Jumble Answers for 11/03/2018






VE   PR   OR   UO   =  POUR OVER 

Good Morning, Everyone!                🍦 TO “B” OR NOT TO “B”? 🍦

🎶Giddy yap, Giddy yap, Giddy yap….Buy BORDENS today….🎶  VINTAGE 1960 BORDENS MILK COMMERCIAL..


🍦 I always wondered what’s involved with creating a new taste
The pros and cons, how much is good and how much goes to waste…
To feel you’re on the VERGE of something that could be a smash,
And reach the point where you can UNLOAD what’s considered trash.
The best one’s always set APART, the one that goes to fame,
The one whose formula you HARBOR searching for a name.
But seeing this I’m thinking now my thoughts should tell me that
The bottom line is somebody must play the old lab rat…
And there is nothing glamorous here with wires all stuck on her
The girl’s an Ice Cream Guinea pig, and her brain they POUR OVER! 🍦

First things first…Today’s words are all SWEET Repeats. VERGE is our oldest, dating back to August 29th, 2015. None of them are words we’ve seen this year at all. UNLOAD caused a slight bit of unrest, because the Early Birds say they kept hearing Aloud speaking to them..When we last saw it here, on July 13th, 2016, anagrammed as Uldnoa, it was easily solved. Today’s anagram may be a bit more difficult, and may be the reason that it slowed a few of the guys down. Usually, when I see a U and a N in one of our words, I always try it first…UN..etc. Just a thought. Anyway, what are your thoughts this morning? Was UNLOAD a burden or not? Write in and let us know…

So…Today’s cartoon brings us into a Lab where we read that two scientists are monitoring a young girls reactions to a new sauce. I got the answer immediately upon reading our question, but for some reason, something about the cartoon was gnawing at me. I think it’s because I saw the Ice Cream carton, and the Cow. And I saw ELSIE, the old BORDENS trademark. And then I saw our girl, POURing from example “B“…I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but I went to do a little research. And I ask…Is it just me, or do you, our readers join me in NOT knowing that there isn’t a “BORDENS” anymore? Not since the 1990’s. And yet, I can’t help but think that the cartoon screams…Bordens!! Anyway, I could be so far off the mark that it isn’t even funny as they say, but this is where my head ended up this morning. 🎶I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice Cream…🎶 Ahem…And the scientists studied our girl, POURing the sauce of her choice, and gathered the data, so that they could POUR OVER it…A SWEET surprise of a solution…Great pun, David, you’ve dished up another winner!

Ok, Eye candy…The entire panel is shaded in purple. Once I got past the 4 EEG wires connecting our girl to the laptop, the other little tidbits were: The tiny droplet about to drop from the burner on the back table. The female scientist is left handed. Yay! The three sauce choices are labeled as: A in peach, B in pink, and C in yellow. The Ice Cream is a beige color, and the sauce POURing out of the B bottle is Brown. The scooper is gray. Jeff’s now familiar Pineapple logo can be seen on the laptops’ cover. But the eye candy? Atop Elsie’s head, on  the Ice Cream carton? It says “MOO”! ..MOO HOO...What happened to Bordens? So, There you have it Folks, Done.  I realize that my thoughts may seem a little scrambled this morning, and I apologize. I’ve included a link above, to an old Bordens commercial. Again, as I said, I could be way out in LEFT FIELD with this whole thing, but that’s just my take on it today…and I didn’t  want to feel COWered into being ashamed to say it! Have a great day, Everyone! GOT MILK? 🍦🐄🙋🏻