Jumble Answers for 06/26/2018








Good Morning, Everyone!                     🏌🏎  DRIVING FORE-WARD?  🏎🏌

🎶 FORE!! Straight down the middle…It went straight down the middle, then it started to hook just a wee wee bit…That’s when my caddie lost sight of it! That little white pellet has never been found to this day!…But it went straight down the middle,  like they say….Whack down the fairway...It went smack down the fairway...Then it started to slice just a smidge off line…It headed for two but it bounced off nine!  My caddie says long as you’re still in the state, you’re okay! ..Yes it went straight down the middle quite a ways….Oh the life of a GOLFER is not all gloom, there’s always the lies in the locker room…But I’m in my glory when wrapped in a towel I say….That it went straight down the middle….Where it wound up is a riddle…But it went straight down the middle far away….🎶

🏌🏎 Kevin Harvick, Nascar Star, he definitely knows his stuff…
No matter if he’s on the track, or playing in the rough.
This cartoon may lead us to think he never ends up there,
But let’s be real, he may drive long..but I’m sure that he’s been near.
A golfers life’s a funny one, a VOYAGE of a sorts,
You get out there and HEDGE your bets against all your cohorts.
The IRONY is always there, the truth is sometimes bent,
They get back to the locker room and one by one they vent…
They LOUNGE around in towels, and then they come alive…
Who putts the best, who’s swing is best..who’s got the real LONG DRIVE!🏎🏌

Looking at our FORE words today..I wondered..Anything new? Not by a LONG SHOT…All Sweet Repeats. I immediately recognized them from past PLAY…and had no trouble solving them in due COURSE. Although why LOUNGE looked like Engulf for a second, I don’t know!  Just one of the HAZARDS of this GAME I guess! So, after LINING them UP, I DROVE on to our cartoon…Since my song choice ran a little LONG this morning, I’m going to try to keep this SHORT..PUTT, knowing me? ?..I might not be able to SWING it…Anyway, BACK once again on the GOLF COURSE, today we met KEVIN, “Happy Harvick”, HARVICK, a PROfessional Stock Car Race DRIVER. He’s seen playing aROUND in his leisure time, since GOLF seems to be his SECOND SHOT at Sports! He’s PLAYING with another man, Wedgeworth, WEDGE for short…Our question is telling us that he enjoys GOLF HOLEheartedly, and our dialogue’s saying that his SWING is always on TRACK. So, PUTTING this PAIR of hints together, we realize that he “PARticularly enjoys a...LONG DRIVE! Good one, David! You always FOLLOW THROUGH!

Ok. The eye candy…I like the detailed GOLF shoes..PUTT they’re not enough to SPIKE my interest…I like the Shades both men are wearing, but WOOD have liked them better if they were GREEN…There’s two TEE MARKERS, but I’ll GO aROUND themThere’s the DIVOT, (nice CHUNK of dirt), and of COURSE the crushed TEE…I like the UP and DOWN line of motion we can see with Kevin’s SWING…And I like the Number FORE disPLAYed on both his cap and the GOLF CART, since he DRIVES the No. 4 Ford Fusion for Stewart-Hass RacingWEDGE is shown wearing a GLOVE on his right hand, and noticing the face of his DRIVER, we can tell that he’s left handed… Nice Shout Out to us Lefties! ..PUTT I think today instead of a graphic, I’m going with the written WORD for the solution..”Loves Golf and “PAR“ticularly enjoys a….” A hidden PUN FORE us, perhaps? I don’t know about you, but it really GRIPPED me, and I laughed so hard, I almost CHOKEd DOWN my coffee! So, There you have it Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone. And for all you GOLFERS out there…Always keep this in mind…It’s called GOLF, only because all the other FORE letter words were already taken! And today, may the COURSE be with you! 🏌🙋🏻