Jumble Answers for 11/12/2018









Happy Monday, Jumble friends! Regular players of the game will immediately recognize that today is the start of Guest Jumbler Week. This annual tradition is in its 6th year and features talented and popular cartoonists that draw their own cartoons and, in some cases, create puns for the puzzle. It’s always a unique spin on the game that introduces us to new characters and settings that broaden our Jumble horizons!

All of today’s clue words were old favorites with CEDDEA being the only anagram that we’ve definitely seen before. Even though it wasn’t new, it still took me the longest to decipher making it my pick for the most difficult anagram of the day. On an interesting note, BASIC was last used on 10/26/16 and VIPER was used the next day 10/27/17. TURKEY ended up being the oldest clue word of the group and was last used in gameplay on 5/6/17.

Today’s cartoon featured the comic strip “Crankshaft” which is written by Tom Batiuk and drawn by Dan Davis. The daily strip follows elderly bus driver, Ed Crankshaft, and the adventures he encounters while dealing with life’s curveballs.

In today’s panel we see that Crankshaft has, once again, driven his bus into his neighbors mailbox. This is a recurring gag in the strip and you can’t help but feel sorry for George Keesterman every time it happens! Keesterman has his right hand on his forehead and an obvious look of frustration on his face as his mailbox and all its contents lay strewn on the ground. Crankshaft can be seen looking out of the corners of his eyes at his neighbor with an apologetic “oopsie” kind of face.

The final solve was in typical Monday fashion with a short six-letter anagram to work through. After looking at the letters, BUS was quickly found leaving TED for the finish. It was a very easy start to Guest Jumbler Week and I look forward to seeing all of the talented artists that Jeff and David have lined up for us. Have a marvelous Monday, and I’ll see you tomorrow!