moving over one space every two minutes…Why she’s looking to BRANCH out that way is a mystery though, beCAWse sooner or later, she’ll really be OUT ON A LIMB…I mean, she is kind of bossy, right? And you’d think that instead of making demands, she’d be doing more to ROOST morale…But no, all she’s MANAGING to do is CAWse the other birds to want to FLY the coop and WING it somewhere else…perhaps on the NEST tree…you know, where it isn’t so CROWded? Let’s face it Folks, TOUCAN play this game…So, our solution today? This Crow, the BRANCH MANAGER? She may just find herself doing her ranting and RAVEN all by herself…

Eye candy? Not much to CROW about today…Green shaded panel, brown tree, BLACK leaves. But you know what’s catching my eye this morning? The BIRD’s EYE VIEW…Literally…Our main character? Where’s her EYElashes? ? Jeff always give his female characters eyelashes…But today? Nothing. I’m TALON you, Folks…this is for the BIRDS…and it may be CAWS for alarm... So…There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! I’m off to get myself another cup of CAWffee..before that ROOSTer CROWS! 🐦🙋🏻







18 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 05/01/2019

  1. Just weighing in to say good morning and indicate the puzzle was true to form. Had same challenge with banter with rest coming easily. No poems for today as headed to all day offshore wind forum. Catch you all on the weekend.

    • Good Morning, Jim. How kind of you to weigh in just to say Good Morning. You’re such a gentleman. Yes, Banter…perhaps because “Barnet” in of itself has the “feel” of a “real” word? As I mentioned, it caused a few of my friends to blink in the wee small. But, if I may? An offshore wind forum? Do you have any idea how you’ve piqued my interest? If possible, I’d love to hear more…The poetry? I’m sure it’ll keep…we’re here 24/7! Have a great day, Jim. And thanks again for stopping by. 🙋🏻

    • So you’re going to go shoot the breeze, eh? 😂
      This leaves me wondering if it’s a forum about offshore wind, or you’re all going to an island. 🙋🏻‍♂️

  2. Good Morning, Chuck. LARVA damn near drove me BUGGY…but I went OUT ON A LIMB, and did the NEST I could…Nothing to CROW about, but it could always be VERSE! 😂🙋🏻

    ° Out in the field, finding himself repulsed to be surrounded by LARVA, he couldn’t SMOOCH along with the BRANCH MANAGER or join him in witty BANTER, so he simply nodded and let out a GRUNT…

    🐜 Since he was just a private, he knew they’d call him GRUNT
    He only hopped they wouldn’t go and also call him runt…
    He was quite small in stature, to SMOOCH his girl he’d stand,
    On tiptoe most times, but so what..it still was just as grand.
    But now dealing with LARVA, he feared he’d lose his lunch
    He never did like bugs at all…the whole lot and the bunch…
    So while they all engaged in BANTER, he just thought of her
    His girl at home employed as his banks’ tall BRANCH MANAGER 🐜

  3. Good morning, Angela.. The Army GRUNT and the Navy ensign began to BANTER back and forth about the time when they were kids and decided they would SMOOCH the LARVA of an insect’s egg. Not real good, but all I could come up with. Have a good one!

    • Great take. 👏🏻👏🏻 I especially like how we both went with GRUNT as a noun! BIRDS of a FEATHER! ! And no question as to how good it is…but I will say that I’m glad I ate already! 😜 The imagery is a tad overwhelming for a “morning show”! LOL! Well done, Chuck! And I wish you a good one too! 🐦🙋🏻

      • I never thought you would go with GRUNT as a noun.I didn’t think most women would ever have heard it used as such. You are truly amazing, Angela.I hope your breakfast is still in your stomach!!

        • LOL! Yes, Chuck. Thanks for asking..Luckily I ate at 5, so it was already well digested. Thank God for small favors, right? 😉 As for GRUNT, youve got me wondering now…I really couldn’t tell you how long or where from I know it, but I do know I’m very familiar with it. And since I used it as the verb in my sentence, I was determined to give it the noun spin in my second effort. But your words are much too kind…I think I’m just a product of my environment. My Father taught me to read at 3 years old, and I quickly discovered that I had a voracious appetite for words..and luckily, thankfully, He not only shared the love, He nourished it in me..all the while putting up with my never ending questions. Whereas my Mother would throw up her hands in confused desperation, 😉 my Father had the patience to explain every phonetic quirk and contradictory aspect of this language of ours. And I’ve just kept the fire burning…As I’ve said before, I couldn’t get past Geometry, in a family full of engineers, but I took the ball and ran with it when it came everything “word” related….(Can you tell)? 😂😂 Here’s to a great day, Chuck, and thanks again Enjoy! 🍷🙋🏻

  4. It would be interesting to see how many days in a row we can go where we have a group of animals! Troop, Murder, ?. Too bad the chef on Sunday wasn’t cooking a Pod of Lobsters!

    • Good Morning, Clay. You know I was thinking the same thing earlier this morning. Do you remember last year, or maybe the year before, when Jeff drew us barnyard animals until we cried FOWL? He nearly DROVE me crazy! I particularly recall the Hamilton cartoon, with a few farm animals in the CAST. Well, I haven’t HERD anything, but if I do, I won’t PACK it in, and I’ve no intention to BALE…(I’m definitely KNOT a quitter),…But since I do take great PRIDE in my work, another SWARM of animal themes may just “caws” me to CRASH and burn! I can take a LITTER bit, but another GANG? I think the YOKE would be on me! … Ok, Clay. Your assignment should you choose to except it? Name the 12 groups I’ve just mentioned!!!! Good luck! 😂🙋🏻

  5. Good morning. Quick note. Bus is bouncing so if will be short. Onward to A/C. No problem with either the words or cartoon. Another cleaver finish for the boys. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Good Morning, Brooklyn. Jeez…a bouncing bus…just what I need after Chucks’ LARVA eating episode…you guys are really trying to do me in this morning, huh?..😉 Good Luck, Brooklyn…Make sure you come home “full” as we Italians say…Have a great trip, and enjoy yourself! I’ll keep the porch light on for you! ♦️♣️♠️♥️🙋🏻

  6. Oops, was thinking it was Tuesday. So what would a group of used car salesmen be called for Monday’s puzzle? A Bother of used car salesmen? Just a joke, don’t want to offend anyone!

    • That’s ok, Clay. No harm, no FOWL…I’m always confusing the days…You may remember my telling of how my friend gifted me with a pillow that reads…”Get a damn calendar”? Ah, the love! 😂😂 And I’ll not touch the used car salesmen either…I wouldn’t want anyone to think it’s a CONSPIRACY! …Sorry, I just couldn’t resist! 😂🙋🏻

  7. Gosh larva was the only anagram that came to me quickly.Grunt was looking like ‘trung’ then smooch popped into my mind followed by banter,which also had me originally stumped.The puzzle solution came into view almost immediately,given the letters and obvious branch first word.Definitely a Wed puzzle in degree of difficulty.

    • Gee, Prof…You mean the “COUNTing Crows” puzzle didn’t ADD up for you? 😉 I’d think it would be right up your alley! 😂 And “trung”? Hmm. What can I say? Would you use it in a sentence for me? 😂 Just teasing you, Prof. You know how it is…Sometimes you eat the bear, sometimes the bear eats you. Here’s to tomorrow…🍷🙋🏻

  8. Hi all – Same here; BANTER took the extra look., then took a second to realize that they’re all on a BRANCH, which showed the answer.

    Yes Angela, my first thought was that if she thinks the other crows are going to stand for her micro-managing, she’s either a birdbrain or a Raven Lunatic.

    I’ll just call MAYDAY since I have nothing to add except my wishes for a great day!

    • LOL! Mayday😉, huh? Cute…👏🏻👏🏻 And as for our RAVEN-haired beauty, she’s lucky none of the other POE birds tried to MURDER her…they just QUOTHed NEVERMORE and moved on…😂 Have a good one, G. 🐦🙋🏻

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