Jumble Answers for 11/03/2018









VE   PR   OR   UO   =  POUR OVER


Good Morning, Everyone!                🍦 TO “B” OR NOT TO “B”? 🍦

🎶Giddy yap, Giddy yap, Giddy yap….Buy BORDENS today….🎶  VINTAGE 1960 BORDENS MILK COMMERCIAL..


🍦 I always wondered what’s involved with creating a new taste
The pros and cons, how much is good and how much goes to waste…
To feel you’re on the VERGE of something that could be a smash,
And reach the point where you can UNLOAD what’s considered trash.
The best one’s always set APART, the one that goes to fame,
The one whose formula you HARBOR searching for a name.
But seeing this I’m thinking now my thoughts should tell me that
The bottom line is somebody must play the old lab rat…
And there is nothing glamorous here with wires all stuck on her
The girl’s an Ice Cream Guinea pig, and her brain they POUR OVER! 🍦

First things first…Today’s words are all SWEET Repeats. VERGE is our oldest, dating back to August 29th, 2015. None of them are words we’ve seen this year at all. UNLOAD caused a slight bit of unrest, because the Early Birds say they kept hearing Aloud speaking to them..When we last saw it here, on July 13th, 2016, anagrammed as Uldnoa, it was easily solved. Today’s anagram may be a bit more difficult, and may be the reason that it slowed a few of the guys down. Usually, when I see a U and a N in one of our words, I always try it first…UN..etc. Just a thought. Anyway, what are your thoughts this morning? Was UNLOAD a burden or not? Write in and let us know…

So…Today’s cartoon brings us into a Lab where we read that two scientists are monitoring a young girls reactions to a new sauce. I got the answer immediately upon reading our question, but for some reason, something about the cartoon was gnawing at me. I think it’s because I saw the Ice Cream carton, and the Cow. And I saw ELSIE, the old BORDENS trademark. And then I saw our girl, POURing from example “B“…I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but I went to do a little research. And I ask…Is it just me, or do you, our readers join me in NOT knowing that there isn’t a “BORDENS” anymore? Not since the 1990’s. And yet, I can’t help but think that the cartoon screams…Bordens!! Anyway, I could be so far off the mark that it isn’t even funny as they say, but this is where my head ended up this morning. 🎶I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice Cream…🎶 Ahem…And the scientists studied our girl, POURing the sauce of her choice, and gathered the data, so that they could POUR OVER it…A SWEET surprise of a solution…Great pun, David, you’ve dished up another winner!

Ok, Eye candy…The entire panel is shaded in purple. Once I got past the 4 EEG wires connecting our girl to the laptop, the other little tidbits were: The tiny droplet about to drop from the burner on the back table. The female scientist is left handed. Yay! The three sauce choices are labeled as: A in peach, B in pink, and C in yellow. The Ice Cream is a beige color, and the sauce POURing out of the B bottle is Brown. The scooper is gray. Jeff’s now familiar Pineapple logo can be seen on the laptops’ cover. But the eye candy? Atop Elsie’s head, on  the Ice Cream carton? It says “MOO”! ..MOO HOO...What happened to Bordens? So, There you have it Folks, Done.  I realize that my thoughts may seem a little scrambled this morning, and I apologize. I’ve included a link above, to an old Bordens commercial. Again, as I said, I could be way out in LEFT FIELD with this whole thing, but that’s just my take on it today…and I didn’t  want to feel COWered into being ashamed to say it! Have a great day, Everyone! GOT MILK? 🍦🐄🙋🏻



21 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 11/03/2018

  1. At the HARBOR, the longshoremen could not UNLOAD the ship because it was on the VERGE of drifting APART in the gale.
    No problems with the words or this puzzle.

    • Good Morning, Earl. Excellent sentence! ..And I love the STRENGTH of “in the gale”! Brilliant take…Gloomy and rainy still downstate..Hope you’re doing well. 🐄🙋🏻

  2. Following their convention of using quotes around puns which use different words, I think POUR should be in quotes. From the text, PORE would be the non quotation word.

    • Good Morning, Sir or Madam. You’re 100% correct! POUR should be in quotes, since PORE is the word related to reading. And here I was so taken with a fictional cow, that I didn’t even realize it. This could end up in UDDER chaos! Excellent eye, and great pick up. Now we’ll just have to wait to hear from David, to discover the SAUCE of the missing quotation marks. Was it an oversight on his part, or does the fault lie with the printer? Thank you very much for writing in, and please do so again. Fresh eyes and more so, fresh opinions are always welcome. Have a great day! 🙋🏻

    • Good Morning, Caroline. Yes, I think UNLOAD will be the HEAVY WEIGHT today! And, oh yes! Terrific catch on PORE! Have a good one! 🐄🙋🏻

  3. I don’t know how you can see Elsie on the carton, I can’t see her even on the online puzzle. Incredible that in the 1960 commercial you linked to, Else & her family are just still drawings, not even animated. I used to work for Borden 40 years ago, but I don’t have any insider info to give. There isn’t a Borden company anymore, but there are Borden milk products in some places. There isn’t Borden ice cream anywhere.
    I noticed also that POUR should be in quotes.

    • Good Morning, Mike. Where are you looking on-line? I’ll give you my link. She’s easily recognizable, as is the MOO. Enlarge it. Are you on an IPad? Because they really work wonders with the pinching and spreading …The commercial really got to me, it’s so campy and cute. And I was searching like crazy for a jingle of some sort to use as the song choice. and I found it there. It threw me so off schedule..I posted much later than I usually do on a Saturday. But, isn’t it adorable? You know I read up on Bordens before I posted, and I just never knew it was defunct. But thinking about it I do realize that I haven’t seen the ice cream or milk in probably forever. I do think I may have seen packaged cheese slices though, in the dairy cases, but I don’t buy any of that packaged stuff, so I’m not positive there either! 😉 IDK, as I said I could be so way OFF BASE, (my 2nd pun regarding the commercial, did you catch the 1st)? 😂 with this whole thing today, but it just struck me this way…And POUR? You saw it also? Kudos! I may be in danger of losing my membership card over this! 😂😂 Ok..open the picture up…Whoop..There she is! 🐄🙋🏻


      • Okay, with the online Jumble link you gave me, enlarged to the max, I can see Elsie and even the MOO. (the other sites I tried didn’t have the enlargement feature). Was the 1st pun in “It threw me so off schedule”?

        • Mike, this is the best site, bar none. Once you’re into the Jumble, hit the gray shaded PDF box, and you’ll get a full screen. Then as I mentioned, you can zero in on anything, and make it huge if you’re on an iPad. I’m figuring you’re not, tho, because of what you’ve just told me. My paper prints in color, so I wouldn’t give it up for anything, but because of the small size of the panel, I could never catch all the details with it alone. Bookmark this for yourself, it’s a great site. And it prints every morning by 3:15 the latest…My puns? No, I was going for baseball, as related to the commercials’ theme.,. Want to play?😉 Go back and read my posts’ closing… 😉🙋🏻


  4. Good morning. Thanks Mike for a great post. Loads of information that I never saw. Am I all alone in thinking we over think way to much with what’s in the mind of the person who drew the cartoon and if there should have been a Quotation mark In the two words. I’m very happy in just enjoying the work. I’m Brooklynese so I just say forgetaboutit and say the man did a heck of a job. Today’s jumble was another good one. Took me a little time because my head really wasn’t into doing the puzzle at first. But once I cleared my mind,(yes it’s not totally empty) the puzzle was a pleasure to tackle. Unload would be my choice for hardest word. Just a couple of minutes more than the rest. The cartoon answer was a breeze. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Brooklyn? Good Morning…Any chance you think you should clear your mind a little bit more?😂 Remember I told you once..I’m the one in heels with the long hair? 👠💇🏻

  5. Only problem I had was the absence of a hard copy newspaper,since we’re on twin watch.Unload wasn’t a problem,and all the other words and the solution was a snap for thus math guy.

    • Good Morning, Professor! Math? Where? 😉 Are you trying to ruin my day? 😉 Yes, it definitely looks like Unload is today’s albatross…(Thought I’d give you a little Golf pun there)! Enjoy your time with the girls! Have a good one, Prof! 🐄🙋🏻

  6. Another vote for unload though no trouble with the other words or cartoon answer. I had an uncle that worked for Borden’ s dairy here in S.F, Their ice cream was so good as I remember. No more dairies here anymore. They’ve probably all been replaced by condominium. Happy Saturday everyone and don’t forget to Fall Back!

    • Hi Betty..Unload…A landslide! .Condos is right. One wonders where it will ever end..There was a lot about Bordens on Wikipedia, and oh yes, their ice cream was soooo good. An extra hour of sleep! And a lot of extra darkness! 😂 Hope you’re having a good one! 🐄🙋🏻

  7. Hi all – The last word did take me the longest until I noticed that the UN trick could apply. Then I got POUR OVER from the picture.

    So I see analytics have even reached into the world of ice cream syrup. “So much data.” But how’s it taste?

    What caught my eye was the old-fashioned chemistry setup in the back. Brought back memories of school, 8 AM Saturday 3 hour labs for awhile. I have used a Bunsen Burner, but not the wonderfully drawn glassware we see here. I thought it might be an Erlenmeyer flask, but some quick research gave me an appropriately sharp answer – it’s a RETORT flask! Don’t know whether they still use those or not.

    You’re not miking the subject at all Angela; in fact you’re spot on, as we can see from the cow HIDE-ing in plain sight on the carton. I can’t find a picture of Elsie’s hide, though. She always seems to be dressed in June Cleaver’s dress, but with a necklace of daisies instead of pearls. We had a little box of charms for a charm bracelet in my house, and one of them was a tiny can of evaporated milk with Elsie on the label.
    She was great, really “out standing in her field”. Out here, we have her spiritual descendent, Clo the Cow from Clover Stornetta dairy, whose advertisements specialize in puns much better than that one.

    Have a great Saturday, everyone!

    🎵”And the ship sets the sail
    They’ve lived the tale
    To carry to the shore
    Straining at the oars
    Or staring from the rail
    And the sea bids farewell
    She waves in swells
    And sends them on their way
    Time has been her pay
    And time will have to tell
    Soon your sailing will be over
    Come and take the pleasures of the HARBOR”🎵 (Phil Ochs, 1967)

    • Hey G…When I was looking at lab equipment this morning, I saw the Retort flask, but disallowed it. They all had a much sharper-bent angle at the point, and they were much more elongated. (Is that proper English)? I called it a beaker, but later realizing the word didn’t encompass all glass vessels, I went back in and just called it a burner. And if you look at all the pictures of Retort flasks, every one of them has a valve-like attachment to them, resembling a knob of some sort. The glass here didn’t have one. So I’m not exactly sure what we’re looking at. Either way, somethings missing! As for Elsie, I think my head just went there on a whim. Any ice cream, being a diary product would naturally have a depiction of a cow…so, IDK.,I think I just got caught up in the “B”. Paul may be right! (Well partially…I mean he did call me Mike this morning)! 😂😂 Maybe we look for wayyyy MOO much…after a while it becomes a bit weird! Like this morning, I had two of the Early Birds telling me the guy looked like Jeff. But the glasses, the hair, the nose? No, it’s not Jeff…but do you see what I mean? Do you get the impression we took college courses that didn’t call for this much research? 😂😂 Hope you’re having a good one, G! 🐄🙋🏻

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