Jumble Answers for 06/02/2018







PI   DU   IL   TEV   =   LIVED IT UP

Good Morning, Everyone!     🔝🎶’CAUSE YOU GOT HIGH HOPES 🎶🔝


🎶 Climb every MOUNTAIN….search  high and low, follow every byway, every path you know…Climb every MOUNTAIN, ford every stream…Follow every rainbow…Till you find your DREAM…🎶

🔝 You work for years, you struggle some, and now they kids are grown…
It’s time to take it easy, find the time for you alone,
Take time to notice little things, the RIPPLE of a brook…
Sit outside on a PATIO, and relish a good book.
The DOUBTs that plagued you once before have all now gone away,
Your cares are few…you’ve paid your dues, here comes that sunshine day…
You’ve built the home you’ve dreamt about, high on a mountaintop,
The views are so amazing that you think your heart may stop.
You get up when you want to, your time is for yourselves…
You never thought that you’d be caught asleep till after TWELVE! 
But now you’re free to do it all, to you I raise my cup…
It’s time to have that High Life…Its time you…LIVED IT UP! 🔝

Nothing new with our words today, all old favorites, with PATIO and DOUBT having being seen as recently as January. No need to CLIMB the walls over any of these…Although, I looked at TWELVE and thought,  Boll Weevil?…I don’t even think I’ve ever seen a Boll Weevil, but there it was, stuck UP in my head! Go figure! Ok, our cartoon’s solution…Today we find ourselves atop a MOUNTAIN. We see a retired couple, wine glasses in hand, discussing their new found freedom… And how sweet it is! The freedom, that is…I’m not sure about the wine…Could be a dry Bordeaux, for all we know…Standing on the balcony of the home they’ve built, the wife is listing all the things she’d like to do…“Hiking to the summit”..”Rock Climbing“…etc. And she’s pretty perked UP about it! She seems a lot BOULDER than he…He just seems content with thinking about the new GRASP on LIFE…Anyway, with the dialogue and our question putting so much WEIGHT on these UPLIFTing words, our answer is …They built the dream home, and…LIVED IT UP! Good one, David! ASCENDING you a Shout Out!

Ok, eye candy…I’m pretty GREEN when it comes to Rock Climbing, but I must say…This is a lot of GREEN! Except for some snow capping the three MOUNTAIN TOPS,  it’s all GREEN! So, I’m going to go with two outSTANDing features on our couple. HEADS UP! One, our woman today is a REDhead, not a blonde! I could just DYE! And two…Even better? Our man isn’t sporting sideburns reminiscent of the ’70’s! Jeff, you’ve taken me to all new HEIGHTS! So, There you have it, Folks, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And to SUMMIT all UP…Keep in mind…ABSEILING makes the heart grow fonder…RAPPEL after me…ABSEILING makes….🔝🍷🙋🏻


16 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 06/02/2018

  1. It took TWELVE attempts to smooth out the RIPPLE in the new PATIO and there was some DOUBT even then that the problem was fixed.
    Oh Angela—-You did not disappoint this AM. “Climb Every Mountain” has been one of my favourite songs since “The Sound of Music” was on Broadway so many years ago. Thanks for highlighting it and also for the “High Hopes” reference—Sinatra always gives me HOPE.
    As far as the scrambled words and solution? No challenge today, although I had a short TIC with TWELVE—strange combination of letters with the w, v and t.
    Your poem? Very optimistic view of the vistas that retirement may offer. Given the cartoon, I can see why you went that way. Sadly, it is not that verdant or vibrant for many of our seniors.
    Have a spectacular Saturday. I am preparing to spend the day at Springfest–an annual outdoor display of what services our hospital can offer: from displays on health hints, to free biicycle helmets for kids to balance testing for seniors. Should be an interesting day—lots of freebies for all.

    • Good Morning, EARLy bird! Love your sentence! Great take! Thank you soooo much for your Kudos and the Poem Nom this morning! The song choice came to me immediately UPON glancing at the cartoon! I’m glad you enjoyed it…As for the title, I meant to type “Cause you got High Hopes”…(Truly Sinatra (BMH)). I just may fix it! As for Sinatra (BMH) himself? He gives me LIFE! ❤️😂! …TWELVE? Look at me…Boll Weevil? From a Brooklyn girl? WT? LOL…And, yes, I did take the cartoon as my poems’ inspiration, it seemed only right. Yet I do know it’s not always the case. My parents alone are a classic example. My Father barely cracked 50 before He was taken…but, what d’ya gonna do? You win some, you lose some..LIFE! And I’m smiling at Verdant…One of my family names is Verde. I’ve always loved the sound of it! You, Sir, never disappoint me either…Even though you may not realize it. Your plans for today sound wonderful. I think I remember your mentioning this last year. I’m still out on the water. Spent the night…I do believe it has a lot to do with my optimistic slant on things this morning! Have a good one, Sir! Enjoy it to the fullest! 🙋🏻

  2. Good morning. Especially to the early bird “special”Angela. Great choice for the song and your poetry flowed like honey. Enjoyed every part of it. Earl have a great day and as always you came through with perfection. I was down for two days but not out. I got the jumble from Angela nice and early this morning with my paper just being a little late. I had no trouble with the words and if I had to pick the hardest one it would be ripple. After writing down the letters the cartoon answer was an easy solve. Until tomorrow stay well.

    • Good Morning, Brooklyn! There’s my Morning Sunshine! Yea, that’s me alright, The “Early Bird Special”…Hold the home fries!..And the multi vitamin now that you’re back! (Did you see the message I left you last night)? .😂😂 So you got the email this morning and you’re back on track? I’m glad, because it’s the oddest thing with Word Press. It still happens to me once in a while, and I have no idea why…As for being down, Bud, I never thought you to be…just figured those Bocce games were starting a little early! Thank you soooo much for the Shout Outs, and the Poem Nom! It all came really easy this morning…Flowed like Honey, to quote someone I know! 😉 And I agree, it was an easy solve. Hope you’re having a great day Paul. Enjoy the beautiful sunshine! 🙋🏻

      • Angela,went back to read your comments yesterday. My roomies are busy moving into their house in L.i. Lately we are like ships passing in the night,what with them working and going back and forth to L .I. As for the Mets,they always find a way to blow their lead in the later innings. They have become unwatchable. I’m still a Met fan but who wants to be miserable all the time so I switch to the Yankees lately. I would have never done this when I was younger. It’s just that the Mets always find a way to lose.

        • Hey Paul. They’re moving out there, too? Sorry to hear that, I mean I’m happy for them, but I know you’ll miss them. And do they know about the tax hit out there? 😂 I look at my brothers RE tax bills, and I do a Linda Blair from the “Exorcist”! 🙄😉 Yep, the Mets are back to breaking my heart. And we had such a promising start too, right? It’s the bullpen. We’re dying! And these injuries aren’t helping any. Starting to resemble a triage unit out there…It is easy to become disillusioned, that’s for sure. And I have to agree, it does get painful to watch after a while. As for the Yankees, you know that if it wasn’t for Judge coming along, I may never have starting watching…And I still feel guilty sometimes…😉 As it is, I’m still doing the Sign of the Cross, and the “Father forgive me” every time I turn them on…😉 If my Father wasn’t dead….this surely would have killed him! 😂 Yankees? Never, not in our house! But, what’d’ya gonna do? Nice Bocce weather. Hope you can get a game in…🙋🏻

  3. DONE! Fun! Quick & easy solve. Cartoon characters, a couple after my own heart.

  4. Hi all – TWELVE took three tries, and I have no idea why RIPPLE took the longest, being a Grateful Dead song and all.

    Hmmm, Angela, maybe that’s what they’re drinking out on the PATIO. 😂 From there, they might even be able to see a COLD DUCK on BOONE’S FARM.

    Great song also. That and ‘The Impossible Dream’ can give me chills every time.

    No Boll Weevil for me – I got to TWELVE via a Blue Velvet trip through VELWET and WELVET. Funny how that and EIGHTY and other numbers can be hard to see. They could hardly be any more common.

    🎵”The farmer said to the boll weevil
    “I see you’re on the square”
    Boll weevil said to the farmer
    “Say yep, my whole darn family’s here
    We gotta have a home, gotta have a home”🎵

    And last but also least, the woman is BDIP, Blond Dressed In Purple in the Chronicle.
    Have a great day!

    • You know, Steve, it’s so funny. I had no problem seeing Twelve, I knew it immediately. But Boll Weevil just came into my head. Of course there was no way to even consider it for the Jumble, so I’m sorry if I eluded to that. I just couldn’t understand why that’s what popped into my head! At 3:45 in the morning! Sometimes you just have to SYH! And I’m glad you, Paul and Earl are pleased with today’s music, but TBT? Never took a liking to it. Only, how could I not go with it? Our couple, G, cute reference, but no Cold Duck nor Ripple nor Boone’s Farm imbibers be! Not that there’s anything wrong with that! 😉 But “this chalet don’t go that way”! Just sayin’! 😉 As for my lady in purple today? She’s definitely a Redhead, straight outta the bottle! And I was thrilled to see her! (Although the other day, I can’t remember which, there was a woman, or maybe women, that weren’t dressed in our PURPLEtual color. Do you recall seeing that? I meant to mention it, and forgot). 🎶And the boll weevil said to the farmer…Says “Farmer, I’d like to wish you well”. Farmer said to the boll weevil…”Yeah, an’ I wish that you were in ….”!🎶Brook Benton…I can actually here the infection on his….”Says, Farmer…”(?) Hope you’re enjoying what’s still your morning, G! 🙋🏻

  5. Did anyone else notice that the third word Ripple can also spell Lipper. Look it up it’s a real word. Did Dave and Jeff miss this? I thought there could be only one answer for each jumbled word.

    • Hi Rob. How’re you doing? Are you referring to mutual funds? Lipper Funds? I believe that’s used a Proper Name, which as a rule, David doesn’t use. I could be wrong though…Did you find another use of the word beside this? 🙋🏻

  6. That last word, WLEETV is interesting. It looks like it should be a TV station, but it anagrams to TWELVE. We do have a Channel 12 here in Richmond, Virginia, but it isn’t WLEE-TV, it is WWBT-TV. We used to have a WLEE but it wasn’t a TV station. It was a radio station, which recently changed its name to WREJ, at 990 on the dial.

    • Hey, Jim. You always succeed in making me laugh! Good call on the anagram, I hadn’t noticed. I do recall that you enjoy analyzing the h–l out of them! We have a Channel 12 here also in NYC. But it’s Oxygen on my Cable provider, probably something else on another. Glad to see that you’re still TUNING in..😉 .Have a good night! 📺📻🙋🏻

  7. I came up with lipper before ripple as well.it and up were quick 2 letter solutions followed quickly by lived.Go Cavs go.
    BTW I’m gone thus a late look at the paper.

    • H Chuck…Nice to see you. Lipper, huh? What can I say? 🙄 Here’s a link that you can use to access the Jumble. Every day, available by about 3:15 AM. Sunday’s, a little later. This way, if you’re out on the road, you won’t have to worry about finding a paper. And if you tap or click on the panel, it enlarges. Let me know if it works for you. And, as always, I wish you continued good luck! But at this stage of the GAME, I can’t give you the “Go, Cavs, go! I’m sure you understand! 😉 Gave a good night, Sir! 🏀🙋🏻


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