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Happy Tuesday, Jumble friends! Today’s puzzle was similar to yesterday’s game where all of the clue words were returning favorites and one of the anagrams had been used before. VUMEA was scrambled the exact same way the last time we saw it on 8/1/18, but it wasn’t enough to foil this savvy solver! GOACCN was the anagram that did me in and, quite honestly, stumped me enough to make me move on with my solve and back into it later. I don’t like skipping any of the clue words before attempting the final solve but we all have “one of those days” where things don’t go according to plan. After finishing the entire puzzle, I found out that COGNAC was our oldest clue word of the day (6/28/17) and MAUVE was our most recent.

Our cartoon brings us to an interrogation room where we encounter three Jumble characters. Jeff decided to give us an extreme close up view of the characters which left no additional space for any type of background scenery. The dialogue was straightforward and these FBI Agents are certain that they have enough information of this mans wrongdoings that they want him to give a full confession. Rather than spill the beans, he clams up and decides that silence might be his best, and only defense. Nothing jumped out at me as far as extra details go, but the mans palms facing upwards gave us a good indication that he’s guilty as charged!

The final solve was an anagram consisting of 9-letters but it wasn’t jumbled enough to keep the answer well hidden. The first 5-letters brought COME into view leaving CLEAN to be found to finish it off. It’s been an easy start to the week so hopefully the difficulty level will increase in the next day or two. Have a terrific Tuesday, and I’ll see you right back here tomorrow!











20 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 04/16/2019

  1. Good Morning, Mike..Good Morning, Everyone…
    Good Morning, Chuck…MAUVE over-shadowed the creativity. It was restricting, not allowing for much wiggle room. Mauve is mauve. Period…But the other words were pliable…I’m curious as to which word caused you to pause…🙋🏻

    ° c1956…Deciding to COME CLEAN, he admitted to his parents that after drinking some COGNAC they decided to drive across state lines in the rented MAUVE-colored JALOPY and ELOPE…

    🚗 While owning a JALOPY way back when he was young,
    He got into an accident…the memory still stung…
    From drinking too much COGNAC, he crashed into a gate,
    Was late at night, no one around, he worried ’bout his fate…
    The plans he had to ELOPE he feared would be delayed,
    No one was hurt so he kept mum..and all these years he prayed.
    But now returning into town, the MAUVE house that he bought…
    His conscious too aware of how he never had been caught,
    So he decided even though his deed was never seen…
    The time had come and he was finally ready to COME CLEAN…🚗

        • Hi Michael. Thank you very much. And I’m glad to hear that you follow us. We try very hard to bring something pleasant to our readers each day. God knows there’s enough to read out there that isn’t…And we enjoy reading everyone’s comments in turn. Thank you for taking the time to drop us a line, and please do so again. Hope you’re enjoying your night! Take care! 🙋🏻

    • Angela, My sentence is so much like yours that I’ve decided not to print it. Cognac gave me the most trouble. I hope you have an invigorating day!

      • Hey Chuck. I think Jalopy and Cognac tend to DRIVE us in a certain direction…Tks for the well wishes…I offer you the same! Enjoy! 🙋🏻

  2. Cognac was a tough one for me as well. I usually look at the panel and see if I can guess the answer before beginning to unscramble the individual words. I guessed Come Clean immediately. So as I solved each word, I knew what letters I was missing when I came to Cognac.
    Theresa Z

    • Hi, Theresa! Both yesterday’s and today’s final answers were super easy to figure out so luckily I was able to back into COGNAC with little effort. The money laundering reference in the sentence made it all too easy. Great hearing from you and have a wonderful day! 😊

  3. Morning, all. This is the second day in a row that was an instant blind solve for me. Maybe later in the week they’ll be real stumpers.

  4. Good morning. To be honest,nothing was easy for me today. Two of the words took way me too much time to get. Then I left out one letter towards solving the cartoon and that also took me a lot of time. When I finally corrected everything and got the answer,I wasn’t happy like one should when accomplishing the task. I felt like a dunce. I should be happy I succeeded but I was fuming that it took so long. Oh well,tomorrow starts anew. Until then take care.

  5. Angela look at Mutts in the Daily News. It got me out of the Funk that I was in. It really had me laughing.

    • Hey Brooklyn! Good Morning! I know, I saw it…and it made me LOL too…I think it was the Home Style Cooking sign that did it for me! 😂😂 And let’s not talk funk…it’s a beautiful day outside, and we need to count our blessings! Tell you what…Cook something…and lick the spoon! Guaranteed your day’ll be a good one! 🍝🙋🏻

  6. I too had to back into cognac after figuring out the cartoon answer. For the past week our newspaper has been printing the cartoon in darker ink which makes it much easier to see the details in the picture. I’m listening to a little robin singing outside my window. Happy Spring everyone.

  7. I had to join the crowd and back into cognac,from the letters I needed for the come clean solution.Mauve also gave me reason to pause ,when vacuum came to mind first.Our 5+ inches of snow are gone w sunny 64 degree weather, going up to 70 this afternoon.Problem was my wife dared to move our snow shovel from the ready position last week.Trust me we won’t do that again.

  8. Hi all – I saw the first word because the color combo “French Blue and Mauve” was such a cliche for awhile that even people like me with no fashion or color sense were making fun of it. I also had to back into COGNAC. I wondered whether JALOPY was one of David’s new words he was talking about, but it seems not.

    Angela, your guy driving across state lines sound like a typical MANN ACT.

    Have a great day, everyone!

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