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Happy Wednesday, Jumble fans! David and Jeff sure started the month off right with a puzzle that featured a new clue word, a tricky surprise answer, and some of the best artwork we’ve ever seen. BANISH made its gameplay debut this morning, but it wasn’t too difficult to decipher. PLACID was the word that caused me to pause for a few extra moments which made it my pick for the most difficult anagram of the day. The remaining three clue words were all used in early 2017. The oldest of the group was MAUVE which was last seen on March 17th.

If you rushed through this mornings puzzle and didn’t take the time to soak in all of the amazing details that Jeff painstakingly added to his cartoon then you’ve missed out on one of the best pieces of his artwork this year. This panel was simply gorgeous and featured a pirates crew in the final stages of a mutiny on the high seas. It’s definitely not a warm and friendly piece like we usually see which made it even more intriguing.

The frustration and anger of the crew is on full display with the dialogue filling in the blanks of this chaotic scene. They’ve accused him of cheating them out of the their fair share of the riches they’ve plundered and now he’ll pay the ultimate price. The pirate is literally standing on his last leg as he teeters at the end of the plank that he’s been forced to walk. Three hungry sharks circle in the water below and wait patiently to deliver what will surely be a gruesome demise.

Jeff managed to pack this piece with every imaginable detail from pirate lore. There’s actually so many bits of goodness that I’ll list it all for the sake of brevity. We see a crew hand pointing a blood smeared cutlass, a skull and crossbones on the pirates hat, a skull earring dangling from his left ear, a scar on his cheek, a parrot fleeing the scene, a peg leg, a hooked hand, four nails barely holding the plank in place, a mermaid bow ornament and a sinking ship in the background. Phew!!! My favorite detail, even though it was minor, was the shading under the plank. It gave a sense of height to the cartoon which made it feel even more realistic.

The final solve was a bit tricky and took some time to decipher. The letter layout was especially cryptic and kept the answer well hidden. “A” seemed like the obvious choice for the single letter block. Just staring at the remaining letters for a few moments brought OUT to mind as all three letters were grouped together. ON came next leaving LIMB for my finish. A HUGE thank you to Jeff and David for giving us a puzzle that is an instant classic and that we’ll no doubt remember for many years to come. Have a wonderful Wednesday, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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  1. Good Morning, Mike. I like the ” Standing on his last leg”! 😂 So many grrrreat details today! ☠🙋🏻

    • 🎶 Please RELEASE ME, let me go…For I don’t love you anymore. To live a lie would be a sin…RELEASE ME and let me love again….🎶 “Please Release Me” – Englebert Humperdinck – 1966

      ☠ July the 7th we were brought to turmoil with Corsairs,
      And once again the BANISH reigns, but this time there’s more fear…
      Where last time land made PLACID, the angry men on board,
      Today it looks like nothing short of death ends this discord.
      We see that it’s TABOO for sure to cheat where bounty’s due,
      (How odd to see a shade of MAUVE on Pirate #2)!
      I think this time it’s over…the plank – the death of him…
      Old Peg Leg won’t walk this one off…He’s gone OUT ON A LIMB! ☠

      With three of today’s words being 2017 Sweet Repeats, in March, April and May, BANISH seems OSTRACIZED. Shall I go OUT ON A LIMB and call it another new entry on the HORIZON? Good MONEY says yes…but I’m not TRĖS SURE…And how ironic that A BOOT would perfectly describe our featured characters’ footwear? SHOOt! It’s TABOO! Ok…RRREADY to ATTACK today’s cartoon…Finding ourselves once again aboard a PIRATE SHIP, with MUTINY aBOUNDing, I’m wondering what it is about PIRATES that floats our Jumble Guys’ boats? There must be an ARRRgument for it, no? Twice within four weeks? And is this the same beLEAGUEred Captain? Is he once more feeling the wrath of his crew and being asSAILed upon? And are those sharks circling the water? ORCA those fins be there for another PORPOISE?…A lot of questions..But one thing’s for SHORE…It definitely looks like the end of the BRINE for this guy! Today, we see a PIRATE CAPTAIN, his right hand replaced with a HOOK, and his left leg KNOThing more than…WOOD you believe a stump? What’s up with LIMB, anyway? He doesn’t seem very HANDY, does he?…I mean especially considering that PIRACY is his LEGACY, right? And he’s definitely at the end of his rope..I mean at the end of his PLANK here, and about to meet his fate. With ALL HANDS HOAY…(Well maybe not ALL HANDS)! we see three crew members, two brandishing weapons of crass destruction, standing on BOARD, as they berate the aSHOREdly distraught Captain over his failure once again to share the wealth. Proving that the old PIRATE saying…”No Wealth, no Health” does truly hold WATER…Look, we knew this would happen..SCHOONER or later, right? So with our question asking what the Peg-Legged Captain was as he walked the plank? …OUT ON A LIMB. HA! Shiver ‘me LIMBERS!! GRRRReat pun, David! Worth it’s weight in DOUBLOONS!

      Ok, eye candy…Today, a TREASURE trove! There’s the CREW…Left to Right, 1-2-3…1-His Cutlass is bloodstained, both on it’s tip and on the blade…He’s the only one wearing a cap and a hanging earring…I think he’s the HEAD BUCCAN-EAR…2-Holding a Spike, 3-One tooth remains…MOTLEY CREW, for SHORE, with facial hair extraordinaire! There’s our Captain…”Banded beard, wavy hair…crying out in such despair…Wears an earring, it’s a skull, Scar on face, weathered and dull…But what really made me linger? There’s a ring upon his finger! Sports a TRICORN..Skull and Bones…Nothing helps..he still bemoans”… The PLANK he stands upon, is held aloft with four crudely applied bent nails…Tacky. We see the SHIP’S BOW, ADORNED with an elaborate Figurehead of a MERMAID, that looks very true to SCALE…And there’s the ubiquitous PARROT, shown flying the coop…But the real TREASURE today? Way out at SEA…Jeff’s signature-sinking-Sailboat, that has STOLEN my heart? It’s been replaced with a period-appropriate Masted sinking SHIP! Brilliant, Jeff! …And that’s what my AYE did KETCH! So, There you have it Blokes, Done! Have a GRRRRReat day, Everyone!…And with more rain here in NYC…I think I’ll stay in and do some online shopping…Seems like I’m always spending an ARM and a LEG…☠🙋🏻

  2. Good morning. Thank you Mike for your input. So much detail we miss from using the paper. I’m on my way again to A/C so I’ll have to read everybody later. I had no problem with the words but that light bulb didn’t go off right away on Taboo. When it finally clicked it was more like a dull pain. You just shake your head wondering why it took so long. Then on the cartoon answer I had two “A” instead of “O”. Kept wondering why I was stuck until I finally realized my mistake. Once I had the correct letters it was a snap. Until tomorrow or if I remember, I’ll get back to you. Take care.

    • Ahoy, matey! I agree that TABOO was tricky and it did cause me to pause for a few seconds. As for the letter layout, we’ve all made your exact same mistake. It happens. At least you were able to figure it out and finish it off. Jeff went above and beyond for this piece and I’m still in awe. Have a great trip to A/C, Paul, and best of luck to you. 🍀

  3. The angry gallery owner, normally a PLACID person, hurried to BANISH the MAUVE painting illustrating a TABOO subject. from his premises.
    Of he four clue words, the one to slow me down was BANISH, perhaps because the SH came at the end? Once I had the circled letters written down and looked at the number of words required, the solution came quite quickly.
    Mike your details were “bullet proof.” Outstanding job listing them for us and pointing out the genius that appears every day.
    Angela, Engelbert Humperdinck is an old favourite and I think I pointed this out before, but he borrowed that name fromr an earlier composer–the man who wrote the operetta “Hansel and Gretel”
    Your details added lustre to those Mike listed and I had not noticed. Wonderful way with words Wednesday–weigh—way way wunderbar!!
    Now the downside?? The cartoon was great but I was less than thrilled with the solution. I know, I know it’s a play on the word “limb” but somehow it’s too much of a stretch from “walking the plank” to “out on a limb.”
    Maybe it was the awful peg leg with a branch on the side that turned me off? Or maybe two limbs missing from the pirate? OK I’ll shut up and go away–don’t want to be trrrrroll.

    • Mauve was a strange answer,and placid gave me time to pause.I agree the “out on a ” came quickly,but for some reason limb wasn’t as quick a solve.

      • Good morning, Chuck! There weren’t any action lines around the “limb” hanging off the plank which kept that particular visual clue well hidden. Even though it was a tricky solve, the surprise answer was more than satisfying. Have a wonderful day, my friend! 🙂

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the read, Earl. You’re sentence was intriguing and almost makes me want to see the secrets that the mauve painting depict!

      Doing some research for my analysis, I discovered that the ship’s carpenter often doubled as a surgeon as he was skilled at sawing and cutting. The pirate we see in the cartoon had two limbs removed so he was lucky to still be alive after all that trauma! Definitely not relevant to your response, but I thought it was an interesting fact.

      What you did mention was the bit of severed branch on the peg leg. It seems no matter how hard I try, there’s always something that I forget to add. Aargh!!! Thanks for filling in the gaps of this landlubber! 🙂

    • Hey Earl, Good Morning. Yes, we have spoken about Humperdinck’s name in the past. Always thought it an odd choice! Thanks for the Shout Out, and I like your use of mauve. If the Pirates’ shirt wasn”t in the color palate, I have no idea where I was going to go with it! Have a good one! ☠🙋🏻

  4. Taboo was the word that tripped me up this morning. I kept thinking aboot (Canadian for about). Once I got that one straightened out, I figured out the cartoon answer without difficulty. As always thanks for the analysis, Mike. Have a good day all.

  5. Very funny answer and wonderful detail! The two 3-vowel, 5-letter words TABOO and MAUVE took me the longest. Then I took some time thinking the first word of the answer might be “not” and looking around for words starting with a b. Once I saw “out” the rest came to mind.

  6. Hi, all! Wow! “Aboot,” I mean “tooba,” I mean TABOO was a killer for me. This is true: A few days ago I did a “bad sin” to “bash in” the fender of my car in our garage doorway, but now I will BANISH those thoughts and just get it repaired. I enjoyed our pirate puzzle, sharks & all!

  7. Hi, Mike! I just have to say one more thank you to you for the wonderful Happy Birthday words you gave to me yesterday. Your much appreciated compliments brightened my day and kept me smiling. Thank you!!

    Angela, thank you for your lovely “Happy B’day” and toast to me.

    Paul, I’m glad I make you smile. Your orange juice toast gave me a big smile!

    Earl, thank you for your sentence to me hoping for my birthday to be filled with fun, family, and friendly frivolity. Your hope came true.

    Caroline, thank you for singing Happy Birthday to me with your pretty musical notes.

    Betty, thank you for wishing me a Happy Happy Birthday. I did have a doubly wonderful day.

    Steve, thank you for making me smile with an enthusiastic Happy Birthday even though it was not a milestone! Next year 80 will be a milestone but I could stay 79 as Jack Benny did at 39! Waddayathink?

    Clay, thank you for my 4-exclamation point Happy Birthday, and happy it was!!!!

    Anonymous, thank you for your birthday wish & hoping I had a great day. I did!

    Mike, I am sure that you and your Jumble Answer site are the very best, nicest, and most enjoyable on the Internet!!

  8. Hi all – I saw the answer right away. BANISH took a few looks before I realized that there was an ISH to go at the end. Then, like Betty, I saw ABOOT and thought Canadians and also mistook it for ABBOT, or possibly TOOBA for a musical interlude, then saw TABOO.

    Mike, “Gruesome Demise” would be a GREAT name for a rock band!
    Maybe it wasn’t the ship’s carpenter though – maybe Moby Dick had a two-for-one coupon at his Early Bird dinner.

    Also great descriptions of all the details from both Angela and Mike.

    I think today was the first time I’ve heard a repeat Safeway song from the ceiling – Blondie’s “Rapture.” I guess now I need a term for it. A “rafter re-run”? “MOULDY oldie” (from ceiling moulding)?

    Have a great day, everyone.

    Angela, thanks for reminding me of this:
    🎵”Van Bushell saw the HOOK
    Which replaced Joseph’s HAND
    He said now calm you down my brother
    Let’s discuss this man to man
    It’s no good you getting angry
    We must try to act our age
    You’re pursuing your convictions
    Like some hermit in a cage
    You’re the son of your father
    Try a little bit harder
    Do for me as he would do for you
    With blood and water, bricks and mortar
    He built for you a home
    You’re the son of your father
    So treat me as your own”🎵 — Elton John (Lyrics by Bernie Taupin)

  9. The earliest documented instances of piracy were in the 14th century BC, when the Sea Peoples, a group of ocean raiders, attacked the ships of the Aegean and Mediterranean civilizations

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