Jumble Answers for 06/09/2018







Good Morning, Everyone!       🐔 CHICKEN LITTLE …WE KNOW 🐔

🎶 Little Deuce COUPE..You don’t know what I got…Little Deuce COUPE, you don’t know what I got…Well I’m not braggin’ Babe, so don’t put me down, but I’ve got the fastest set of WHEELS in town…When something comes up to me he don’t even try, cause if I had a set of WINGS, man I know she could FLY..She’s my little Deuce COUPE …You don’t know what I got…(My little Deuce COUPE ), (You don’t know what I got)…🎶

🐔 So Farmer Brown got carjacked…he’s probably in shock,
He never thought this could occur while he was with livestock…
The chicken coops are one place, the cows we see them graze,
He thinks he’s on a SEESAW, as he runs around the maze.
What’s in those chicken PELLETs that gives them all this FORCE?
He needs to check the labels and get down to the source…
A chicken plays mechanic? He feels like such a fool,
Who knew he had to lock things up, especially his tools?
The HUTCH they were in empty, the chicken cleaned him out…
And now he stands and looks aloft and for his car he shouts.
And little Missy HENgine just smiles as she swoops…
“I’m outta here” she squawked to all…and she just FLEW THE “COUPE”🐔

SWELL, SWELL, what do we have here? In one FELL SWOOP, we FLEW through our words, with maybe just a PECK at SEESAW. A little UP and DOWN with it? Not to worry, we SCRATCHed our way out, and were able to WING it. So, let’s move on, and get a GANDER at our cartoon’s solution, and see if we can get it OVER EASY. DOWN on the farm, we see on the ground, Farmer Brown, three chickens, two cows, four COOPS, three hen houses…🎶And a partridge in a pear tree..🎶 Oh, wait…I’m running aFOWL…ok, SCRATCH that last line…Let’s just set our sights a little higher, where we see a CHICKEN hijacking a HELICOPTER. Yep, you heard me, Folks, a CHICKEN running off with a HELICOPTER! Trust me, I’m not EGGing you on…apparHENtly HENgine has been taking online courses in AVIARYation 101. And she took the Farmers old SPORTS CAR, SCRAMBLED a few wires, and Voila! She can FLY! There really ROTOR be a law against this, don’t you think? Anyway, while the HENS are clucking below, and our girl HENginlets go with a CROW, our question asks…What did she do? She FLEW THE “COUPE“! COMB on, let’s hear it for David! EGGScellentBig Guy! A FEATHER in your cap!

Ok, eye candy. You may be wondering about the three GROUND CHICKENs I mentioned earlier, because you only see two. But in the HENhouse farthest right, there’s a CHICKEN’s LITTLE head peeking out. Nice deTAIL Jeff. One of the COWS is chomping on a piece of grass…CUD I use that? No…And the swirls dePECKting liftoff are nice, pure POULTRY IN MOTION… Maybe HENgines Goggles? But I’m really not too clear on thatSo today, I think I’ll just go with what I don’t see…Where are the aforementioned tools, where are the wheels of the car, where is this CHICK magnet off to? Too many unanswered questions…This cartoon just isn’t what it’s CRACKed up to be…So, There you have it, YOLKS, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And I’ll leave you with this one thought…If a CHICKEN could choose any car at all…Don’t you think it’d be a FREE RANGE ROVER? 🐔🙋🏻