Jumble Answers for 06/02/2018







PI   DU   IL   TEV   =   LIVED IT UP

Good Morning, Everyone!     🔝🎶’CAUSE YOU GOT HIGH HOPES 🎶🔝


🎶 Climb every MOUNTAIN….search  high and low, follow every byway, every path you know…Climb every MOUNTAIN, ford every stream…Follow every rainbow…Till you find your DREAM…🎶

🔝 You work for years, you struggle some, and now they kids are grown…
It’s time to take it easy, find the time for you alone,
Take time to notice little things, the RIPPLE of a brook…
Sit outside on a PATIO, and relish a good book.
The DOUBTs that plagued you once before have all now gone away,
Your cares are few…you’ve paid your dues, here comes that sunshine day…
You’ve built the home you’ve dreamt about, high on a mountaintop,
The views are so amazing that you think your heart may stop.
You get up when you want to, your time is for yourselves…
You never thought that you’d be caught asleep till after TWELVE! 
But now you’re free to do it all, to you I raise my cup…
It’s time to have that High Life…Its time you…LIVED IT UP! 🔝

Nothing new with our words today, all old favorites, with PATIO and DOUBT having being seen as recently as January. No need to CLIMB the walls over any of these…Although, I looked at TWELVE and thought,  Boll Weevil?…I don’t even think I’ve ever seen a Boll Weevil, but there it was, stuck UP in my head! Go figure! Ok, our cartoon’s solution…Today we find ourselves atop a MOUNTAIN. We see a retired couple, wine glasses in hand, discussing their new found freedom… And how sweet it is! The freedom, that is…I’m not sure about the wine…Could be a dry Bordeaux, for all we know…Standing on the balcony of the home they’ve built, the wife is listing all the things she’d like to do…“Hiking to the summit”..”Rock Climbing“…etc. And she’s pretty perked UP about it! She seems a lot BOULDER than he…He just seems content with thinking about the new GRASP on LIFE…Anyway, with the dialogue and our question putting so much WEIGHT on these UPLIFTing words, our answer is …They built the dream home, and…LIVED IT UP! Good one, David! ASCENDING you a Shout Out!

Ok, eye candy…I’m pretty GREEN when it comes to Rock Climbing, but I must say…This is a lot of GREEN! Except for some snow capping the three MOUNTAIN TOPS,  it’s all GREEN! So, I’m going to go with two outSTANDing features on our couple. HEADS UP! One, our woman today is a REDhead, not a blonde! I could just DYE! And two…Even better? Our man isn’t sporting sideburns reminiscent of the ’70’s! Jeff, you’ve taken me to all new HEIGHTS! So, There you have it, Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And to SUMMIT all UP…Keep in mind…ABSEILING makes the heart grow fonder…RAPPEL after me…ABSEILING makes….🔝🍷🙋🏻