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Good Morning, Everyone!       🐔 CHICKEN LITTLE …WE KNOW 🐔

🎶 Little Deuce COUPE..You don’t know what I got…Little Deuce COUPE, you don’t know what I got…Well I’m not braggin’ Babe, so don’t put me down, but I’ve got the fastest set of WHEELS in town…When something comes up to me he don’t even try, cause if I had a set of WINGS, man I know she could FLY..She’s my little Deuce COUPE …You don’t know what I got…(My little Deuce COUPE ), (You don’t know what I got)…🎶

🐔 So Farmer Brown got carjacked…he’s probably in shock,
He never thought this could occur while he was with livestock…
The chicken coops are one place, the cows we see them graze,
He thinks he’s on a SEESAW, as he runs around the maze.
What’s in those chicken PELLETs that gives them all this FORCE?
He needs to check the labels and get down to the source…
A chicken plays mechanic? He feels like such a fool,
Who knew he had to lock things up, especially his tools?
The HUTCH they were in empty, the chicken cleaned him out…
And now he stands and looks aloft and for his car he shouts.
And little Missy HENgine just smiles as she swoops…
“I’m outta here” she squawked to all…and she just FLEW THE “COUPE”🐔

SWELL, SWELL, what do we have here? In one FELL SWOOP, we FLEW through our words, with maybe just a PECK at SEESAW. A little UP and DOWN with it? Not to worry, we SCRATCHed our way out, and were able to WING it. So, let’s move on, and get a GANDER at our cartoon’s solution, and see if we can get it OVER EASY. DOWN on the farm, we see on the ground, Farmer Brown, three chickens, two cows, four COOPS, three hen houses…🎶And a partridge in a pear tree..🎶 Oh, wait…I’m running aFOWL…ok, SCRATCH that last line…Let’s just set our sights a little higher, where we see a CHICKEN hijacking a HELICOPTER. Yep, you heard me, Folks, a CHICKEN running off with a HELICOPTER! Trust me, I’m not EGGing you on…apparHENtly HENgine has been taking online courses in AVIARYation 101. And she took the Farmers old SPORTS CAR, SCRAMBLED a few wires, and Voila! She can FLY! There really ROTOR be a law against this, don’t you think? Anyway, while the HENS are clucking below, and our girl HENginlets go with a CROW, our question asks…What did she do? She FLEW THE “COUPE“! COMB on, let’s hear it for David! EGGScellentBig Guy! A FEATHER in your cap!

Ok, eye candy. You may be wondering about the three GROUND CHICKENs I mentioned earlier, because you only see two. But in the HENhouse farthest right, there’s a CHICKEN’s LITTLE head peeking out. Nice deTAIL Jeff. One of the COWS is chomping on a piece of grass…CUD I use that? No…And the swirls dePECKting liftoff are nice, pure POULTRY IN MOTION… Maybe HENgines Goggles? But I’m really not too clear on thatSo today, I think I’ll just go with what I don’t see…Where are the aforementioned tools, where are the wheels of the car, where is this CHICK magnet off to? Too many unanswered questions…This cartoon just isn’t what it’s CRACKed up to be…So, There you have it, YOLKS, Done! Have a great day, Everyone! And I’ll leave you with this one thought…If a CHICKEN could choose any car at all…Don’t you think it’d be a FREE RANGE ROVER? 🐔🙋🏻

33 thoughts on “Jumble Answers for 06/09/2018

  1. The FORCE required to PROPEL the PELLET from the SEESAW to the HUTCH was nothing for the young football player.
    SEESAW gave me a hard time—not particularly fond of those dratted compound words. Maybe the fact that I used “teeter-totter” instead of seesaw? At any rate the solution was found before I unscrambled SEESAW, so you might say I didn’t fly into the answer but backed into it.
    Great song Angela and one I haven’t heard in a long time. Can’t complain about any of your puns but groaned with several—maybe: ‘AVIARYtion” gave me pain and “gander” which I wanted to make into a holiday meal rather than an escape. But then I am nitpicking or as you pointed out, running afowl of the point? You’ve done a wonderful job as usual and I can JUSTIFY to that.
    Super Saturday everyone.

    • Good Morning, Earl. Great slant with your sentence. These weren’t the easiest of words to combine. As I stated in the post, I do think SEESAW might be a stumper today. We last saw it in August, and it ruffled your FEATHERS that day too! And it’s so funny that you mention Teeter-Totter. It’s a “pet” name within my family. We use it a lot… Another of those Serendipity moments that always seem to happen with us! Thanks for the Shout Out, only I’m a little confused with your Gander and escape. I used it to mean “look at”. But since I did do this all at 2AM, sans any sleep, I may have dropped the ball! 🏀😉 I’m wondering how you “looked” at it. I will agree on Aviary though…I did go out on a LIMB there..😉 In fact, after reading your post, I went back in and added a vowel! Something just wasn’t flowing right! Thanks again, and here’s to Justify! It’s a beautiful day for a Horse Race! Have a good one, Sir! 🐔🙋🏻

  2. Good morning. I tip my 🎩 to you Angela. Your choice of song has me befuddled. But that’s me. You know I’m stuck in the 50s-60s. You are puntastic as always with your puns and as to Earl,everything is pure poetry in motion. Today’s jumble was another Monday solve. Just a slight tiny teeny blimp at Seesaw. It came to me that we had it before (no senior moment here) and was able to get it. The cartoon answer again was a blind solve. I’m not going to start thinking I’m a genius because that’s when the hammer is going to come down heavy. Went to a wedding and had a great time at “The Inn” in New Hyde Park on Jericho Turnpike. I’m blessed because the circle of friends my youngest son and daughterinlaw has,is a joy to see. They all are a great group. Each one is there for the other in case of need and are always helping each other. Enough,until tomorrow stay well and may God bless.

    • Good Morning, Brooklyn! You’re killin’ me here, Bud! It’s 🎶Little Deuce Coupe🎶 The Beach Boys! And here I thought I’d have you boppin’ all over the kitchen this morning! 1963! We can’t get any more 60’s than this! Perfect song choice for the puzzle, especially where they sing 🎶if I had a set of WINGS, man I know she could FLY🎶! And I did it for you guys, you, Moose and Earl! I’m crushed, I’m defeated, I’m…pulling your leg! I’ll chalk it up to you perhaps indulging in a little too much partying last night…and I’ll forgive you! This time!! 😂 I’ve been to “The Inn”. Very nice venue, and I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. And Kudos to your sons friends. That’s the way things should be in life, people there for one another..You’re all lucky. Agree, easy, breezy time of it today, the little tic at SEESAW no harm, no FOWL! It’s the way it’s anagrammed… excellently done! Thanks for the Shout Out, Bud, and I hope you’re having a good one. Now get over to YouTube and listen to the song! 🐔🙋🏻

      • Thank you for a hardy laugh “My Lady”. I did as instructed and after hearing the song which I do remember. I concur that it’s a perfect fit. Lol. Take care. By the way,my friends husband wanted to thank you for clearing it up about who the “fat lady” was. They were also at the wedding. I was fortunate enough to hitch a ride.

        • Hey Brooklyn! Always happy to help! Glad I gave you a laugh! As for the person thanking me, when you say your friend’s husband, is this Marie? You have mentioned her name. I’m trying to follow after your telling me that the person who started it all was the guy from the Bocce court. And keep in mind, I’m totally exhausted, and very much prone to getting things totally screwed up! Well, whomever it is, tell him he’s very welcome. And if it is Marie, tell her we Italian women always stick together! 😉 I’m glad you enjoyed hearing the song. I listen to the Beach Boys at least once a week. They make me smile…Enoy the race, my Fair Prince! 🏇🙋🏻

      • You got it right Angela,It’s my friend Marie’s husband who was interested in who it was about.

        • Hey Paul…Sorry about the delay! So much craziness…Did you see the race? What a beautiful animal, right? Ok, so it was Marie’s husband who was interested, but he’s not the same guy from the Court that comes up with all the crazy information, is he? Nice night to be out at CitiField…Now I’m sorry I didn’t go..🏇⚾️🙋🏻

  3. Angela–the “gander” reference was just my attempt at pedantic humor. No goose would be allowed near a “chicken coop” and that was my intent. I did catch your alternate meaning of gander and I pitched back the “meal” with an Anglophile’s read on Christmas dinner– not a turkey but another fowl. As the youngsters say–“It’s all good.”

    • ROTFL…Earl, you never fail me! You know I push the envelope, hell, I rip the envelope! I just threw the GANDER in there because it was a FOWL! I didn’t think my GOOSE would be cooked! 😉 And I did catch your meal reference…which I consider a very good one…Christmas Goose, of course! You, Sir, can get “pedantic” on me any time you like…I’ll give you FREE RANGE! And, yes, what’s good for the GOOSE, is good for the GANDER! 😂 It’s definitely all good, Sir! You have me smiling! 🦃🙋🏻

  4. Seesaw confused me as I thought it was spelled sea__ .Final solution came quickly.Tough night for me with the demise of Lebron and the Cavs,and most probably there is no next year! Go Cleve Indians go.

    • Chuck, as stated before, I post then read the comments. Mine was in no way a follow-on to yours, just how the thread ran. It is always tough to see one’s team lose like that. Even tougher to know that Cleveland will probably be abandoned once again by their native son. Bitter, indeed.

    • Hey Chuck, Good Morning! Seesaw seems to be giving everyone a bit of a tic today. So, I can understand how last night was tough for you. TBT it was tough for me to watch, too. Somehow one never expected such a poor showing. If it’s any consolation, there was no widespread gloating on the part of us who aren’t Cavs fans. As sports fans, it’s hard to see anyone go down like that. But it’s done. And I agree, the way things look now, most likely there is no next year as we know it. That being said, I like your optimism, and your switch to Baseball, and I’ll raise a glass to your Indians! 🍷Have a good one, Chuck. And watch the race today…At least you got no horse in this one! 😉🙋🏻

      • Right on the Belmont,w no preference for me.But I am a Cleveland fan through and through and actually HAD season tickets last year for the 0-16, ouch,Browns.

        • I love your optimism, Chuck! 🎶Love the one you’re with..🎶! The heart knows! I’ll be thinking of you at the finish line…🍷🙋🏻

    • Chuck, I was here for the Warriors championship in 1975 and we then endured 40 years of bad teams, hopelessness and terrible ownership. We know what it’s like and we feel your pain. Go Indians!

  5. I was up and down on SEESAW, but it finally leveled out for me. Rest of the puzzle was a snap; blind solve and all!

    Way to go Dubs! Never dreamt they’d sweep the Cavs. Disappointed in LeBron for leaving the floor after the game. Showed a lack of leadership and character.

    Hockey and Hoops done, (finally!). Time to give the Boys of Summer our FULL attention!

    • Hey John. I’m not touching the LeBron thing. And as you mentioned, the thread overlaps, so props for your words to Chuck, and have a good one! 🙋🏻

  6. Agree let’s give the Boys of Summer their just due,especially before the opening of NFL training camps in July.

  7. Puzzles have been easy ones this week which may mean that we may be in for a stickler tomorrow. Hey Steve how about those headlines in this morning’s Chron – “Golden Dynasty & Sweep”!! Were you one of the folks cheering at Oracle Arena or dancing in the streets after the game? You’d better get your big broom ready because you’ll be sweeping up confetti again on Tuesday after the parade. Wow! – what a team!! Happy Saturday everyone.

    • Hey, Betty, I totally agree. We were gifted all week. This morning, on GMA, they bandied the “D” word about,,,”Say it”, I called out to the TV…(I tend to do that a lot)😉 Credit where credit’s due. They’re talented, they’re blessed, they’re a Dynasty! And they’re buying me sooooo many more new pairs of shoes!! 😉 Have a good one, Betty! 🏀😂

    • Hi Betty – Yes, I was going to say that the broom was already conveniently out, ready for the driveway on Tuesday and beyond. I was just watching at home and did hear a couple of helicopters and fireworks after the game but nothing outrageous. We’re packaging up a great team to send you in 2019; don’t drop the ball!
      I actually like clever headlines the best, but I think they used them all up last week with the likes of “Steph of Legends” and “3 to Shining 3.”

      • They truly are a great team. What I like most about them is that the players actually seem to like & respect each other, check their individual egos at the door and play like a well oiled machine. If one of them falters, there are others to take up the slack, really teamwork in action. I personally think they should have stayed in Oakland where they’ve got a good thing going, but then that decision was way beyond my rank.

        • Exactly, so rare and refreshing these days. Best ownership since the Haas brothers owned the A’s in the 80’s.

  8. DONE! Instant solve and 4 easy clue words!
    Now off to Top Shelf Mexican Food Restaurant to eat lunch with kids & grandkids who have had birthdays we didn’t celebrate before receiving the “cancer free” biopsy report for Jerry. I gave them beautiful cards containing a one-hundred-dollar bill but no party. Now it’s yummy food and then game time at grandma’s and grandpa’s.

  9. Hi all – Once again I couldn’t SEE SEESAW for quite awhile, even though we SAW it not long ago. Then I figured the answer was “Flew the Coops” until the letters and quotation marks showed the right word.

    Yes “LITTLE Deuce Coupe” was a BIG hit! 😉

    🎵”Hey, bird dog get away from my quail
    Hey, bird dog you’re on the wrong trail
    Bird dog you better leave my lovey-dove alone
    Hey, bird dog get away from my chick
    Hey, bird dog you better get away quick
    Bird dog you better find a chicken little of your own”🎵

    Monty Python: “And what exactly *are* the commercial possibilities of ovine aviation?” 😂

    Time to watch the Belmont and then chill out today after a big week. Enjoy the day!

    • Hey, G…Belmont? We still have a few hours to go…don’t rush that either! 😉 Have a good one! 🏇🙋🏻

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