Jumble Answers for 11/16/2018






PS   DAN   AM   AE   =      EMPA – “NADAS”

Good Morning, Everyone!             🍩 COMING UP EMPTY? 🍩

🎶 Say hey, good lookin’ – what ya got COOKIN‘, How’s about COOKIN‘ somethin’ up with me?…Hey, sweet Baby…don’t you think maybe…We can find us a brand new recipe?…🎶  “Hey, Good Lookin'” – Hank Williams  1951 https://tinyurl.com/y8dr7j89

“In the WARMLY scented kitchen, Baldo became TIPSY, and the DEBATE was whether he was DRAWN to the aroma of the baked goods or had he tested the liqueurs…”

🍩 In the WARMLY scented kitchen, Tia Carmen happily bakes,
And she’s hoping everyone enjoys her food when they awake.
She seems a wee but tired, and she looks a little DRAWN,
Perhaps she needs to rest some more, ‘stead waking before dawn…
The Family does sometime DEBATE the fact she works so hard,
But Tia knows she’s needed, so no slacking’s in the cards.
As far as feeling TIPSY, yes it comes…but then it goes,
Ok, she’ll try to rest some more…She needs to…this she knows.
But right now dinner needs be planned…perhaps a nice frittata?
A good idea, once she’s done with these empty EMPANADAS! 🍩

All of our words today are SWEET Repeats, but the opinions are SPLIT this morning as to which may be the toughest. None of them were really hard to DIGEST, but DEBATE seems to have gotten the most DISCUSSION….

Our cartoon today is of the comic strip, BALDO, https://tinyurl.com/y9mpqala, which gives us two Guest Jumblers. Written by HECTOR CANTÚ and illustrated by CARLOS CASTELLANOS, BALDO presents a look into the lives of three generations of a Hispanic family, living together as a household. Shown here are BALDO, the main character, and his Great-Aunt, TIA CARMEN, who is often described as being a little ditzy.  Carmen has been baking, but it seems that she’s forgotten to stuff her BAKED TREATS, which are called EMPANADAS. https://tinyurl.com/ycqs8ost. NADA in Spanish means NOTHING. So in answer to our question…BALDO called the empty pastries…EMPA-“NADAS”! It’s a very fulFILLING pun!

As for the eye candy…The entire kitchen is shaded in light blue, the only color being our two characters and the empanadas at front. BALDO is dressed in his usual outfit, the white-striped red pullover with jeans, and is seen staring judgingly, with a rather CRUSTy look, into the hollow shell of the baked good. TÌA, wearing her favorite long-sleeved lilac dress, with a darker shaded scarf around her neck, has a look of sadness and disappointment. How unfair! She’s such a SWEET woman, and let’s face it, when baking, there’s always that MARGARINE for error…The platter she’s holding is piled high with the empanadas, which she’s baked to a perfectly beautiful golden brown color…And they’re the eye candy for today…So they’re empty…So what? All she need do is switch COURSE, say they’re Croissants…and call it a day! I wouldn’t worry about it TÌA…We’ve all been there. Personally? I’m constantly accused of being HALF BAKED!…(In fact, I’ve even begun to WARM up to the idea)! The way I look at it, as long as I know they LOAF and KNEAD me? Then I’m ok with whatever they call me! And Tia? You’ll  always be a SWEETheart in my book! So, There you have it, Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone!…And a thought…If someone’s SWEET enough to bake for you? The YEAST you can do is be grateful, and just enjoy the FRUITS of their labor….🍩🙋🏻