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Good Morning, Everyone!       🚕 ALL’S FARE….IN ROOM AND BOARD 🚕

🎶 CAB DRIVER, once more ’round the block…Never mind the TICKIN’ OF THE CLOCK…I only wish we could have had a talk…CAB DRIVER, once more ’round the block…🎶 Cab Driver” – The Mills Brothers 1968

🚕 At one time it was SNAZZY if you owned a cab medallion,
But now with Uber, Lyft and such…it isn’t so much fun…
With many “ride-hail” companies so popular today,
The old time Cabbie finds it hard to stay ABOVE the fray.
Today it’s HURRY here and there…it’s all done with an APP,
But it’s caused the original guys to deal with quite a flap.
And if you are a FATHER with a family to feed…
Today it’s gotten harder to give them all they need.
But times they change…No turning back, technology is here…
I wish there was a way though for everyone’s “FARE” SHARE 🚕

While we aren’t seeing any new words today, we do have all new anagrams. But there was a repeat past performance with HURRY. Having appeared twice before, once in 2015, and again on 01/18/2018, it was anagrammed both times as RUYRH. Today though, the “rh” ending has been replaced with “hr” instead, making it a newbie. ABOVE is playing double duty: it’s our newest entry with an 08/10/18 appearance, and our oldest going back to 2015. And while none of our words today are overly challenging, the Early Birds did voice Feather and Farther before FATHER took hold. Ok…let’s take our PLACE at our cartoon…

Finding ourselves at the home of our two featured characters, we overhear a conversation about money…One of the roommates, seen playing a video game, is hoping that the other, who has just come in from work, had a “lot of rides”. With our question TIPping us off to the fact that the man entering works as a “car service” driver…we learn that by those “rides“, he means “FARES“. And understandably, the game-player is looking for his roommates’ SHARE of the rent and the Internet cost…I mean..it’s only FAIR… And it seems our smiling guy, saying, “We’re all good”…FARED very well, since it was raining…So well in fact, that he brought home a pizza, not leaving his roommate PIE and dry, especially since he KNEADED the DOUGH! So, in answer to our question…Driving people place to place allowed him to bring home his…”FARE” SHARE! Good one, David! You always manage to DRIVE it HOME!

Ok, eye candy..The worried, TAXIng look on our gamers face leads me to believe that the SHARE he’s waiting for is definitely due…Upon what I thought to be a gray end table, but looks more like a console, there’s a soft drink with a straw in a cup showing a yellow smiley face drinking alike… The controller in the gamers hand is black, and Jeff’s detailed it to show the directional controls. But since I’m not a gamer, I can’t go that extra MILE to SHARE any more of it with you, and I’d never want to STEER you wrong. We see the back of the flat screen TV…It appears our guys are living in an apartment, since on the wall by the door, an intercom is visible. Our mustachioed, goateed driver, his face dripping with raindrops, is carrying a cell phone in his breast pocket, and he’s smiling…confident that he’s earned enough to cover both the expenses and the pizza…But is he the eye candy? HAIL no! I’m going with the PIZZA BOX.  Because if you look real closely, there’s a single rain drop dripping from its corner, and Jeff’s drawn atop it the iconic pizza baker, complete with handlebar mustache and chef’s hat, holding a pizza tray…today’s PIÈCE de RÉSISTANCE…no matter how you SLICE it! So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone…Let’s go for that PIE in the sky…and SHARE the joy today! 🚕🙋🏻




28 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 04/23/2019

  1. Musings before the office:

    Our father above in heaven
    bring me some pizza straight from the oven
    Not many toppings – I don’t like snazzy
    Just hoping the sauce is tasty and jazzy
    And oh, by the way make sure you hurry,
    Your fare share is due so show me the money

    • LOL! Good Morning, Jim. 👏🏻👏🏻 You gave me a laugh! Well done! So, how’d the haircut go? 😉🙋🏻

      • Haha – haircut went well – Easter was a breeze with brunch in am and Lobster rolls for dinner(wife gave it up for lent).

        • LOL..Glad to hear it, Jim! 😉 …And yes, it does feel good to break that fast…Hope you’re enjoying your evening…Take care! 🙋🏻

  2. This Jumble is certainly cooked. I think to be a valid answer, the cartoon answer has to have two meanings, causing a pun. Many Jumbles have other answers but they almost always have only one meaning. However in this Jumble there are two possible answers, and both have double meanings. The suggested answer FARE SHARE certainly had two meanings (fare and fair), but the alternative answer FEAR SHARE also has two meanings. To me the meaning FEAR, which sounds like FAIR or FARE, is suggested by the accusatory words of the person on the left; I think the guy on the right is fearful of that person.

    • Ah, Jim…Good Morning…How you tend to SCARE me sometimes! 😉 The only thing they have to FEAR is FEAR itself…and maybe the FEAR of getting evicted! And I’m pretty sure the only thing cooked here is the pizza! 🍕 Have a good one, Jim! FAREwell! 🚕🙋🏻

  3. Good morning. A pleasure seeing this so nice and early. Very little trouble with the words or the cartoon. Not everything popped right out but fun to tackle. Angela, listened to your song choice. Always loved their music. Such great harmony. Nice use of the words and puns. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Good Morning, Brooklyn! After trying to stay up to see the end of that Yankee game, I’m not sure what’s early or late today! But we got over on Harvey…so it’s all good! 😉 Thanks for the Shout Out and I agree. The Mills Brothers had velvet voices and some of the best harmonies to ever hit the airwaves. Would you believe I still pull them out of the vault? IMO, their music is timeless…Glad you stuck with the puzzle..that little bit of a challenge is good every once in a while…Have a good one, Brooklyn..Definitely Bocce weather today! Enjoy! 🚕🙋🏻

  4. Good Morning, Chuck…How’s this FARE? 🚕🙋🏻
    °After his FATHER went ABOVE and beyond and laid out the money for the SNAZZY new sports car, he was in a HURRY to earn enough to pay his FARE SHARE….

    • ABOVE all else, the FATHER wanted to HURRY home from work so that he could see his daughter in the SNAZZY outfit she would be wearing in the school play.

      • Good Morning, Chuck! 👏🏻👏🏻 Kudos! Very well done! We got both the sons and the daughters in there today! And I love your intro…I always liked the phrase, “Above all else”. ..🚕🙋🏻

  5. Your kind words are always appreciated, Angela. I hope you’re feeling refreshed today. Stay well!

    • As they are always well deserved…I’m doing better today, thank you for asking. There’s always some degree of stress intertwined with the Holiday preparations..but the bombings really took a toll….And life goes on…I hope you’ll be having the same beautiful weather that we’re slated to have today, Chuck….Enjoy! 🚕🙋🏻.

  6. Being a FATHER of three he was not in a HURRY to sign the contract for the SNAZZY new sports car over the the SUV because the price was,ABOVE his means.

    • Brooklyn’s in the house!!!! Way to go, Paul! …And are we to think there might be some truth to all this? 😂😂 Great job, 👏🏻👏🏻!!’ Kudos! I really wish you’d give us one more often! It’s a great way to start the day! 🚕🙋🏻

      • You got that right Angela. Only difference was that it was always used cars and I went for the station wagon. First a VW Bus then S/W. Needed that room with my brood.

        • Hey Paul, I hear ya…Ans we all piled in without the seatbelts! 😉 Hope you’re having a good night, Brooklyn! 🚕🙋🏻

  7. I am happy that Uclick is finally back showing the cartoon. I depend on it for color. The problem with shockwave is that as soon as you solve it, it changes the page to your results without the cartoon still showing!

    • Hi Clay, Good Morning. Yes, my cousin who uses it told me it was back to normal. I’m not sure if I showed you this link the other day. It’s interactive, and for some reason I’m allowed to access it. It shows beautiful color also, and upon completion of the puzzle, there’s a drum roll, but the cartoon remains intact, and you can even enlarge it a little by clicking on it. Plus it’s up very early in the morning, which is key for me. Only thing is, I don’t remember now if it shows the regular Sunday puzzle or not. If anything, why not bookmark it, and keep it as a backup? My paper prints in color, and it’s usually up by 5:30ish…but I use this one in a pinch. 🙋🏻


  8. Hi all – FATHER was the only thing to cause a pause. I thought the answer might be LYFT TICKET or UBER something, but the quotes and letter layout showed the more generic FARE.

    “Kneading the Dough” made me laugh, Angela.
    I looked around at pictures of video game controllers, but the ones I saw with crosses on both the left and right had different shaped bodies, so no help there. I’m assuming it’s artistic license, unless Jeff had an early game like Vectrex, ColecoVision, Compucolor, LYNX (one of David’s favorite words in Word Search World Traveler), or something more obscure.

    Have a great day, all. Warmest weather of the year here so far. It makes watching the hockey playoffs a little odd (while sweating 😂) but I’ll take it.

    • Hey Steve..Yea, Father made the guys blink too…And thanks…I’m glad I could give you a laugh…The way things are, we KNEAD all the laughs we can get…Stay 😉 COOL..and have a good one! 🚕🙋🏻

    • LOL! You’re right on the MONEY, Prof…less SNAZZY it was! 😉Hope you’re enjoying your day…🚕🙋🏻

  9. To anyone in the Seattle area today…I will be playing GIANT Word Winder at the Bothell Library from 7 PM to about 9 PM. The library is located at 18215 98th Avenue NE, Bothell, WA 98011 about 25 minutes north-northeast of downtown Seattle.
    — David L. Hoyt

    • Hi, David! I created a special blog post with all of the information you provided and pinned it to the top of the website for everyone to see. Best of luck tonight! It sounds like a great time! 🙂

  10. Angela, I just wanted to thank you for sending a Jumble post to me. I’ve been attempting to install
    a desktop icon, but without any success. I enjoy the Jumble puzzle the best of all the word puzzles I’ve played.

    • Hi Bennie..Nice to meet you…I”d like to take credit for sending you the email, but it’s really nothing per se that we do here. In your effort to install the APP, you must have checked off a box that allows the website to generate our email to your address, in response to your subscribing. But we’re glad you did, and now hopefully you’ll be receiving the email every morning. And rest assured, you’re in great company. We all love the Jumble! Hope your enjoying your day, Bennie, and let us know if the emails continue…and I hope you comment again.🙋🏻

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