Jumble Answers for 06/11/2018








Happy Monday, Jumble friends! Last week was rather tame in regards to the difficulty of the puzzles that we encountered. TINLOO, VONGRE and CAYNUL were the most searched for clue words and GET IN THE DOORS took the prize for the most difficult surprise answer.

A new week is upon us so let’s take a look at how David and Jeff chose to challenge us today. Both of the 5-letter clue words were instantly visible and were used late last year. TRENDY required a quick second glance before coming into view but it too wasn’t any trouble. My choice for the most difficult anagram of the day ended up being ATRIUM. I could have sworn that we’ve seen it used in a puzzle more recently but my search showed it was last used on 11/6/16.

Jeff’s cartoon was a feast for the eyes with intricate detail work visible from the moment that you looked at it. Although I wasn’t quite sure what the setting was, it was apparent from the period clothing that we were being transported way back in time. The dialogue and sentence provided no clue as to the exact location of the piece but the sign above the counter reading DEMETRIUS’ DELI tipped me off that this was most likely somewhere in the Roman Empire. A quick search of the name Demetrius showed that it’s a Greek baby name meaning earth-lover. The Romans destroyed Corinth in 146 BC making Greece a province of their vast Empire which gives us a general idea of where this merchant is located.

The deli case has the veiny look of marble and it contains some odd looking cuts of meat. The lamb head was the only item that I could positively identify leaving the other 4 items shrouded in mystery. Next to the deli sign we see two portions of meat hanging from hooks. There are two flies buzzing around the left one which gave the cartoon a very primitive feel.

The final solution was a wonderful Jumble that kept the answer well hidden. The anagram began with CUTE in an attempt to throw us off track. The assortment of products in the case brought MEAT to mind leaving me with 7-letters to unscramble. It took a bit but COUNTER came into view after staring at the remaining letters. This puzzle was a tricky one for a Monday and an excellent way to start the week. Have a wonderful day and I’ll see you tomorrow!